telling everything

I consider this place home in many ways. Here I can share my words, thoughts and feelings. We are all gypsies on a journey… in the world, in our hearts and souls. A little piece of my story is a little piece of yours… like a deck of weathered old cards, a collection of faces, with different meanings, times and messages. I want to tell it all, the dark and the light… every facet of how I see it and feel it. I want to share my stories… and I want to know yours.

Who are the characters that dance in the play of your life? What chapter are you writing, right now? There is something that is unfolding in front of you as you read this, something that is calling to you, something that you are drawing to you. Everything has meaning, every second is filled with magic. Don’t lose those serendipitous moments… don’t ever stop dreaming because when you do… you lose it all. Our dreams are how the universe knows what to give us.

In every great story, there is tension, conflict, and climax. One thing leads to the next, as layers and layers build on each other. What direction are you going in now? Be mindful of everything… read between the lines even. You never know when you will truly stumble upon your dreaming. So please keep following your adventure, with wide eyed wonder and commitment to everything that feels exhilarating.

Never let yourself miss out on a great adventure… those are what lead to the most spell binding, page turning stories. This moment right now is a piece to your legacy, something that will grow into a powerful collection of myths and memories. Tell it all to the world… more importantly, live it all. Fall in love every chance you get, walk down the crooked roads, take the slow rides and say everything that you want to say.

I can’t stop smiling, dreaming and dancing with all the wonderful things I am finding here in New York City. There are memories wrapping around me like soft, silk velvet… they are layering over me becoming a part of my being. I know that this is a place that will lead me to my wild and crazy dreams.

One night is enough… to carry on the feeling. A living, breathing memory. A winter night… I felt beautiful under your light… the soft glow of your touch will hang onto every part of me… This is a part of my New York City… -Shaheen Miro 

With love… to the gypsies…


© Shaheen Miro 116/2011

daily card: the three of wands

Today is such a beautiful day. I woke up this morning feeling really great. Something about the day feels grounded and at ease. I hope to keep that feeling with me.

Two of my friends are staying with me for a few days and I am so excited to see them. It’s great to have familiar faces around. I really missed both of them and we always have a blast together. People tend to be so much more adventurous together.

Last night we decided to go out. We visited a little pub close to my flat, which we’ve been to before. It’s the best little place… filled with tons of people, everyone dancing and best of all theres karaoke. You know that this little gypsy loves to sing.

So we dance and had a few drinks. Took in the crowed and really pulled in the lively spirit. Watching karaoke is always this mixture between humor and awe. Everyone there really put there heart into it.

So when it was my turn to sing I took to the stage and naturally rocked out. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a rock and roll..gypsy! The crowed was moving. I was singing, channeling a little Janis and really just have fun. I think it’s in moments like those that you let down your guard and just take in life. It was a blast!

On the ride home my friends and I rode in the back of the crowded double-decker bus. We sat there facing eachother, each of us tired eyed, yet some how life and dreams came up. We carried on together about how we are ready to love and take take our dreams and run with them.

Its surreal for three friends from Ohio to be here in this big city of London for no other reason than we wanted to be. It made me realize how fearless we are sometimes. I think it’s in those moments of uncertainty the most magic happens. You have to live life knowing that each thing you do is another story, another facet and another part of you.

My best friend and I have this conversation all the time. Sometimes it feels like university is holding us back. We are young, beautiful and ready to live our dreams. We are ready to make love and art. But it’s all in good time.

This morning I pulled the three of wands and I instantly saw the three of us taking chances and going after opportunities. There is something freeing about looking at your life and feeling like you are giving yourself to something you love, it’s not always possible as a career, but even in your free time (make it if need be) you should find something that you are passionate about.

All of us are on an epic adventure, whether you know it or not. Some of us will quietly sit on the train and watch life pass by only seeing the magnificent things through a window and others will take the time to stop and really be active on the journey… I want to be one of those people.

