Can we hold hands?

Hope they dont mind🙂

I secretly snapped this little photo while walking to the Stevie Nicks concert on Sunday. It was just too cute to pass up. Its very rare that you get to see homosexual displays of affection and I think that is a terribly sad thing. I wish the world was more conducive to self expression, instead of the hate that is spread around like some silent plague.

I’m not sure how people view gay people here in the UK, but I know at home in the states its very rare that you see people brave enough to challenge the social norms and to really live their lives. Its not just a matter of being gay, but really a matter of being different. On June 24, 2011 the New York State Senate passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage and in doing so made history.

Its time that we stand up for peoples rights to be who they are. To express how they feel. No one should have to hide a part of who they are just because its not “normal”…if you disagree then ask yourself how you would feel if someone took away your basic rights. What if you were told you couldn’t look the way you do or act the way you do or work in the place that you work… all because you were born a certain way? Next time you judge step back and ask yourself what you are really fighting?

The 10 of Cups Lets pray that one day we can all hold hands in celebration of love and connectedness

Let there be love in the world! Lets push against the grain of tradition and dig deep to unleash our little gypsy souls! If you bravely step off the beaten path then you make a way for more people to follow. Some are stronger than others, more daring… thats not a judgment or a blow at anyones character its just a fact. So those who have the chance to open doors please do so that others may follow.

It starts with a sense of community. If one frightened person feels that they have at least a circle of people who get them, then they may just find the courage they need to over come that hurdle thats been thrown at them. I ask myself everyday how can I be brave…. how can I push for change… how can I fearlessly be free?

He said, “You know you can dream even with out me?”

Darkened eyes looked back, “With out you there is no dream…”

In that moment love became tragedy… And so they say one day we will live the dream…..

I love you gypsies,


© Shaheen Miro 6/29/2011