Understanding Intuition: Insight Sixteen

Intuition is your inner navigation. It teaches you how to be in the present moment. Instead of worrying about what has been or what will be, you can tap into your intuition and learn to just dance. This is like finding the rhythm of a song and just letting yourself groove. If you trust your intuition right now, it will lead you in the direction that supports your dreams and goals. When you question your intuition, you become lost on your journey, and ultimately have to back track.

let yourself be

Sometimes its difficult to stay grounded in the moment. Responsibilities tend to drag us away from our center. We catch a glimpse of those things that inspire us, and then some other, “more important thing” pulls us away.

Our creativity is a bird fighting to be freed from its cage. We want to feel connected and empowered; yet we put our spirit’s health on the backburner. I am guilty of getting swept away by all the external things in life, the unimportant and conflicting. You have to find those moments of calm in the middle of the storm.  It is in those moments that the most powerful epiphanies will occur.

When you are confused and seeking clarity with no success, stop trying for just a second and allow yourself to be. Do something that brings you joy and relaxes you. Listen to your favorite CD, play an instrument, go for a walk, read a book, draw or paint… anything that allows you to lose track of time.

In those in-between moments, when time seems to sleep away, a door to our inner world opens and we can hear the voice of our intuition. Finding clarity isn’t always about going on some long and drawn out spiritual pursuit. Sometimes the spiritual fix we need is just a few minutes of play.

  • Stop trying, and just be.
  • Lose time for a while. Just PLAY!
  • Remember creativity feeds the soul. Make it a priority.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts, they gauge what you bring into your life.

I learned this, at least, by my experiment; that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, 
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, 
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. 
- Henry David Thoreau

© Shaheen Miro 1/16/2012

I know what it sounds like

For some reason I suddenly felt frustrated at work. It was as if I just instantly slipped into a bad mood. Sometimes you just can’t look at something any more, you cant think about it because you risk crushing it with your negative energy. That’s how I felt. Luckily it was the end if my day and I could gently walk away from it.

I think I am beginning to miss home, but also feeling the pull of London. I have found some kind of freedom here that Ive wanted, but then again with freedom comes the shadow of loneliness. sometimes I feel that I’ve become a shadow wondering amongst ghost.

I am ready for the comfort of my loved ones to be around me. My baby Ali for certain because he always heals my spirit. Im ready to be finished with work. I’m tired. But what I wish I could do is spend a few more days remembering the city.

I drew a card on the way home this evening, the world. She is powerful and she reminds me that things will continue to change. She makes me feel a sense of completion. Maybe she speaks of this trip coming to a graceful end. I ask her to help me be graceful as I explore. What makes a graceful traveler?

I think i need to let go of rigid thoughts if I want to gracefully walk this path. I can be a bit if a control freak. I have to learn to let things be. Sometimes I have a hard time being in the now because to be in the now means to accept things for what they are, but sometimes I fear that accepting will mean I’ve grown numb. It’s a fine line we walk.

I think I’m tired of trying to right wrongs, trying to validate feelings and trying to explain actions.I want to float gently away. The world is sort of like the womb. It lives at the center of existence and there everything originates and everything returns. Maybe I want to float in the darkness of the womb of the world. I wish Gaia would pull me in and gently rock me.

The haunting owl reminds me that I need to keep in flight. It’s not a time to be idle. She reminds me that part of the worlds message is to sometimes rock a little, to rumble.

Being in the moment Isnt always a still and silent feeling. Sometimes the moment itself is wild and crazy, like the wind. And the only way to survive the wild winds of change are to spread your wings and let them carry you.

I will listen to the owl and to Gaia. I will center myself in the furry of the storm. I will gracefully embrace this change. I will take in the moments…the wanted and unwanted. It’s all a part of me. I just wish right now I could find my sacred space.

“I hear the call of a night bird. I still hear the call of a night bird. She says I know what it sounds like… I know what it sounds like.” -Stevie N.

Much love,

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/15/2011


May I have this dance?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with the light of the sun gently grazing my face, and I wish I could lay there forever. The jolt of my alarm clock for the 5th time always breaks the spell quickly. Then I stumble out of bed, half tangled in covers and my computer cord and I head for the shower. I need the fresh spay of a shower to at least half wake me up.

I won’t go through the details of how I get dressed, as it’s too painful for even me to bear. But once I finally feel confident enough to walk out the door, I have to once again mentally prepare myself to walk to the bus, and then ride it. Some how I manage.

This morning as I sat waiting for the bus, running through my daily mental conversation of, “Omg when is it coming?.. Is it coming? Did I miss it? Oh now I’m late… blah blah blah”, I had this realization that I needed to let go o fit all and just be in the moment. I have this theory that I’ve been trying to convince myself of for a while… My life is mine and so is my time! I’m not living on anyone else’s clock.

One of my new friends.

So once that big, red double decker pulled up, I stepped on and took my seat on the second floor and I listened to my iPod and I told myself that I was going to enjoy every moment of it! Its my morning, its my ride, its my time and its my means that got me there…. Why not enjoy it.

I took in the music, the sounds, the people, the colors, and the buildings. I enjoyed the morning for what it was. I didn’t worry about the clock ticking away or whether I was going to make it right on time. I let it go. Guess what… I was there on time. And I started out the day so much more peaceful.

I made myself a cup of tea and went over my daily tasks and I set out to do what I had to do. I can honestly say that today was a great day as well. The second in a row… dare I say the third times the charm. I think I am finally settling into my job, into London… and into life!

I am learning how unimportant so many things are that I give my energy to. It’s not worth the time it takes to think about it honestly. So what if someone isn’t happy with your punctuality, or your attire, or your ton of voice, or your topic of conversation. If people can’t accept you for who you are and respect your right to fully live… then send them away… with love of course.

There I was again in the bathroom of that dirty, old building at 9 am… seeing another mystery. 3 cats this time wandered the rooftops. They made me think of the movie Ally Cats. Like little gypsy beggars, all ragged and wild…. No care in the world… on an adventure. I am fond of those little explorers. For a second I wished I could climb out on the rooftop with them, nestled into the little ledges of the chimneys looking out over the foggy London morning.

I love my morning meetings with the little, furry baby Buddhas. They inspire me so much. Lets be free. Lets climb rooftops. Lets go to places we’ve never seen before. Who cares if we aren’t supposed to be there…. Who cares if its unsafe or out of the ordinary. Life is about adventure and freedom. Life is about color… staying in the lines only leaves you with a dull picture that may as well be gray.

So here I am up way too late. I should sleep. But instead I am burning candles and singing loud enough for strangers to hear me. Do I care… a little… should I? NO! You technically only live once… so why not just do it now? What is holding you back?


I feel so blessed to be here in London, doing this internship. I really like my job and my boss. At first I was filled with so many worries. I wanted to be the best, I wanted to prove myself worthy, I wanted to show how good I am. And then I said the hell with it! I am Shaheen and I am here to do what Shaheen does… I am here to live and explore and make love and art… I put my all into every moment of everything I do in life. That’s all that matters to me.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I realize how amazing life really is. How epic this adventure is that I am on… that you are on… that we are on. We are on an adventure to love, learn, grow and change. Instead of worrying about others we should just be mindful of ourselves.

Before I leave this city I am challenging myself to do something unexpected. I am challenging myself to live a little. To step outside of the velvet lined vardo that I live in… and walk the dark and dirty roads… at least for a second. I think we learn the most about who we are when we dance with whatever scares the hell out of us!

So to my fears I ask, “May I have this dance?” Lets see where it takes me….

© Shaheen Miro 7/21/2011