The Mystical Dream Tarot by Janet Piedilato (Review)

The Mystical Dream Tarot book and deck

Oracles of all kinds fascinate me. This one arrived a few months ago and  I instantly felt a connection. The Mystical Dream Tarot felt different to me. I knew I needed to approach her with deep reverence and patience to really grasp the depth of her wisdom.

Creator, Janet Piedilato, sets the tone of the journey by stating…

“Dreams bring us far beyond all limitations.”

My desire was to take in the nuances of this deck. Allowing her spirit to unfold with time… much like a dream series… I sensed the messages conveyed with this deck building over time, weaving together a tapestry of transformative insights.

six of pentacles

The Mystical Dream Tarot is less about rules and literal interpretation. This deck is an invitation to commune with your own inner wisdom. Each card is an exquisite piece of art unlocking the door to your Lunar Self… that mystical dream space within each of us where wisdom and intuition pour forth.

Drink in the power and presence of this oracle and discover the unshakable truth… we are each born with a gift, a deep magic seeking expression in the waking world. This deck pushes beyond the familiar comfort zone of traditional Tarot imagery, by introducing us to the ethereal, otherworldly aspects of the self.

“Dream language must be approached with an open mind…”

Come explore with a curious heart. Coded within these images is a sacred language to commune with, and seek counsel from, your own inner wisdom. Set your destination to the infinite possibilities that awaits you. Bravely go into this dream world where you can discover answers to life’s questions or dream a whole new world into being.

The Mystical Dream Tarot is accompanied by a stellar guidebook. Piedilato advocates exploring the oracle, rather than being told “how to” interpret it. This approach is an important foundational piece for successful seership. Lean deeper into your own oracular vision to understand the cards and the powerful symbols they contain.

In the section of the guidebook titled Working with the Deck, Piedilato shares new and very fascinating spreads and techniques. Much of which could be applied to any cartomancy system.

My favorite technique from this section is called, The Dream Incubation Portal Readings. For each of the 22 major arcana cards Piedilator has given us a guided visual journey or a “portal” to access the living wisdom of that particular card.

Simply choose a card at random holding in your mind the question you wish to ask. Contemplate your chosen card, followed by deep mediation or sleep. Record the dream or insights you received, along with your understanding of the portal reading offered in the guidebook.

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The Mystical Dream Tarot is a beautiful addition to your metaphysical library.

Wonderfully packaged with high quality cardstock and an in-depth guidebook…

if you are a lover of Tarot, interesting oracles and delving deeper into your intuition/unconscious mind…

you need a copy!

The Mystical Dream Tarot: Life guidance from the depths of our unconscious

Janet Piedilato | Eddison Books | ISBN: 9781859064535 | $26.95



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