daily card: Dango, the knight of diamonds

Dango, The knight of Diamonds, he walks the tight robe... living on the edge is what he does. He likes the thrill and the fantasy and he lives for the praise of the audience below. He is warning to you that you are over working yourself. Take time to release stress and tension. This time of year can be extremely stressful. Check in with your body and take a few minutes of relaxation to avoid fatigue.

daily card: the king of cups

This morning I drew the king of cups as the daily card. I should have know that on a rainy morning like this the cups would come to visit. The cups always suit me though, I find their energy very relatable.

Looking at this card I see a man on a beach, on a starry night, concentrating, eyes filled with wonder. I believe he is contemplating ideas, watching the seed of creation unfold. In his cup are all the possibilities that live in his imagination.

The magical part about the king is that he rules his kingdom, meaning that anything within his creative self, anything he can dream up, will have the potential for success. If he dedicates and applies himself he will be able to do anything…he has the potential for success in every sense of the word.

How fitting for me to draw this card. I have felt like I need to dedicate myself to what I love and follow my dreams…regardless. To draw this card is a sign for me to trust that feeling. I know that I am meant to be doing something amazing and so I shall pursue that. I know that my visions and dreams are divinely guided…as are yours. Let’s trust them.

Today marks the start of my last week here in London. I am sad, but I am also ready for home. I feel like things will be amazing when I return home and I am ready for the adventure. I think I will look at home with open eyes…I know there is more to see there than what I ever realized. So I’m ready to rock and roll!

I am on my way for coffee with one of my great London friends. I get to visit with him one last time before I leave. He is leaving for Italy this afternoon…so this is our last chance. So glad i met him. I am thankful for the wonderful people here.

I don’t know when I will be back in London again, but it will be soon. London has become a part of me. I don’t know how or why I’ll be back, but it will happen! When I want something I make it happenūüėČ

All the best,

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/24/2011


daily card: the hidden one

Today is my day off and I am taking it slow. I think I will put on some comfy clothes and stroll over to the coffee shop and have tea and work on the mala beads I’ve been making for my friend. or maybe I will write. I just want to have a nice slow and relaxing day. Though I think I should be out seeing the last bits of London, I feel like my body and spirit need a little break. Tomorrow I may go on an adventure.

I am going to miss London, but I think I am ready to return home. There is something healing about being “home”, to me home is really just where my loved ones are. I especially need to hug and kiss my dogs and my cat. I miss them so much. You don’t realize how healing your pets are until you are without them for a long period of time. Just touching a dog or a cat pulls so much baggage from your body, mind and spirit.

I have a new mindset now. Certain things that I thought were important to me before, have lost their appeal and I think I am much more focused on what I love… or I am trying to be. When I return home I know there will be some changes in my mindset and my approach to life. My energy is going to be devoted to the things that bring me joy and happiness, and though that is sometimes a lofty goal… its worth the effort. I have always had that mindset, but sometimes you get lost on the path a little. This is all for the better.

There is a lot of forgiveness happening in my life right now. Things that I didn’t realize I held onto so tightly. I’ve been writing it out, drawing it out and just releasing it to the universe. There are things that I know will never change, for the simple fact that they have nothing to do with me. So I have to let go of taking it personal and allow myself to walk with my own passion.

I pulled one card from the Heart of Faerie this morning. Her name is The Hidden One. She is the faerie that makes you more aware. She is the one that trips you when you are mindlessly walking down the street, or who makes you drop something and break it when you are just going through the motions. She can be tricky but she does it with love.

So many times you find yourself being idle. Floating through life, ignoring life, growing numb to life… all of which are horrible things to be doing. LIfe is colorful and exciting, though its¬†difficult¬†at times… you want to be aware of it all. Thats what the Hidden One tries to remind us of. When you are aware, you are in control and thats when you can begin to manifest the life that you want. You can’t make a change if you blind yourself from whats happening.

I have become more aware of what I give my thoughts to. Being here in London has allowed me to be isolated to a certain degree and in doing that I have realized where my mental and emotional energy goes. Sometimes its necessary to let out feelings of frustation or sadness… and anger. But you have to acknowledge the feeling, be with it for a second and then let it go. Its when we get transfixed on something that it becomes an issue. The Hidden One has shown me that I can use my thoughts and emotions for more worthwhile things.

The Hidden One is our friend and she walks with us, though she may stick her foot out and trip us now and again, she is holding our hand so that we dont fall… she just wants us to be aware that we are actually walking. Ask her to help you be aware. If you are feeling unhappy and stifled, ask her to show you what you are not¬†acknowledging. Everyone needs a wake up call now and again.

