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1917: Promotional portrait of American actor Theda Bara (1885 - 1955) wearing an Egyptian headdress and breast plates with a snake design for director J Gordon Edwards' film, 'Cleopatra'.

“It doesn’t matter what people tell you. It doesn’t matter what they might say. Sometimes you have to leave home. Sometimes, running away means you’re headed in the exact right direction.” ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic We live in a … Continue reading

Live Intentionally: Happy New Year 2015

The New Year is coming… be cheerful and celebrate! The Year is coming to an end, and as you say goodbye to 2014 let yourself discard old, worn-out energies, habits, and feelings. With the New Year you will invite a fresh perspective, and the motivation to begin again.

Transition into the New Year free of all negative energetic cords. Energetic cords are the links that have been created between you, and another person, place thing, or idea. This link creates a two-way line of energy allowing you to feed-off of, or giveaway your energy… and vice versa.

If these energetic cords are attached to something negative… you will feel drained, apathetic, depressed, and stagnant.

Let yourself have time for introspection to evaluate your energetic cords, and investments. Go on a journey to find what you are giving your energy to. What things have you invested in over the past year? Have your investments yielded positive results? Does your spirit feel nourished?

Take at least 15 mins to a half hour of time to meditate. Contemplate where your energy has been going through the last year. And then shift yourself into where you would like to invest that energy in 2015. What seed would you like to sew?

Get to the heart of these issues and call back you energy… so that you can consciously manifest what you want out of life!

As you make your list of New Years Resolutions, or the seeds you will sew, be very intent. Put your energy into things that really make you feel whole, authentic, and alive. Let your resolutions be bigger than just wishful things to muse on for the upcoming year… empower them as intentions, affirmations!

As you phrase your New Years “Intentions”, place them in the present because when you affirm something you want it to feel as real as possible. You want gear your mind to think as though the good is already taking place! Affirm like it is happening now! 

Example: “I am organized, rested and optimistic.”

And never use the word “no” because no is completely canceled out by the subconscious mind.

So to affirm, “I have no issues.” Would really be “I have issues.”

Wishing you lots of luck, and a Happy New Year!

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© Shaheen Miro 2014

Aligning Your Thoughts

ShaheenTNOStarAre you feeling stifled? Unable to move forward with goals, plans, and dreams? Take some time for stillness! 

When you put your focus on things that you cannot control, you begin to deplete your energy. This creates a cycle of pulling toward you, and manifesting exactly what you DON’T want! Your thoughts are a powerful magnet, pulling into your life whatever you choose to focus on!

Take note throughout your day of the quality of your thoughts. Track where your mind goes. What are you focusing on? What are you giving your energy to? What mental dialogue are you having with yourself? Write down your thoughts, evaluate them, and ask yourself if they are in alignment with the things you wish to manifest! 

How often do you have an opposing thought toward exactly what you are WANTING in your life? 

Begin with this list and start to become more mindful of the things that you tell yourself and put your mental energy into. Train yourself to think more positive and affirming thoughts. Whenever you have a negative thought, catch it, imagine a big red line crossing it out, and replace it with a positive thought.


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© Shaheen Miro 2014


Calling Dreams


Spiritual Message:

Stop telling yourself that there is no time for dreaming. I want you to remember that there is always something beautiful to be found, no matter how dark and dismal things may seem. You have to know that dreams can come alive in the dark.

If you have been working toward a goal or dreaming up some huge, crazy thing, then get ready because dreams are about to come true. It is your right to have everything you want. All the things that build you up, that make you feel whole, spiritual and vibrant are meant to be yours.

Do not deny yourself of your dreams!

Happiness is not somewhere in the distance. Respect your path and your spirit, and honor the wisdom that lives inside of you. When you embrace the inner callings of your soul, you open a treasure trove of possibilities.

What has been on your mind will now come into you life… so stop the worries! What you give your energy to is a request to the Universe to bring that vibration into your life. So bring only goodness in.

Begin to rejoice in the present moment as possibilities are in the process of becoming reality. Keep calling to your dreams and they will float softly to you. Now is the time and you have all the magic in the universe at your fingertips.

Affirm: “I can dream my biggest dreams, and I have the right to attain everyone of them. Each day I wake, a new dream is made reality…. And I am grateful for it!”