The three of wands reminds you to live life, not endure it and in the unfolding of it all you must find something to enjoy. Never look back and wish you would have…look back and remember that you did!

Life starts by dreaming because it’s in dreaming that we tell the universe what we want and need. Wands ask us to communicate and the the three of wands reminds you that there is more to life than what you see. Take advantage of every opportunity.

“she stepped out on the stage filled with fear and wonder. The crowed roared and the lights flashed. As she stepped to the microphone, looking out at the sea of people she thought, ‘i’m living my dream!’ and together they made love and art… They shared it all.”

Never stop… With love


(C) Shaheen Miro 7/30/2011


Spiritual Message/ Update June 3

Dear Friends,

I have been so eager to write to all of you, but my schedule has been so full that its just been too difficult. I have also been phoneless for a week, because someone stole my new phone. If you have been trying to call me, please know that I haven’t been ignoring you, I just don’t have my phone.  Let me share a few updates with you and a spiritual message.

  • I would like to say again, my phone was stolen. I will still have the same number, but my stolen phone hasn’t been “turned off” yet because we were trying to locate it before replacing it. If you’ve tried to contact me, and either found that the call wasn’t going through or that I haven’t returned your call or answered, no fears I just haven’t had a phone. I should be getting one in the next few days… until then you may contact me via email. (Please send me an email if you’ve tried to contact me and weren’t able to).
  • I have mentioned before and it bears repeating, I will be Leaving for London, UK on June 21st, and I will be gone for 10 weeks. In that time I will still be doing readings for those of you here in the US, but it will take a little more strategic planning. I will be doing my readings either as emails or through a skype session. If you are unfamiliar with skype, it is a free, online program that allows you to create an account so that you may video chat with anyone, anywhere… as long as you have a camera, computer and an account. It would be best to email me from June 21st-September 1st to set up appointments, etc.
  • I will be offering a 10% discount on all half hour phone readings until the 17th of June, so feel free to set up a session.
  • My schedule shall be freeing up for the next few weeks, which will allow me to take on more readings. You may set up in-person or phone sessions, either half hour or hour long readings. Call or email for availability and I will work you in. (I want to take care of as many sessions as I can before I leave for London).
  • Remember that Psychic Saturday is June 11th (the second Saturday of every month) and there will be 5 15-minute sessions available for $15 each. First come fist serve, this is the perfect opportunity to get those 2 or 3 burning questions answered in between full sessions.
  • September 17th I would like to have another Gypsy Tea Party for those of you who would like to learn about tealeaf reading. The Gypsy Tea Party will be held during High Tea at a tearoom, in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. It will be an intimate group setting, filled with learning, readings and fun. If interested let me know… more details to come.
  • I will be blogging more in the next few weeks and on through the summer. Lots of fun stuff to read there… feel free to check it out and share it with friends.

I cannot wait to hear from all of you. Wishing you a happy June… hope the summer is treating you well.

Spiritual Message:

Stop telling yourself that there is no time for dreaming. I want you to remember that there is always something beautiful to be found, no matter how dark and dismal things may seem. You have to know that dreams can come alive in the dark.

If you have been working toward a goal or dreaming up some huge, crazy dream, then get ready because dreams are about to come true. The one thing I want you to remember is that it is your right to have everything you want…. All the things that build you up, that make you feel whole, spiritual and vibrant are meant to be yours. Do not deny yourself of that.

Happiness is no longer somewhere in the distance. Respect your path and spirit and honor the wisdom that lives inside of you. When you embrace the inner callings of your soul, you open a treasure trove of possibilities. What has been on your mind will now come into you life… so stop the worries! Bring only goodness in.

Rejoice in the present reality, as possibilities are in the works of becoming real. Keep calling to your dreams and they will float softly to you. Now is the time and you have all the magic in the universe at your fingertips.

Affirm: “I can dream my biggest dreams, and I have the right to attain everyone of them. Each day I wake a new dream is made reality…. And I am grateful for it!”

Much Love,