I think that the most important thing for me is to be doing something that allows me to stay in motion. If I am feeling sad or angry or even happy… I try to do something to carry that energy so that its not weighing heavy on my emotional body. Sometimes I will sing to get it out and to move it along. Or I will write in my journal… sometimes I write in big, bold¬†permanent¬†marker to get my point across. Or I will draw a picture of what it is and then rip it to pieces and flush it down the toilet. Anything to get the feelings moving along, to keep them active and in motion. Emotions are mean to be cycled through… not dwelled upon.

Enjoy yourself today. Do something fun and light hearted if you can. Just allow yourself to be aware of what you are doing and feeling. This may be time for you to take back some of your energy and power. Don’t let things have control of you… even if you are in a situation where you cannot make an easy change, like a job for example… try to keep your power. Don’t let people defeat you. You may need to speak up and create more boundaries in order to do this. Just be aware of how you feel.

Love you all…


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/22/2011

daily card(s): “the collective of voices” and the blessing

I tied a red satin ribbon around all my fears and worries, around the past and the pain and I buried them. I lit a black candle and invoked the angels to stand faithful at my side. I bathed in moon light to rejuvenate my soul.¬†I remind myself that it’s my will and my passion that carries me through. I close my eyes and open my awareness wide and listen. There is a small and gentle voice that lives beyond the layers…the sound of spirit. If only we listen it gives us the answer.

I know we’ve all stumbled a few times on our path. The sphinx offers another riddle to difficult for us to answer, but you keep pushing to find it. I will always be a seeker, as are many of you. The easiest way to be a seeker is to learn to move with the universe.¬†I pulled two card from the heart of faerie. One mystery card that I call “the collective of voices” and the blessing. Both beautiful cards for you to get. I like the mystery cards because they make you think…no they make you feel.

The collective of voices represents to me the desires and feelings you leave unacknowledged. Some new age people think you should live life all fluff and rainbows, but that’s not how it should be. Part of being here on earth is to experience. If you are angry, sad, or even happy, whatever, acknowledge it. The key is to not grow rigid and dwell on it.

The collective reminds me that I have desires and feelings that are waiting to be answered. Some are the voices of dreams and imagination and others the voices of intuition. It’s all the same…I just need to listen. Please ask yourself. “what has been on my mind that I haven’t acknowledged?”

The blessing is just that, the blessing. She is the spirit of good energy. She reminds us that our lives are filled with wonderful things. If you are feeling down please take a moment and ask for the blessing to reveal herself. I promise even in your darkest hours there is something to feel thankful for.

I have felt at peace lately. I,ve invited the spirit of blessing in and I’ve told myself, in forgiving others I make room for new people and experiences. If you don’t let go then nothing good can ever come along to right the wrong…to heal the wounds.

Many blessing my friends

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/21/2011


daily card(s): the child and the queen of passage

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. I worked the market selling garments for my internship. It wasn’t a very successful venture, but I enjoy myself regardless.

I became friends with the woman next to me. Chatted with her about everything under the sun and she passed along her marketing wisdom. I also found a great top hat which I have wanted for ages. I truly look like a little Charles Dickens character. But then there was a dramatic moment when I had to leave my Owl bracelet with the jeweler because a little spot of her wasn’t plated correctly and he wanted to fix it.

I feel naked without my owl, though I appreciate him taking care of her. He said he had an extra one I could take instead of waiting… but that just sounds wrong. I will get her next week.

I also met my cousin for the fist time last evening. He is one of my cousins from my fathers side of the family whom I know little about. He lives in Germany and is studying in London for a few months. He told me he travels all over and he goes to the middle east to see family a few times a year as well.

It was all very surreal to speak to him. Knowing that I am related to him yet if I walked past him on the street I would never really know. Though I can tell once looking closely that many features are dominate in my family. He told me I look just like my father when he was my age.

It was so powerful to hear how important education and experience are to my family.and he kept saying that people just need to be open minded and the world would be better. It was a relief to know that him and most of my family view the world that way. A very new way of thinking.

I sit here today in the sun on the way to work. The world passing by as I ride the double decker. I love the easy energy on the bus.

I pulled two cards this morning. The child and the queen of passage. Two powerful energies that have gentle spirits.

The child reminds us to be in the moment. To look at thigs in awe and wonder. She reminds us of the wisdom of seeing everything as new and exciting. It’s amazing how much better you will see life with new eyes…a different perspective.

