daily card(s): the three of pentacles and the chariot

I think there must be something happening in the universe because everyone is under a lot of strain right now. I have known that feeling of being overwhelmed with life too many times to count. Sometimes you just wish you could turn around and walk the other way… you dont want to deal with any of it anymore, but you can’t stop living. The one thing I remind myself is that there is always a miracle in the works. Uncomfortable situations serve a purpose and if they’ve gone on way too long ask yourself, what in that situation have you not taken to heart.

Lately I have been bursting with my own personal energy. I want to dedicate myself to my dreams… I feel that way constantly though, but I feel strong enough now. I want to sing and write and I want to give my art to the world. I am tired of dedicating myself to the half hearted dreams of others. I didn’t come here to do the dirty work for someone… and so I won’t! It may take time, but that is my mindset.

When I return home I am putting the work into doing what I love. I will be working a few projects simultaneously, but it will be worth it. I believe the secret to success is never believing that there is any other option. You don’t have to be a certain age, or in a certain place, or have a certain amount of money to follow your dreams… it may help… but its not required.

I pulled two cards this morning. The first being the three of pentacles and the second is the chariot. Both cards are fabulous and I think they are relevant to everything I have been feeling… and the things I have read and heard from others.

The three of pentacles, ironically enough, fell out this morning when I was pulling a card from my blogger friend Magic Mentha. This card is about sharing the work load. I think this card is reminding us that we have many blessings and one of those blessings is friendship… and the ability to ask for help. If you aren’t needing help with your “work”, then maybe someone around you could use an extra hand. It’s time to share with other people and help each other cultivate our dreams.

The second card the chariot speaks of action taking place. I always say that we must stay in motion, continue to dance with the universe… whether it be dirty dancing, the limbo or the funky chicken… just keep moving. This card is telling us that if we keep moving, if we keep the rhythm, we will see that the next place is closer to where we want to be. Things are starting to progress and the growing pains of it all can be difficult, but its well worth it.

I am excited to see the chariot in this reading. I feel like it symbolizes having as sense of control over the things in our lives… may even be a reminder that no matter how out of control you feel, you still have at least one hand on the reins. Sometimes its difficult to know where you are going or what you are doing… sometimes you just feel as if you are spiraling out of control… but the chariot reminds us that there is a direction to it all, even in the madness.

I leave you with the idea that you can have it all… you can do it all… just keep strong. You may need to have a good cry. You may feel defeated for an evening. But you can make it through. Ask for help and it will be there, in some form or another. I think the easiest way to deal with life sometimes is to just leap into it. When you stop for a second to be “cautious” you lose your confidence.

To the gypsies… with love


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/23/2011

Wandering the rooftops of London

Wandering the rooftops of London this morning was a little gray and white cat. What a sneaky little acrobat, blazing uncharted, rooftop territory 3 or so floors up. He was brave and proud. He climbed up there, chest puffed out, eyes wide and bright and he looked out over the expanses as if to say, “I will conquer this!”

I never dreamed that at 9:30 in the morning looking out the dank and decaying bathroom window of an old industrial building in London… I would be moved! But I was. It made me go back to that cup of tea with the Knight floating around in the bottom (read the post before) and ask myself, “What is your next move?”

Yesterday evening I attended an art show with a business owner, who buys from my boss Laura Dawson. As I was waiting for her taxi to pick me up from the tube station I spotted a huge billboard to my left that had Stevie Nicks all over it. It was funny how I just happened to look up and there she was. And under her images read the title of her new album, “In Your Dreams”.

It’s amazing what you will find when you look toward the sky… a cat maybe, or Stevie.  Looking at it now it was another sign. I’m starting to truly believe that I can have anything in my dreams. There is magic stirring in the air…. Not sure what is coming, but there are signs hinting at it.

The art show was amazing. And the woman whom I attended with was a delight. She was a very down to earth, British woman. She owns her own boutique selling the work of local “creative people” to quote her. We had wonderful conversation as we walked amongst the work of student artists. We were there to see the work of her friend, who had been taking a few courses weekly.

The things that really stood out to me was how in each room there were paintings by different students, but they were all of the same model, painted at the same time in the same place… yet they all looked so different. Who would have thought that 5 or so people could see the same person, in the same room, in the same pose so many different ways?

I asked myself, “Whose is the more correct?” That was when I had to step back and remind myself that there is no room for logic in art. They were all correct. They captured the world through their eyes… with the lenses through which they see everything.

Do you realize how powerful we are to be able to see the world however we want? One person could see blue, but you might see green and who’s to say either is wrong? Life is about what you wish to see, about what you are drawn to see. Life is about coloring it your way.

Today was a wonderful day. The energy still tingled in my psyche from the night before, so much raw creativity. The time flew in the studio as I finished patterns, made muslins and then went on to sketching.

Once I started sketching for the new seasons line, I began to really lose track of the time.  I was nervous at first because I thought nothing would happen. You know that feeling of having to make something appear out of nothing. I looked around me, took in the “inspirational” images on the wall and then I set pencil to paper. I became entranced.

Everything else slipped away. I needed that time with just the empty space of the paper and my pen. I needed to let something come to life in front of me. I don’t know if the drawings were the best or the most innovative designs… but the act was truly sacred.

