Seeds Waiting to Bloom


“unravel me
a distant cord
on the outside is forgotten
a constant need…to get along
and the animal awakens
and all I feel is black and white”

-Sarah McLachlan 

I am a seed buried in the warm, loamy ground. The earth shakes and so I tremble in my shell. The skies rage and rain down threatening to wash me away. Yet, here I am coiled tight ready to break free. Animated with life, ready to push through the dark, into full bloom.

My most sincere prayer is to be a vessel of expression for truth, light and creation. Here we stand on this big, wild earth… fueled by life and death. Feeding on love and fear. We contribute with each action, and intention. Yet, we feel so small… underestimating the gravity of our own goodness.

Cast into life we are faced with obstacles and blessings. Always on the edge of retreat. Fear is so convincing when everything seems as though it is crashing and burning. But like the seed burrowed in the ground… even when all is lost, the bounty has turned to ash, we are left there waiting underground to bloom. Do we stay in our shells, cocooned in the safe space of in-action?

Aren’t we all secretly seeking to burst free? Push ourselves into the light and expression of the waking world? How many of us silently suffer… wishing, and waiting for freedom? To truly be heard? To thrive in full color? Live out loud?

Everything we need to thrive is already inside of us. We are the seeds of creation waiting to bloom into full expression. Gifted by Spirit with intense creative force and magic. Some of us are sleeping, others are a little drowsy, and a few have truly awoken to their beauty.

When you look at the immense beauty in the world and you think… I wish I had that… remember you are part of the tapestry. You can never be anyone else’s expression… you can only express yourself.

The contrast… the supposed black and white is nothing more than an illusion… a convincing one… and a gift in many ways. The contrast of life shows us the other side of the spectrum. For every profound feeling of pain you feel… there is a profound feeling of love waiting for you. For every horror you witness, there is a miracle ready to unfold. The dark cannot exist without the light… they are just varying degrees of the spectrum.

When you feel lost in despair look for the goodness. Just witness it. Don’t force it. Don’t make believe, or talk yourself out of your darkness. Just hold space for the goodness. Unravel yourself… until you float in the midst of the contrast.

Remember, you are a seed waiting to bloom into life… when you are ready to express your spirit… you will find the bravery to push your head through the ground and burst into glory.

As small as we feel sometimes. We each make up a strand on the web, a thread in the tapestry… a flower in the garden. Let your life be your prayer… your truest expression. Being you is the most daring act you can commit. You will find that the smallest flower can be the most fragrant, and alluring.

© Shaheen Miro



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