Wild Acts of Telling Everything

“It doesn’t matter what people tell you. It doesn’t matter what they might say. Sometimes you have to leave home. Sometimes, running away means you’re headed in the exact right direction.” ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic We live in a … Continue reading

Can Tea Change Your Life?

Hell Yeah! Experience a Tea Leaf Reading. You will make big changes. Find insightful answers. And definitely heal your spirit. Shaheen will be your mystical guide through the wild Wonderland of your teacup. A Tea Leaf Reading is always magical, … Continue reading

The Spider’s Medicine

As a creative there is a place that lies between worlds in which you go to tap into your spirit. This is the liminal space where light and shadow becomes one, where abstract ideas and inspiration become whole and tangible. As an artist you are a channel, bringing into life something that is beyond the everyday… whether it be words, sounds, visual or tangible art.

When traveling in the neither regions I often find the Spider to be a powerful guide. She is the weaver of words, the keeper of the alphabet and language. She spins gossamer thin strands into a strong and mighty tapestry that captivates, and even imprisons you.

The Spider is the patron of all artists, especially writers.

When the Spider visits you, you know you are about to embark on a powerful journey. She is the Queen of intrigue. She lures people in, ask them to stay for a while, and entices all their senses. She creeps in and out of your consciousness, and begs you to take a deeper look.

If you see spiders throughout your daily life… ask yourself, “What story must I begin to tell?” or “What idea must I weave into existence?”

The Spider asks you to pay attention. She advises you to let ideas simmer and incubate in the dark matter of your spirit, until the time is right. So be patient with your creative ventures. Be an observer. Notice what you notice. When the inspiration hits… it is time to act!

My personal spirit guide is a black cat named, Spooky. She slips in and out of my life. Giving me little signs. Sometimes they are warnings, and other times they are nudges to move forward. She always makes herself known, blessing and protecting me along my path.

A few years ago when I spent my winter in New York City she took on another life. I would have these very vivid dreams of Spooky. I would be in some random space, a little disoriented, but unafraid. And suddenly there she would be. Winding around my legs, stirring the energies in the room. And then suddenly she would transform herself into a huge jet black Tarantula.

The Tarantula would climb up my body; scurry around my back, and onto my shoulders. Then she would make her way to my scalp and rest on the crown of my head. Her energy was mysterious, daunting and very magnetic.

I knew the Tarantula was a friend. I knew she was blessing me and pushing me to take my art to another level. Spooky called her into my consciousness. Like a beam of light, she lit up the dark spaces. That winter was a powerful time of finding myself, as a person, as a spirit, and as an artist. I wrote differently after that. I drew differently. I approached things in a whole new way.
When I stray far from my gypsy soul… I see the Spider. She is another facet of the little, friendly black cat that blurs in and out of my awareness. When I see her I know a door is about to open, and idea is about to be born. I remind myself to pay attention.
The medicine of the Spider is so unique because it challenges our worldview and shakes things up. She truly is the guardian and guide of all creative efforts. Ask for her help. She is an amazing listener. She will give you the answers you need.

Appropriately enough, as I sit here writing this, I pick up a deck of cards and one randomly falls from it. The card that jumped out to say hello is the, “Throne of Spiders”. To me this is an invitation for all of you to step into her kingdom, to be knighted by her medicine.

Ways to Invite the Spider’s Medicine into Your Life:

  • Find a beautiful painting of a Spider. Leave it at your desk, altar, or some other place of power within your personal space. This will invite her spirit. When you are feeling stifled with writers block, or unsure what path to go down next with a project, just ask for her help.
  • Keep a small talisman of a Spider with you. This could be a spider totem carved from onyx, or wood. A medallion with her image embossed on it. Or even a small painted image that you carry on a necklace. This will allow you to digest the powerful energies she holds.
  • Light a black candle placed over an image of a Spider. This will be your lantern of creativity.
  • Weave a dream catcher from silver thread. Add a few black, dark blue, or green beads to it. Adorn it with images for the Spider, or something that captures your creativity. This will serve as a talisman that attracts abundant creative ideas!

Be creative! The Spider will connect with you in whatever way feels appropriate.

Trust your spirit.

