Metaphysical Answers: Spiritual Map

Here is a wonderful question that a client sent to me that I believe many of you can relate to:

I would like to understand or grasp the following concept: If I have free will and I am the creator of my destiny, what happens to the contracts I agreed upon before being incarnated? Does this mean that I will experience what I agreed upon, but during my incarnation I will have free-will on how to get there? Does this also mean that I can accelerate or slow down the learning of those lessons? I hope I make sense. Blessings!

Dear friend,

This is a wonderful question, one that I have been asked before and one that I have contemplated myself. This can be a very confusing concept, but it can be explained by understanding the map or contract we created for our journey.

Before incarnating we create a contract that is laid out like a map. This map highlights the key concepts that we wish to learn in our incarnation that will lead us to “enlightenment”. We detail different experiences that we want and need to learn for our spiritual growth.

In my personal experience I have found that we detail first our soul groups. These are the people that we will be working with in our lifetime; starting with key figure, such as our family (parents, spouses and children). Often times we choose these people because their souls evolution links up with our own. For example: Your husband or wife may wish to learn to be more conscious of others needs, while you may be seeking more patience.

After deciding on whom you will be learning with, you set out the actual obstacles or courses. This covers many things from what career path you will be working in, to possible health issues, to the major life shaking events. What you must remember is that like a real map, you set out a “destination”, which has may routes.

Think of this visually. If you are setting out on a road trip and your goal is to get to a specific park, park X, in a specific town, in a specific state, you can map this out. You may choose to take the scenic route, you may choose the highway, or you may choose a very obscure bumpy path. Each path will be very different, but they will all lead you to your destination, park X.

So in this life you will have mapped out many things. Some of the lessons you have mapped out will be physical obstacles, dealing with health, security and safety. Others will be mental/emotional dealing with relationships, addictions, beliefs and fears. And also, spiritual obstacles dealing with faith, religion, beliefs and issues of your own divinity.

On your map you will have strategically placed the right people, the right places and the right events to help you to achieve your goals of spiritual growth. And just like a real geographic map, you will have created alternate routes in order to achieve this.

Now, Understanding the concept of free will is very simple, we are divine beings.  We are facets of the all, of Spirit. We are nothing more than extensions of the divine experiencing our own divinity. As they say you can read a how to book about something, but unless you actually do it, the knowledge is useless. That’s why we are here… to do! You choose how fast or slow you get to your mapped out goals, like I said before you decided which road to travel down.

The pace that you learn at is completely up to you. It may not seem that way when you are in the process of living your map, but on a spiritual level your soul is constantly being guided by this.

Often times people will ask me questions in a reading that I do not know the answer to, simply because the future is only a possibility. Depending on the next path you choose that outcome may change too. Sometimes I will even tell people that I can feel something in the works, but I am unsure of how its going to play out, simply because they haven’t decided.

Being more conscious of this concept can help you learn, evolve and grow much faster. But really the quickest way to get to point X is to trust in your intuition. Your intuition is your spiritual navigation system. It is constantly trying to link you up to the quickest, smoothest and easiest path to your pre-determined destination.

Best wishes,



© Shaheen Miro 2/12/2011