Intuitive Coaching

IlluminatedSessionsHeader-01Do you want to rock your life?

Do you want to fulfill your personal goals and dreams?

Do you want to feel empowered?

Do you want to live in the flow?

Well get ready for this wave of good magic…

Illuminate Your Life With Intuitive Coaching

Your Intuitive Coaching Sessions are a partnership for personal empowerment. Connect to the Flow of the Universe, and your highest potential. Discover your most luminous self to make big change, and real magic happen in your life!

  • Intuitive Coaching Sessions are an expanded Intuitive Guidance Session.
  • We will work through 12 key areas of your life to reveal the interplay of Cosmic forces, and your personal intentions.
  • You will discover your personal flow.
  • Touching on major influences in your life.
  • Shinning light on places of resistance, and points of pain.
  • Revealing how to best optimize your energy and efforts for success, wellness and personal empowerment.

Each Illuminated Session is a unique overview of you, and your energetic story. I will offer support through intuitive insights, and creative prompting for personal growth and healing.

  • I might direct you to resources and info to support your personal practice.
  • Create personalized affirmations and creative visualizations.
  • Offer writing, and journal prompts.
  • Suggest shadow work, sacred ceremony, and spiritual cleansing.
  • Send out good energy for seeds of change.

Your session will create a sacred environment to nourish and support you on your path. As we partner together to create change, and find clarity, you are invited to ask questions and share your personal stories. Your Illuminated Session is a sacred time for magic, and transformation.

How Will You Benifit from Personal Intuitive Coaching? 

  • Gain Clarity about your life path. What is working and what isn’t.
  • Have loving support and guidance from an empathetic person in your life.
  • Gain accountability by showing up, and doing the big work!
  • Find ways to be present in your body, life and spirit.
  • Be heard and validated.
  • Hear what is in your head and heart in a way that benefits you.
  • Explore your spirit!!
  • Feel better. Feel alive. Feel magical. Make things happen!

Become a Part of the Personal Intuitive Coaching Series

Through a series of 4 one-on-one sessions I will offer insight, and support on a particular area or issue of your choosing. This can be healing, releasing a stuck point, going bigger with your dreams, developing your intuition, or navigating a hazy area in your life.

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Intuitive Coaching Sessions: 4 (1-hour) one-on-one sessions $412 

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