How to Work with Intention Candles

imageChanging your life begins with changing the energetic story you are projecting into the world. Action must proceed intention. And intention is the seed of creation. When we look at our lives like puppets on the strings of fate we lose vital power. You are meant to live a life of expansive power, brilliant splendor and creative output. Sometimes we get a little lost in the storm of life… And forget how powerful we really are!

So much magic lies dormant within you, and all around you. Tools of change are at your fingertips… Little treasures of magic just waiting to empower your intentions. These tools are nothing more than energetic supplements to add to the already innate power within you. Crystals, candles, talismans and prayers… All of which elicit a visceral response that pours out into the Universe to create change.

You are always engaging in this process with your thoughts, your feelings, and whatever you choose to put energy into. But when you learn that you can direct this energy, you find big magic is everywhere just waiting to work for you! Rather than getting caught in the undertow of life you learn to move with your personal flow. And you can attract or repel the things that you want and need in your life. 

I present many, many tools and techniques here to help people reclaim this birth right of empowerment. Through spiritual cleansing and protection you learn to protect your energy, and take ownership of what manifest in your life. These simple tools become ceremonies that gesture to the Universe, and your inner wisdom helping you to co-create the life you want.

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It must be said that you cannot change every single thing in your life… Because you are part of the larger world. But you can at least control your reaction to these things. This is the root of personal empowerment and manifestation.

One way I like to use this raw potential is by lighting candles of intention. These intention candles become beacons in the vast Universe igniting your desires and pulling them to you. Firelight has long been honored and regarded as something magical, divinely created. It awakens our sense of wonder and reverence. So naturally lighting a candle can be a simple form of relaxation, or a major energetic game changer.

A candle is simply a vehicle for infusing and impressing your intentions upon and then allowing the energy to spiral outward. You are taking a more active approach to creating your dreams. Rather than daydreaming, or speaking you are literally creating!

Whatever candle you choose, let it be a fresh one that has never been burned before. Color can factor into the decision based on the vibration of color and the symbolic association. A white candle is, in my mind, a pure form of energy waiting to manifest. You can take this candle and wash it with a bit of fresh water mixed with sea salt, or some Florida Water, or even a bit of incense smoke. This is to energetically cleanse the candle to make it fresh and ready for your desire. 

Holding this candle in your hand, and near your heart you can fill it with you desire, dreams, and prayers. Impress upon it what you are wishing to manifest… As if it is a light signal conveying a deep message to the Divine. As you hold that candle fill it with as much energy, feeling, and imagery you can. You are imprinting your personal power upon the candle’s raw potential. Again, this is a signal to the Universe for change… Much like making a wish before blowing out a birthday candle! 

I often repeat a prayer or affirmation to convey my intention. I usually write this affirmation or prayer prior to creating my intention candle. I really hone in on what I want to create. What tides of change are you trying to summon? By writing this down you solidify it within you head and heart, and you can leave this near your candle for an added layer of intention.

Some people will choose to use an already written prayer, a psalm, a poem or even a song lyric. Sometimes you might find yourself speaking stream of conscious as you hold the candle. Let your inner wisdom guide you as you articulate what your truest intention is. 

Keep in mind that you want your intention to be affirmative, rooted in the present and always positive.

For example: 

This candle is the light of change. Like a moth my desires are drawn to me. Opportunities for love and romance are all around me. My perfect partner finds me. Loving, attentive, and completely committed. I am open to this change.

Once you have completely impressed upon this candle your intention it is ready to be lit. Light the candle in a sacred space where you feel open, receptive and safe from distraction. Imagine the flame igniting your desire, and pouring light into the Universe. This is the light of change, and whatever you desire is attracted to it… Like a moth. Being drawn closer to you.

This is a signal to Divine, benevolent forces! 

Or if this candle is to keep something at bay… Imagine it to be a protective barrier warding off and keeping the shadows from your life. Whatever works for you… The energy will follow your intention. 

Light the candle and allow it to burn. Be with it for a bit, continuing to focus on the intention you are creating. Allow it to burn out completely. Or snuff it out and relight it again the following day. You never want to blow out an intention candle. Allow it to burn for a few minutes each day if you can and continue to focus on change.

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Let your candle burn, and build energy and project your intention outward. Each time you light your intention candle muster as much energy as you can toward your desire. Repeat your affirmation to help you keep your focus and clarity. When the candle has burned you may choose to create another intention candle… Depending on how big or small your goal is.

A good rule of thumb is within a few days you should see some sign of change… If anything a feeling of shifting energy within you. Within a few weeks you should begin to see things manifesting that support your desire. And within a month or so you should see this goal actualized. This is not a guarantee… Sometimes you may need to alter your intention and heed the message that Spirit might be trying to convey. It is good to consult an Spirit worker if you are trying to tackle a big, or somewhat lofty goal! 

Please, feel free to ask questions below about the process of creating Intention Candles. I will share more information in the future.

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    Hi Mrs, Shaheen , thanks for all this info. it is fantastic, I will try it some of this spiritual rituals. have a nice day!

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