The queen of passage is an amazing card. She is a protector and guardian of those who are changing. She holds our hand as we step through the threshold of experience… From past to future. From pain to healing.

I love both of these cards because it seems to say if you look with new eyes, eyes of a child you will change and grow and transition with ease. That’s what we all wantūüôā

Much love

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/20/2011


daily card: the challenge

Have you ever had the urge to do something wild and unexpected? Have you ever wanted to totally step out of you bounds, hair wild, clothes tight… Ready to get down to the techno beat of the universe? I know I do sometimes. Whether I want to be full on gypsy or punk rocker… Sometimes that feel, that urge to step out of the typical comes to me. It’s a spiritual calling.

I know everyone feels that way.you make your self up as you bump to something crazy on the radio, mouthing what bit of the lyrics you know in the mirror, instinctively throwing up the rock hand! Pumped for life you take one last look in the mirror…hair right…makeup right. You’re ready to go. Hit the stage! then you get to he door and you cave!

Something about stepping out of our daily routine is intriguing to us.I talk to so many people in readings and just in general who want to live life uninhibited. I mean everyone wants to be a total badass. The right mix of James Dean and Madonna.

What holds us back? Is it our fear people will judge us? Or do we feel we are posing? I sometimes think that society has taught us to be so unoriginal and bland. The ones who dare to dream are often the ones judged. Most people don’t find being “eccentric” as a compliment…but eccentric is nothing more than being individual or dare I say original. The pressure can sometimes be straining and it’s understandable.

If we continue to live in this whitewashed worlds there will never be a chance for beauty to grow. The colors will begin to fade and the memories will become stories and the stories become legends, until the legends turn to myths. Its truly against our spiritual nature to reject the exciting, eccentric and wild. We must reclaim it.

I know I sometimes struggle with the challenge. The very thought of wearing a certain garment that I long to wear, sometimes makes me nervous as hell. What will people think? Will they judge me? Laugh at me? Make me feel rejected? What if I want to sing loud enough for strangers to hear me? Will they say I can’t sing? Horrible? The list could go on. But the reaction is always the same.

I usually pick one of these things and I make it my personal goal to do it. My challenge. To work up the nerve to take my rockstar out the door for all the world to see. It may be small at first. Maybe you read that “taboo” book in public. Or wear that “revealing” shirt. Or listen to that “horrible” cd in the car. Whatever it is…the smallest things will make you more confident.

The card I drew today is from The Heart of Faerie oracle. Her name is “the Challenge”. She looks us in the eye and asks what we truly fear. Her goal is to make us shake In our boots…all in a tough love attempt to make us be brave. She challenges us so we can see our true strengths.

If you ever take the time to let your hair down and actually head bang to Edge of Seventeen in the grocery store on Sunday morning… You will see that it’s not as scary as it seems. It’s actually liberating. That is The Challenge’s gift. She says to you, “if you take the chance you will see that you are far stronger and more capable than you ever believed.”

So let’s take the challenge. Walk like an Egyptian. Spin In circles in all your gypsy finery. Put on your dr.martins and your leather jacket and head to your meeting. Whatever feels on the edge of your comfort. Whatever is out of “character” but you long to do…DO IT! You will be thankful for the challenge afterward.

Affirmation: “today I will do the damn thing!”

Love your gypsy souls…

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/19/2011


daily card(s): “grace”, the lady of faith, the lord of the forest

I slept in a bit this morning because I needed to recharge myself. I am such a night owl and I just feel more passionate when the sun goes down. I find myself wanting to write, draw, sing and create… which is unfortunate because I have to be quiet. I feel wonderful this morning though, no rushing, no agenda. I like when I can sit in my bed and listen to music and just take in the day, the words, the feelings. It really puts you in a different frame of mind and it affects the rest of your day.

I have had the past on my mind a lot, or my life at home I guess would be more accurate. I thought by coming here to London I would be healing and letting go of old patterns and feelings. I have¬†literally¬†been taken out of my life at home, like someone picked me up and sat me here in London. Nothing is really the same here. I thought that when I returned a lot of what had been bothering me would have cleared up and I would feel a little bit of freedom from it. But I dont believe thats the case. I have grown and changed, but the end of the chapter isn’t me stepping back on that plane.

I spent the evening with a friend of mine, having coffee and talking about life. We sat there discussing work, dreams and living and he said to me, “I admire you for doing what you love, regardless.” I was moved by that. Sometimes I wonder if I am strong enough to continue pursuing my dreams. Though I would never give up, I sometimes wish I could just rest for a 100 years or I wish that the dream would just appear. But my mother taught me that its in the work we come to appreciate what we achieve. I admire my friend greatly because he views life in a different way that I and for him to still respect me… it’s touching.