Appeared first in Soul Path Magazine 2014

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Understanding Intuition: Insight Fifteen

There is a constant stream of thoughts, words and ideas running through our head creating an inner dialogue. In order to tap into your intuition, you must learn to separate your inner voice, from the conglomerated chatter of the world around you (people, TV, radio, co-workers, past conversations). Take time for silence to allow your inner dialogue to unwind, and disentangle from the chaos. In silence you can hear the whispers of intuition, and eventually they will be loud and clear.

Curious to Dream

Here I am falling curious again. I’ve been pulling at a tiny thread to my dreams… and now it’s unraveling fast. I’ve always known that my dreams would sail if I practiced patience and positive thinking (which is f-ing difficult!). Starshine is elusive; you have to carry a certain feeling in your heart to catch it.

Waiting is deafening. The anticipation entangles you. You become fixed on the feeling of wanting… instead of placing your heart on the feeling of having. If you want to live that dream, you must carry the surreal feeling with you in everyday life.

This really is a matter of fact verses fiction. Many of us have convinced ourselves that dreams are ephemeral. That’s something you hear about in fairy stories… it will never happen to me. Talk about the antithesis to getting what you want! Dreams fall on those who are willing. You can’t catch raindrops, if you wont stick your tongue out.

Try living the dream before it’s even made an appearance.

There is this painful dichotomy that exist between what we want and what we need. We tell ourselves lies that we have to live in the real world, and relegate what we love to the realm of hobbies. Bullshit! You can do whatever you want. You can have your cake and eat it too… if you dare to do so!

Why not make your art your life, isn’t that the most trustworthy way to live?

So many of us believe that you have to be good little boys and girls… give your 40 hours a week to the cubicle gods, and then have fun on the weekends. We have to do what’s right… get college educations, wear suites and ties, carry brief cases. If not, then we’ll just be a bunch of starving artists… living on moonbeams and air!

This whole mindset just makes my skin crawl. We have to banish this nonsense. You have to rage against the “norms”. Fight your negative upbringing. Burn the hell out of those “tapes” that bog you down. If you want to make a change, live your dreams, and really be happy…do it!

Wake up everyday and just know that you are/will do what you love!

Try it out. See where it takes you. The magic is there, just waiting to be called on!

© Shaheen 2013

Understanding Intuition: Insight Fourteen

The future is fluid…a pulsing, ever changing thing. Nothing is set in stone. You have within your power the ability to manipulate energy, meaning you can influence the tides of what’s to come in your life. Instead of feeling helpless at the arms of fate, you can look the future fearlessly in the eye! The more conscious you are of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs the more consciously you can manifest. With that being said there are things that you will need to experience, whether you like it or not! We all have a map to follow on our journey, you have a destination/lesson to learn, but the paths to that lesson are as numerous as the routes to Florida!

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Understanding Intuition: Insight Thirteen

Intuition is a compass to navigate through the dark and the light. Intuition links us in with the Universe so we can avert disaster, and sail smoothly to our dreams. Respect intuition, do NOT treat it like a parlor trick (not to say intuition isn’t fun!). I remind my clients that, “A reading is meant to help you consciously manifest the life you want”. Intuition helps you to see the road markers along the way.

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Oracle Deck Review: The Wild Unknown Tarot

IMG_2862About a year ago I found a strangely lyrical place, filled with art, music and beauty called, The Wild Unknown. There I discovered these amazing art prints of a Tarot deck that artist Kim Krans had been working on. At the time the deck was just offered as art prints for framing, but not an actual deck!

To my surprise a few months ago venturing through random blogs I found, The Wild Unknown Tarot! Despite my urges I waited to click the “buy” button until I had a reason to reward myself.

When the deck finally came in the mail I was rabid, tearing at the package, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Up until that point I had vicariously loved it through pictures, blog post, and reviews on the Internet. Now it was all mine!

IMG_2863The experience began with the box! I held it in my hand, looking at it from all angles. Touching the sturdy cardboard and looking at the fabulous pen and ink illustration that adorned the top. The black and white contrasted by the pops of vibrant watercolor was awe-inspiring.

IMG_2864I tugged at the black satin ribbon carefully placed to remove the lid with ease. Written in a scripted font on the inside of the lid,“Welcome to the Wild Unknown Tarot. You’ll find no wrongs or rights inside this box, only mirrors for reflection. Open your mind, draw a card, and have fun on your journey.”