All the best,



The Gypsy Talks: Q and A

Hello Beautiful People!

I receive a large number of questions about spiritual cleansing and protection, as well as many other metaphysical questions! I try my best to respond to comments and emails from everyone… and often times I find the questions being asked would be beneficial to more than just the person who has asked it. So I would love to share these questions and answers with everyone.

To share this information I will begin doing a video segment called, The Gypsy Talks! I will pick a few questions a week to answer and most a video. If you would like to ask a question you can leave a comment here, email me through the Contact section of the site, or ask me on Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter: Shaheen Miro @shaheenmiro and ask your questions with #TheGypsyTalks

All questions are welcomed: Spiritual Cleansing, Protection, Energy Healing, Spirit Guides, Dreams, Tea Leaf Reading, Intuition, etc.

Be sure to let me know what if there is a specific name you would like me to address you by, or if you want to remain anonymous.

I look forward to hearing from you



The Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Energetic Investments

© Shaheen Miro Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle

© Shaheen Miro Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle

Do you wonder why you can’t get someone off your mind? Are you frustrated with your dreams? Do things seem to be going all wrong? Are you chronically dealing with an unresolved issue?

I have some secrets to share…

First, you need to understand energy. You need to understand how to use energy. Energy is currency. You give your energy to specific people, places, things, ideas, feelings, beliefs, fears, etc. You invest your energy the way you invest money.

When you make an energetic investment you have to ask yourself, “Is this going to pay off?” Because if it’s not then you’ve wasted vital energy. You want your energetic investments to feed your energy, to help it multiply! If your investments multiply, then you can invest in new things.

You make an energetic investment every time you take something to be true. You make an energetic investment every time you make yourself responsible for something. You make an energetic investment every time you dwell on something. You make an energetic investment every time you are afraid of something. And on and on it goes.

If you aren’t aware of your energetic investments, then you quickly have nothing! You feel stifled. You feel impoverished. You feel angry. You feel lethargic. You will as though nothing you want in life ever happens!

When you make an energetic investment, you make a commitment to give your energy to something. Will it pay off?

Energetic investments don’t stop at the initial transaction they are a continuous commitment. When you commit to someone in a relationship, you energetically invest in them… you establish a cord between your heart and theirs. You’ve  given them a direct pipeline to your essence.

Ah! Now you see why negative relationships will age you, take your health, and make your whole world go dark. When you are in a negative relationship the other person is siphoning your life force away… leaving you with nothing! Pretty soon you will be hungry, without the strength to find sustenance.

Feed your energy! Don’t deplete your energy.

You want to be picky about who you attach yourself to. You want to be picky about the thoughts you choose to think. You want to be picky about the story you tell yourself. You want to be picky about the fears you entertain.

You’ve been given a certain amount of energetic currency. Use it wisely. It’s like mom and dad gave you your weekly allowance… you don’t want to spend it all in one place! Be conscious of what you invest in, be conscious of what you are manifesting.

If you are feeling stuck ask yourself why. Are you investing in something depleting? Do you need to unplug from something? Are you being careless with your energy? Are you entertaining worn-out thoughts and ideas?

Why are you starving for energy?

Invest your energetic currency in things that multiply and feed you. 

Sit down today and look at what you’ve invested in. Before you can make your dreams happen you have to unplug from all the dead ends and dead beats…then plug into the good stuff!

Practice spiritual cleansing to release these negative energies. Be conscious of your thinking.

Figure out what story is playing in your head, heart and spirit.

Check out this video on, Energetic Cords.

Spiritually cleanse yourself, and nourish your spirit by consulting a Reiki practitioner. Have a reading to pinpoint the blocked areas. Keep a running journal of your life to look back on! It’s all about being aware of yourself.

© Shaheen Miro 2013

beautiful boys

We were beautiful boys, too young to know better, and too proud to walk away. Something died in our hearts and minds, and was left rotting in the dark places of our souls. You had no clue how much you burned me and like a moth, I kept flying, a suicide bomber, back into your light.

They were strange, and made of gold. They glowed with warmth, but to the touch they were cold. You say everything will be okay… but once again, you do not know the path at which they go. They are always leaving. Dispensing their sorrows, to the wind with the dandelion heads. It was almost Summer then.