As I sat there sharing my stories with him and taking in his own, I realized how sad it is that I must leave this place. At first I felt lost, and then I felt a little jaded, and now I feel connected… London is my second home I believe. There is something here in the spirit of it all that has taken me. I will always want to return. Its so vast, yet small. Its so cold, yet filled with love. Its a rambling place, of history and¬†contradictions, mixed with inspiration and a tinge of chaos. I love it all. It’s sad to think it may be years before I return. Its sad to think that the friends I have made may never see me again… but I will do my best to not let that happen.

I am blessed to have had the chance to come here. This has been a major part of my journey. Like the haunting owl I am on a search… it’s probably endless. There is something powerful about travel and meeting new people. Starting a new life, no matter how temporary, it gives you a sense of belonging and a sense of strength. I will keep this time with me, the people I’ve met will always be precious to me. And I believe when I return home I will have changed for than I know… for the better obviously. I am shedding my layers of pain.

I pulled 3 cards this morning from The Heart of Faerie Oracle. This deck is so alive to me. I always love what comes up because the cards just vibrate and they truly get to the heart of their message. The first card I pulled is a mystery card… it has no name. I instantly saw “Grace”…. so thats what I will call her. Then I pulled the Lady of Faith, whom I love! And the Lord of the Forest… he has looked into my soul a time or two.

Grace is a card that hold so much meaning to me because she tells me to get back to basics. She is part Unicorn, either in race or spirit, and she tells me to learn to be comfortable in my body, my mind and my spirit. Her message is to be “naked” in every sense of the word. Freely exposed to the world, yet not vulnerable. She says that if you let down the walls, shed the pain, and lift the veil of fear…. standing as you truly are to the world you will have what is considered true grace! I silently ask her to give me the¬†strength¬†for this!

the Lady of Faith is so beautiful to me. She has come to me many times. She wears armor to protect her, yet she leaves her heart exposed because she doesn’t want to block out experience. The Lady of Faith protects and guards you. Her message is to remember that you have worth and that worth is something you should believe in. For me she is saying, “Through all the changes and experience you¬†encounter, no matter how hard it may seem, you are finding your spirit. No one can ever define your worth, but you and to let your worth be judged by others is to allow yourself to be seen through their eyes, which will be clouded by their own¬†experiences. No one can judge your soul because its yours alone. Believe in yourself in your darkest hour… and know that love will find you there.”

The Lady of Faith reminds me to be free, as in the message of “Grace”, but she ask me to keep myself safe. Only let down your walls when you are ready to stand firm in your self worth. This message is so¬†necessary¬†for me right now because I felt a little let down by people in my life. Someone whom I cared about very much sort of tarnished me. I still care about this person, but our relationship has changed and though I have had a hard time with the change… it seems to not have been a problem for him. It made me question what it is about me… and I realized it isn’t anything to do with me… but that wasn’t very comforting at first. So here I stand picking up the pieces and finding strength and giving love because thats the only way to heal anything.

The third and last card is the Lord of the Forest. He is the energy of action and¬†masculinity. He is a protector of the lady of the forest and he guard the fragile,¬†gossamer¬†dreams that she gently weaves. The Lord of the Forest always seems to poses me with his eyes, he looks in me, he looks through me. He is the kind of spirit that makes you feel uneasy… but not necessarily in a negative way. He tells me to take action, no more time to sit and be idle. If I want something… a dream perhaps then I need to DO something. Which isn’t always easy.

The Lord of the Forest isn’t much for being idle. He is a leader, a mover and a untamed force. He urges you to be a leader. He urges me to be the victor and the flag¬†bearer. I if I want to get through these changes and get to the other side with my treasures in had, then I have to be firm in my goal and I have to blaze the trail. I know he is leading me to the end of this… protecting me.

These cards are all so powerful to me. I really needed their messages to remind me of what I am doing and where I am going. Their messages give me a jolt of energy. It brings me to my senses. So here I stand at the sea with a handful of ashes and I cast them to the wind… I give away all the problems, the pain and the fears. They are not my own anymore…

“The haunting owl, the haunting owl/She cries, she screams, she shrieks out loud/wide eyed because she cannot slumber/bound to fly in shameful wander/perched atop the¬†Churchill¬†tower, silence, waits, she draws on power/night and day, time the same/ she flies in furry, she flies for change.”

To all your gypsy souls… with love


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/18/2011