The words tingled up my spine like a mysterious incantation to step into another world, The Wild Unknown…it felt like Wonderland had begun to seep into my veins. My eyes and fingers itched with anticipation to touch another world.

IMG_2867One by one I explored the cards, studying the delicate and bold inked images. I craved their meanings, I imagined their stories, and I roused them to life. This is no ordinary deck, nothing of the sort. This is a shamanic experience that completely pulls you into a different state of mind.

There are no people found in this deck, only animals, symbolic totems pulsing with life and energy. If you are brave enough to look into their determined eyes they will reveal parts of your soul.

Deer rules the Pentacles. Owls rule the Swords. Snakes rule the Wands. And, Swans rule the Cups. But there is a whole menagerie of different animals to greet you. Some of the cards are illustrated in the style of pips with only the suites emblem and some line work embellisments.

IMG_2872This deck is wild and free. It opens new doors, it blazes new trails, it becomes a key to uncharted territory. But walk with trepidation because this deck doesn’t take kindly to probing and prodding, you have to ask gently and listen. Humbly inquire, and leave your ego at the door. These cards give you answers without any non-sense.

Kim Krans style is very successful throughout the deck. Pops of color amongst black and white sing. Should you need a guide while exploring her new terrain, Krans included a hand written pamphlet guide. She has also written a full companion book for the deck (which I don’t have yet).

IMG_2869There isn’t much to complain about here. Each card is beautifully done. The cardstock is a nice weight, with an interesting, slightly frosted coating and the box offers lots of protection. I am interested to read the companion book because the pamphlet included doesn’t offer much explanation about the intent behind the illustrations, nor do the meanings deviate far from traditional associations…. which is a tad unexpected.

I suggest you seek out a copy of this deck ASAP! This is one indie effort that’s sure to become a collectors item. And if you get the book… let me know how it is! 

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Oracle Deck Review: The Collective Tarot

I am in love with the sensational piece of eye-candy that is, The Collective Tarot! A collaborative effort to create a fully illustrated Tarot deck brought together 5 artists that gave us their spin on what Tarot is, and more importantly what it isn’t!

This deck is a punk rock, hyperactive, rebellious, kick in the ass tool of self-reflection and divination. There is nothing Patriarchal about this deck. There is no hint of traditional. It is an eclectic collection of enlightening, disturbing and comical characters. 

There is something sort of New York grunge and sugar coated LA sun in this deck. It kind of illuminates from the inside out, casting little shadow figures that dance and sing all across your mind. With this deck you will be inspired and bewildered. It’s a full-blown experience contained within 78 movable pages.

Talk about a massive deck! These cards are a lot to handle in more ways than one. I have big hands, and I struggle with holding onto them. But don’t get me wrong… the size is all a part of the experience! These cards have to be big because the illustrations on them are too bold to experience any other way. You lay them out, and you get sucked in!

IMG_2850The card stock is average, it feels a little thin compared to the size, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The print quality is very nice and professional, and gives the images a very smooth appearance. The art itself is an eclectic mix, which you would expect coming from a group of artist. You feel as though you are flipping through different sketchbooks all thrown together!

Here you will find artwork that is modern and innovate, but at times it’s a touch cartoonish… I read that they tried to pull in a comic book aesthetic… some cards are better than others. And as always… I could have done without the borders… the artwork is too good for them!

IMG_2848The suites have been renamed Keys (Wands), Bones (Pentacles), Feathers (Swords) and Bottles (Cups). The renaming is very successful here; they captured the energy and essences of the suits in a way that I have never seen before. These cards burst with meaning, yet they leave room for things to sizzle.

I am especially fond of the court card structure. Instead of a Page we have the Seeker. Instead of the Knight we have the Apprentice. Instead of the Queen we have the Artist. And, instead of a King we have the Mentor. These names shed light on the court cards meanings and I think many people will find it much more user friendly than the traditional system.

IMG_2856There are a lot of new and tantalizing ideas happening in this deck. It takes a left turn from traditional things we see in Tarot… and you, as the reader will benefit from it! Oh… don’t worry there is an amazing 272 page book that comes with the deck. So if your questioning being able to read with it, you should have no trouble. The book is my favorite part!

I bought the deck when The Collective Tarot kickstarter campaign launched to help them raise funds for a 3rd printing! You can get your very own copy by visiting their blog. I promise this is worth the cash!


© Shaheen Miro 2013