How to Manifest a Brilliant and Beautiful Life with Tarot Cards

img_0402-1Tarot cards are beautiful keys unlocking potential in the Universe. During a reading where any type of oracle card is being used you are tapping into the unseen energy surrounding you. I call this your Energetic Story the accumulated thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences you have with the world, and how the world seems to respond for you.

The powerful truth is that your experience is based on your perspective. Meaning your Energetic Story… the coalescing  intentions that form your life… are a narrative being told by you, consciously or unconsciously. You are creating your reality with the narrative thread that runs through your entire life. If you can pinpoint the narrative… look at a reading with openness and honestly… you can rewrite it and tell a new, more inspired story. 

Holy hell… isn’t that profound?!

Yeah it is…. and that is the whole reason you come to someone like me to do an Intuitive Session. You are feeling lost, weak, confused, and off kilter in your life… but you KNOW there is more… more goodness to be had, more love to feel, more abundance to share… all the magical treasures we all desire, and DESERVE!

Not only do you know with some part of your wild heart that there is more… you know that it is your DIVINE RIGHT to have these beautiful gifts. Don’t start feeling guilty about wanting and deserving more no one has to go without for you to be completely supported in your life.

YOU ARE THE GUEST OF HONOR… and so is everyone else in the entire freakin universe… unfortunately most of us have forgotten this. You’ve shown up to the party in your best little-black-dress with all the sexy-cool vibes floating around you… to stand in the corner and watch everyone else enviously while they laugh, dance and have a good time.

No one can do the dance for you… get out there and have a good time. There is plenty of room for us all under the disco ball… let the light shine on your, baby!


What does this have to do with Tarot?

Well I want to introduce you to a new idea. So you know how we shuffle our cards, lay them out and then stair wide-eyed at what the future might hold. Part mystified, and part terrified that our time has finally come, and all destruction will be let loose?

Sounds dramatic, I know! But a lot of people approach the future with so much fear and anxiety. It seems so out of our control. Fickle and completely disloyal to our own goodness.

First lets change that around to read… You are fickle and completely disloyal to your own goodness. Ooh that stings doesn’t it… okay, so stop doing it. Be your own cheerleader, advocate, fairy-godmother, guardian angel, and motivator.

When you decide you are in control you will gather more goodness and opportunity around you than ever before. Support will come in so many forms you won’t believe it. And eventually you will be filled with so much trust that it will turn into unshakable knowing.

And sometimes that too will WAVER… and then you look for new evidence that goodness exist.

So now for the Tarot part… or any other oracle you’d like to use.

Rather than lay cards out to see what will be, begin laying cards out how you would like them to be!

Create your own reading based on what YOU WOULD LIKE!

Yeah, go through the deck, pick out the cards that seem yummy, delicious and inviting to you, and lay them out. Put together your own powerful story you’d like to create. Pull back your power from the limiting idea that the future is not your own, bring it back to the present and begin laying the steps forward one card at at time.



So you laid out the cards and they say you are going to be a broke failure at your new job… struggle, struggle, struggle. That sounds really boring and not very helpful, right?

Well in a dream world (we are there) what would that reading actually look like? What cards would you lay down to tell a different story where you are successful with tons of money, and lots of opportunities totally rocking  your new job!

Lay them out now and tell the new story! 

It is very important to know that the cards are just a tool. They help us see, interpret and work with the exquisite energies of the Universe. But the potential to manifest and make change is actually within us. Meaning that the shift isn’t just something external… it has to happen inside. Fake it till you make it will get you further ahead, but eventually you have to own your truth. 

  • Lean into the experience.
  • Suspend your disbelief.
  • Ask what if?!
  • Grow brave.
  • Leap in completely curious about the possibilities.

Does this mean I want you to make up stories with Tarot cards and never do a reading again? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am not talking about lying to yourself. 

Say your in a muddy pit and struggling breathless and dirty to get out. Pretending your on a sunny beach having a cocktail isn’t helping you get out. But affirming that there is, in fact, a way out rather than giving up would be! 

There is a difference between affirming possibility and completely negating the truth (i.e. lying to yourself). 

Look at it this way. Yes, you are in a muddy pit (that is true). And yes, there is the possibility of getting out (that is true). What is that possibility? Now you can play with making it a hard escape or an easy one. 

You can look at two pathways: One that seems to unfold with negative and resistant thoughts. And, the alternative path that you pave  with open and positive thoughts and feelings… completely welcoming all empowering possibilities.


Play with this idea. Do your usual reading. See where things are lining up in your present state of mind and heart. If that seems fantastic then keep going for it. If it seems a little bleak or lackluster then layout an alternative path that is more to your desire.

Ask yourself: How can I bridge the two together? 

The smallest amount of light still creates a little less darkness!

What are you trying to create in your life? Are you ready to tell a new, more empowering story? Share your experience below. Reach out with the contact form. Set up your own private one-on-one Intuitive Guidance Session with Shaheen.

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