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I have a radical belief that might make you uncomfortable…

Everyone in your life is a guest.

Yeah, I said it… they are a guest. Not one single person in your life has any say over who you are and what you are about. They have no claim to your time, your energy, your body, your mind or your spirit. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise… you have my permission to high kick them into oblivion (with love, light and rainbows of course).

So many times in my life I have felt the pressure and strain of people trying to keep me small, stuff me into a box and make me feel like I need to be, act or do something that opposes my soul. Fortunately most of them learn quickly that I DO NOT play that game in any way shape or form.

And as time slips on I find myself becoming even more persistent about personal empowerment.

For some people this sounds selfish, childish or too one sided. But I have seen time and time again, when people are empowered and put their own wellbeing first… they actually show up in this crazy, wild, fucked up world as blazing lights of goodness and make real change! 

Simply put… if you are doing you, like real, deep, soul-level you… you’re going to be a spiritually awake badass.

My most sincere prayer is for you to be a total love, light, rainbows and high-kicks type of badass. Just sayin!

You might fight this idea because it makes you have to own your shit. You have to become conscious of the ways in which you give our power away. And for most of us our power has been taken from us without any questions being asked, and because we’ve been inundated by the belief that we are helpless victims to life since we came into this world…we never question it.

But now is the time… please, question it!

Question every person and/or situation that robs you of your wellbeing, personal power and CHOICE!

I am proud to be a gay-half-Kurdish-domestic-violence-survivor-child-of-a-single-mother-artist-witch-platforming-wearing-weirdo… and whatever else makes up the narrative of my personal story so far. And each one of those pieces to my story adorn me, but they do not define me. And how someone else views those adornments is their business… not mine. 

I wont be swayed on who I am, and I want you to feel the same. Let your life be your prayer, your art, your message to the world. And, I want YOU to be the person right there in the front row cheering yourself on and doing the damn thing in all your unique ways. 

Someone somewhere is going to tell you who you are, who you should be and how you should be it.

If that feels right to you, then try it on for size and see where it goes. If it doesn’t then banish that with salt, sage, and whatever else you need to bust out. You decide how you are going to live this life… 

Should you find yourself feeling alone, weak and up against the wall. Close your eyes and go deep inside. There is more light, power and magic in there than you can ever imagine. Let it come through you. 

And, you have at least one nomad in your circle (Hi, that’s me!)… so you’re not completely alone <3 

© Shaheen Miro


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