On my way home I felt so at ease. I sat at the back of the bus, in the seats that faced the opposite direct of which we were traveling. It was sort of like hanging upside down and realizing that the hills look like faces or something. It was a change in perception… one in a long strand of them.

It was probably the first time that I’ve ridden the bus and felt at ease; Past the shock of being somewhere unknown, past the fear of missing my stop, past the feeling of being alone. I just watched out the window and took in the sights. I think in that moment I started to become aware again.

Arriving home I felt spiritual so I pulled out the tarot cards. And two cards fell out, The Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Wands. I instantly heard “speak your hearts desires”. These two cards are symbolic of the truth that life is about creativity and making dreams come true is about taking hold of that creativity and using it.

So tonight I am burning candles and drawing more pictures. Fairy woman are on my mind. Maybe it’s the goddess or my spirit guide calling to me. I never really know… I just go with it. I can feel a touch of something mystical hanging softly in the air. So as the candle light flickers and the night grows into full bloom, I will speak my hearts desires.

The world is wild and free and I wish to be the same. I want to wake in the morning ready to begin a new adventure, retrieve another sign; maybe I’ll even wander across a few rooftops. Whatever I do… I pray to be brave.

© Shaheen Miro 7/20/2011

A Night In the City…

So many exciting things have happened in the past few days, it’s been almost surreal. You know I constantly remind myself that life is this mad and fantastic dance that we are all apart of you and you can either get out there and move to the beat, fumble over everyone else’s steps or stand on the side and watch… and for me its been about closing my eyes and doing a slow grind with uncertainty.

In the past few weeks I have come to appreciate the feeling of spontaneity and Tuesday night was one of those nights. A new friend invited me out to a concert at the Barbican Centre, which is in the heart of London. The concert was titled Singing the Truth, a concert to honor the women who changed the music of the 20th Century.

The concert was put on by three amazing women; all of whom were talented and distinguished in their own right. Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo and Lizz Wright. Each woman had their own distinct style, sass and most importantly voice… and let me tell you they knew how to use it! They brought down the house with songs from Miriam Makeba to my personal favorite Billie Holiday.

Being at that concert in retrospect was more uplifting and spiritually moving than it seemed when I was sitting there. They were forces… wild and untamed and their voices had the intensity and power of thousand winds. I was certainly moved and more than once I had to put my soul hand up to catch the spirit of what was being given to us.

I left there with the unshakable sense of limitless power. The enlightened feeling that anything I want can be mine. They said it themselves, that you just have to dream, but among all else you must love! And love was the theme of the night, as I was in Love with their performance and the energy that they generated in that pristine concert hall. I thought as I walked away about the enchanting quality of singing… how you essentially cast your soul out to a crowed and lull them into a trance reciting to them your story along the way. Something about that excites me… the power of story-telling… the charm of the spoken word.

I want to sing now. I want to give my words to the world and allow people to feel it deep in their souls. To move and to feel is to dance and to dance is to live… live the dream that we are all so eager to dream. Our voice is unique to each of us and that to trust in that voice is to truly rock out in life!

The remainder of the night was equally moving because I got to walk in the city and see nothing but the glow of lights from the inside. Night life is always different than what you see in the day and I realized that there is a much more calming and subtle energy that pulses through London at night… its not the jarring energy that you find in other cities like New York. It’s Just something peaceful.

We made our way through the rambling mass of streets and all the sensational buildings; everything ancient, worn and regal. To me the buildings exude a warm beauty that is found in very few places in the States.  My friend thought it was funny that I was so inspired by the buildings… he said that it isn’t as pretty as America. But I had to disagree.

We ended our night at a little Pub. Which was everything that I imagined a London pub to be. It was all brass and wood and just down right gorgeous again. So we sat and had a drink and we talked about life, design and literature. And my friend quoted to me lines from Virginia Woolf.

We had an intriguing conversation about her works and we talked about taking a Mrs. Dalloway’s walk around London… which is a book by VW about a day in London. He also retold an amazing scene from the movie The Hours about VW’s life and so when I returned home I watched the scene on YouTube and I was totally moved. Here it is for you to see….

I just want to say that VW was an extremely talented woman and before my lovely night with my friend I knew very little about her. She lived at a time where her mental state became her curse and she literally became a prisoner in her own life because the people around her had their ideas of what was best for her. She just wanted to live her life in the chaos of London, regardless of how others thought that affected her fragile state of mind. And eventually she took her life because it was too hard for her to bear… though it was late in her years.

I can relate to Virginia because I think that it’s a common feeling to feel trapped in your circumstance. And so you find you way out whether it is writing or strolling the city. What I took from her is that you must be relentless in your pursuit to be who you are, to have your own life and your own mind. You must have a strong sense of conviction to what is important to you.

“And that was what she often felt the need of-to think; well, not even to think. To be silent; to be alone. All the being and the doing, expansive, glittering, vocal, evaporated; and one shrunk, with a sense of solemnity, to being oneself. When life sank down for a moment, the range of experience seemed limitless.”

-Virginia Woolf

© Shaheen Miro 7/7/2011