Perspective + Choice = Experience

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I am constantly in awe at how powerful we are. Within the depths of our core, where our most luminous self–our Lunar self– resides there is a whole wellspring of potential waiting to be utilized. Integrating your deepest wisdom into everyday life means accepting that you are magic at your very core. You have the power and potential to elicit change by beginning from within. This starts by honoring your intuition, your imagination and your creative impulses.

The mechanistic, straight-line of life that has been presented to all of us is very seductive. It will rob you of your power and bleed you of your vitality if you let it. When you choose to be the victim to circumstance, and point the finger of blame at the things around you, you forsake your own right as divine creator. You relinquish your responsibility in the creative process. 

Life is filled with problems, but…

There are innumerable occasions to interact with struggle, suffering and difficulty. What actually matters is how you choose to show up in the face of circumstance. Good or bad you are always engaging with circumstance, asserting your responsibility and reaping the fruit of that very relationship.

Good, pleasurable, happy time are easy to accept (for the most part)… they challenge us less, if just on a practical level. But even in most cases of happiness we are going through levels of feeling that it will end soon, or that it is dependent on something outside of us, or we are completely oblivious to the role we play in the goodness. 

First, you have to realize when happiness arises from external circumstance. You made a choice to experience the goodness in front of you. However, you cannot experience it if the conditions are not present within your own psyche, mirrored in the external world. To barrow from the old Cliche… you were led to water and chose to drink.

Second, you must accept that external happiness is fleeting because as soon as the wind blows and the conditions change the happiness will go with it! To go back to this cliche… when the water has dried up, and you are still thirsty, you have a choice. You can stay where the conditions are unfavorable, or to go in search of water somewhere else. 

Negative, painful and defeating circumstances take more from us. Sadly, these have become the expectation of most people. The common reality… the average weather. When challenged by the negative it is like walking into a wall. It becomes an enormous, expansive thing that dwarfs us in size, and makes us question our power.

Ah… but there is the secret… the place of power lies in the choices you make based on your perspective. Did you walk into the wall? Why do you choose to go in the walls direction? Why is the wall defeating? Can you climb over it? Crawl under it? Will you keep running into it? Or choose a different direction?

See how choice plays into the mix?

You may not have created the wall. But you choose to interact with it. You choose to engage stay engaged this one possibility of circumstance. You choose to see the wall as bigger than you, more powerful than you. But the wall is passive… it doesn’t ask anything of you. It offers a choice… to walk into its path or to engage with the other possibilities that surround it.

Remember: you cannot always change the present circumstance, but you can choose how to respond to it.

Wall or body of water where, you place your power determines your destiny. If you see the obstacle as bigger than you, then you will be defeated every single time. If you look through lunar eyes you will find that there are infinite possibilities… your creative imagination and intuition will stretch and expand in all directions to carry you to another circumstance that aligns with your inner vision of empowerment. 

What this really means is: 

Perspective + Choice = Experience

Never forget you are powerful. Life is your canvas. You can overcome the challenge by seeing the answer inside yourself. No, problems do not disappear they change form. Think of them, less as problems or obstacles, and more like creative prompts that push you to grow your light in unimaginable ways! 

© Shaheen Miro



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