The Gypsy Tarot Tour Has Begun!

Suzy and I are now in L.A and ready to embark on our first day here. We are very excited to see as much as we can and to meet everyone. I have a feeling some very good things are going to happen. I can already tell a very strange, mystical and somewhat chaotic aura hangs over this place, so I’m ready to explore!

There is still plenty of opportunity for us to meet you and we would love the chance! If you are interested in have a reading party, schedule a session, have a workshop or some other idea… let me know 🙂

You can contact me via email at or by phone 937.213.3426

Next Week I Will Be In Los Angeles!

So if you haven’t heard the Gypsies will be in L.A. Suzy and I arrive next tuesday and we are so excited to see everything! I’ve never been to California before and I’ve always wanted to go. Not to mention I have so many people there that I’ve wanted to meet face to face for what feels like forever!

So here are a few posters of things that I will be doing. If you are able to attend and want to set up a time please contact me at Also, I would be more than happy to read for you, to do a party with you and your friends or even conduct a class/workshop! Feel free to contact me for more details.

I do Tea Leaf Reading, Tarot, Reiki, and workshops on a number of different subjects.

I would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to leave me a few tips and suggestions, either 😉