The Hierophant: Spiritual Authority

The Hierophant:

The Hierophant is a powerful card in the major Arcana of the Tarot because he is theintellectualizing of intuition and spirit. There becomes a divide in peoples lives where they either 1.) Directly connect to the divine or 2.) Seek a connection through a holy source.  There is nothing wrong with learning from a teacher, master, saint or guru… but they all share the same goal of teaching you to trust in your own wisdom.

As an archetype and symbol of spiritual authority and divinity channeled with discipline The Hierophant shows us that life has order and hierarchy. This can be seen in our ideas of age, class, race and religion. But what this card is mostly speaking of is our connection with spiritual and divine authority.

This card offers us a chance to ask: “To what power am I giving my destiny to?”

I want you to take a moment to meditate on this powerful thought, because this is key in becoming the master of your own destiny and learning to consciously manifest. If you are giving your power to a limiting source of “divinity”, one that seeks to take control out of your hands, then you will not be manifesting the life that you want.

There is no right or wrong answer to this questions, but what the Hierophant wants you to know is that your divine source is meant to be a co-creator with you, helping you to have the power and vision to create the life you want. Blind faith and static will not achieve what you want out of life. Spirit meets you in the middle.

“I seek the partnership of the Divine (your god-source). I ask to be a co-creator of my destiny. I ask that the pure light of the universe fill my life allowing me to work from my highest good. I seek to live my life by connecting with my inner well of wisdom.”

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Copyright 1/26/2011 by Shaheen Miro