The Will to Change

I stepped into the darkened parlor, only a candle illuminated the room from the piano in the corner. A sound like a clock ticking trailed off in the distance.  Each tic coincided with the beat of my heart. I moved deeper into the shadows trying to unfold the mystery that lingered, invisible in the air.

I touched the cool wood of the table and felt the soft velvet that covered the sofa. My senses were tingling with anticipation. I felt faint, almost out of breath, I felt as if I had been battered by the tenacious waves of the ocean. Something was coming over me.

I was met by a vision; something loomed heavy in the corner. I knew that there was a messenger here. He had come for me to impart his wisdom. “Show yourself!” I protested. But nothing came from the darkness.

Catching my breath, I sat on the sofa. I pulled the warm air into my lungs and let the scent of musk and roses fill me. There was something different here. Something I had never felt before. Or maybe I was never open to its mystery.

Suddenly it came to me. The figure appeared like a bead of light moving through a dark sky. It was the spirit of change. Some may call it death, others may call it life, but I simply call it change.

The figure held out its hand. I could only make out the slight structure… tall, thin, and able. I felt with every fiber of my being that it was time. Time to let go of the worn-out and the old. Time to move into the future, fearless and alive. I knew it wasn’t the end, but actually the beginning.

Loud and clear I heard from within the body of light, “Dance! The secret of life is to dance!”… and then the light receded back into shadows like the dying embers of a fire. Darkness absorbed all traces of light until only I was left, with this vision and this message to carry on in my head.

I closed my eyes. Startled. Moved. Changed. I knew that everything would be okay.