Lunar Visions, Denver, and Tea Leaf Reading Adventures

DragonTeaLets put up a soul hand for the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Aries. So much good energy, and transition is in the air. The Lunar eclipse inspired a feeling of going inward, and creating equilibrium in the areas that desperately need our attention. Personally this gave me a chance to see, and understand a few key areas of my creative life.

I was fortunate enough to fly through the night sky with the Full Moon. I took a red eye home from Denver after a week of gypsy adventures in my favorite city. I had the chance to teach a few classes… including the famous Gypsy Tea Party. As well as befriend some beautiful new souls.

The Gypsy Tea party never stops inspiring me. Every time I get the chance to speak with a group of people, and explore Tasseography, I am moved. So much joy, and so much good energy builds in these classes. And I have found that each person really gains a new understanding of their inner world, and their imagination.

Whenever we explore the teacup we are going into the sacred dreamtime, and tapping into the fertile world of our psyche. I love seeing people’s faces as they start to explore the clouds in their cup. Finding shapes, and making intuitive leaps. The imagination is a powerful healing tool, and tea leaf reading gives us the canvas to paint our inner world.

Not only are we learning the sacred art of storytelling through tea leaf reading, but we are also reestablishing communication with the lost parts of our inner knowing. We are giving ourselves a sacred moment to bypass the logical mind, and dive right into the pool of our spirit.

Tea leaf reading moves us into the neither regions. We begin to trance, lose time, and explore just like children. There is no right or wrong, there is only adventure. So many people have found the missing links to their soul, and the steps to move forward with their lives… all in the bottom of a tea cup.

Have you ever explored the art of tea leaf reading?

Have you attend a Gypsy Tea Party?

I urge you to try it! Come join me for the next Gypsy Tea Party, or have a one on one reading. You will be moved by the experience.

Book a Tea Leaf Reading with Shaheen, HERE.

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