Keep your clothes on; there is no need to stand bare before me. There is nothing I wish to see, though I know every line that lives under your clothes. You were sculpted from the dark clay of the earth and fired in the kiln of the mountains. I saw you baptized by the fragile sea and kissed by the sun. So stand there in all your glory, but do not shed your clothes… for your exposed body would surly destroy me.

Now that there is nothing left to say. No one dares even write to the other. Let’s just let it float off into dust. You are not a fallen star to me. You will always shine. You gave me a chance, a voice and time to make my art. I have written down every word. I’ve taken it all in. Though we are saying good-bye to dying legends… the legends live on as stars; Lights in the night, to guide us home.

© Shaheen Miro 2/11/2012

daily card(s): the ten of cups and the prince/knight of cups

It seems that the cups are really speaking to me, which makes sense because of the emotional and spiritual alchemy I feel I am in the process of. I have been working hard to invite positive energy into my daily life and I’ve been honoring my feelings. I pulled the ten of cups and the knight of cups.

The ten of cups has always been a beautiful card to me because it has a sense of comfort and security attached to it. To me it represents family and support and all of the love and “riches” that one has attained. When I see this card I know I have what I need to reset easy and pursue my dreams.

I think this card also represents home. I have been gone for two and a half months and it has been magical and challenging. This is the first time I’ve ever been so far from home alone. It really tested me. I feel I passed the challenge and now I can share the treasures i’ve found with my loved ones.

The knight of cups reminds us of how beautiful and talented we are. He shows us that we can have anything we desire by tapping into our creative potential. We were given our talents and interest for a reason and if you ever want to have more than you do now…you have to honor your them!

I think I came here to honor my talent and to find what’s true for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. Ask yourself how you can use your gifts everyday. I think it benefits us to do something everyday in honor of our abilities and our dreams…no matter how small it may be.

I have become very aware of my dreams here in London, you may say I’ve even gained a few new ones. It’s amazing to have something to dedicate yourself to. I have no clue where I will end up on this path, but I do know I am not letting myself forget my dreams…that’s the message of the knight of cups. When I return home I know I am going to approach life differently and here it has already begun.

I am sending love to all of you…

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/25/2011


daily card: the king of cups

This morning I drew the king of cups as the daily card. I should have know that on a rainy morning like this the cups would come to visit. The cups always suit me though, I find their energy very relatable.

Looking at this card I see a man on a beach, on a starry night, concentrating, eyes filled with wonder. I believe he is contemplating ideas, watching the seed of creation unfold. In his cup are all the possibilities that live in his imagination.

The magical part about the king is that he rules his kingdom, meaning that anything within his creative self, anything he can dream up, will have the potential for success. If he dedicates and applies himself he will be able to do anything…he has the potential for success in every sense of the word.

How fitting for me to draw this card. I have felt like I need to dedicate myself to what I love and follow my dreams…regardless. To draw this card is a sign for me to trust that feeling. I know that I am meant to be doing something amazing and so I shall pursue that. I know that my visions and dreams are divinely guided…as are yours. Let’s trust them.

Today marks the start of my last week here in London. I am sad, but I am also ready for home. I feel like things will be amazing when I return home and I am ready for the adventure. I think I will look at home with open eyes…I know there is more to see there than what I ever realized. So I’m ready to rock and roll!

I am on my way for coffee with one of my great London friends. I get to visit with him one last time before I leave. He is leaving for Italy this afternoon…so this is our last chance. So glad i met him. I am thankful for the wonderful people here.

I don’t know when I will be back in London again, but it will be soon. London has become a part of me. I don’t know how or why I’ll be back, but it will happen! When I want something I make it happen😉

All the best,

(c) Shaheen Miro 8/24/2011


All the things I love and dream….

All mine... my cat, my drawings and me🙂

Even if I am out of my mind or time I still have these dreams

You can say a million things, but its nothing unless they see

The black cat stands as sentinel to the realm of the unknown

Where dreams and songs and shadows make their home

So don’t question it baby… they say love is the key

If you ask for it again, you just might find what they mean

I said, “I will sing all my songs to you, I will paint you a field of dreams.”


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/22/2011