8 Ways to L I V E Magic Everyday

Wild Priestess

“Stories are like genies…They can carry us into and though our sorrows. Sometimes they burn, sometimes they dance, sometimes they weep, sometimes they sing. Like genies, everyone has one. Like genies, sometimes we forget that we do. Our stories can set … Continue reading

Seeing Death

You are spirit, the accumulation of intention, dreams, and creativity. You are in a state of constant flux, revolving and circulating around one giant sphere of the Divine. Nothing is truly static. If you aren’t changing, then you are battling the Universe.

Death is beautiful. It is the ultimate poetry of life. You die to the setting sun, to be reborn at tomorrow’s light. You die to every moment. You die every year, as you grow older and wiser. You die at the ending of every project, and you are reborn at the beginning of every new one.

Life is a dance of change and transformation. The affirmation of your spirit is metamorphosis. You are a being of light that radiates, pulsates, and undulates. If you lose the essence of your spirit, then you’ve lost the point of life.

People grow stagnant. Their spirits become gnarled and weakened. If you unplug from source then you slowly fade away, until you are a shell mimicking life. We fear death because we fear what we can be. We know the reality, but we forget the dream.

Death has been very present in my life the past year. I’ve lost many beautiful lights whom I loved greatly for their bravery, wisdom and unconditional love. I grieve for the loss of their relatable presence in my life. I grieve for their smile. I grieve for their conversation. But through my grief I realize that they are at peace. They are burning stars in the never-ending disco.

Death isn’t easy. It jars you. It pulls you out of your shell. You are forced to step beyond your comfort zone. You are left dancing in the dark. Traversing beyond what you know as the truth. But there is the beauty. You’ll never grow unless you’ve experienced.

The truth is that you’ve never really seen a painting until you’ve looked at it from all angles. Stand on your head; see it in a mirror, stair from one side to the other. Life is art. Explore art don’t admire it!

When I see the Death card in the Tarot, it usually means that you are in a state of change. The tune is changing, and you’ll need to find a new groove. But the Tarot isn’t discerning. Tarot doesn’t tell you what you want to hear… It tells you what you need to hear. It doesn’t know the difference between a “metaphorical” death and a real one. It only knows that the energy is changing.

So can the Tarot show a real death? Yes! Absolutely it can. I’ve seen it many times. I’ve experienced it personally with the loss of my own loved ones. It’s doesn’t have to be frightening. It serves to enlighten you.

Tarot predicts death. Death isn’t bad. It’s not a warning. It’s a reminder that you are living.

© Shaheen Miro 2013

The Poetry of Death

Death is a reminder to us that everything is in constant motion; an endless dance that moves us from one phase to the next. Passing through doors you remain a part of the changeless change. As a caterpillar dies to the beauty of a butterfly, so does our soul here on earth shed it shell to fly with something a little more spectacular, brilliant and gleaming. Death is the teacher, the keeper and the lover. Death gives us the gift of living… if only we see it before our time.

Daily tarot card: 10 of swords

We all have those moments where life seems to be coming at us too fast. You stand in the middle of it all feeling broken down and defeated. Mixed emotions somewhere between anger and sadness; you want to cry out, “why me?”

It can be hard finding the light when all you can see is darkness. Sometimes little moments slip between and you get a taste of happiness, but as fast as it came it’s gone again. I’ve been there, you’ve been there…we’ve all felt it.

I think it’s easy to feel alone as well and when you are struggling just to make it through the day…enduring life rather than living, it seems like everyone fades away. A friend recently said to me that there is a difference between being alone and lonely. So I thought about that and asked myself, “is there really a difference?”

I believe there is a difference. It’s almost as if you are feeling alone it’s something external and even temporary and being lonely is a more inward experience…loneliness is the internalization of being alone.

It’s an illusion. We are never really alone… If only we reach out to spirit, to the angels, to our friends. I believe we feel more alive and loved when we are creative. Find something that brings you passion. If you just open your eyes a little, through the rain you will see the sun is tying to shine.

The 10 of Swords appears to us as a reminder that yes life can be hardcore. Many of us will see the good, the bad and everything in between, but there is always a reprieve if you allow it.

I saw a woman smilig yesterday as she walked past me at the bus stop. She wore a kaki trench coat to keep out the cold and rain. He hair was jumbled on her head and she looked as if she had no clue where she was heading… But she smiled!

I wondered what there could possibly be to smile about at a time like this; cold, wet and wandering. And then it dawned on me, to just be here in this moment living is enough to smile for.
The wisdom of the 10 of swords is to find something in the midst of all those blades to bring you comfort. Those daunting, shinny little daggers are really just illusions. So look at them, laugh a little and know that they will fade away.

Please let me say that this isn’t to say take sadness, depression, anger and loneliness light heartedly. It is to say that you can get help. You can have freedom. You are not alone in your struggle and you don’t have to feel hopeless as if there is no way to be free.

I wish you well… Make love and art…

To the gypsies,

(c) Shaheen Miro


May I have this dance?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with the light of the sun gently grazing my face, and I wish I could lay there forever. The jolt of my alarm clock for the 5th time always breaks the spell quickly. Then I stumble out of bed, half tangled in covers and my computer cord and I head for the shower. I need the fresh spay of a shower to at least half wake me up.

I won’t go through the details of how I get dressed, as it’s too painful for even me to bear. But once I finally feel confident enough to walk out the door, I have to once again mentally prepare myself to walk to the bus, and then ride it. Some how I manage.

This morning as I sat waiting for the bus, running through my daily mental conversation of, “Omg when is it coming?.. Is it coming? Did I miss it? Oh now I’m late… blah blah blah”, I had this realization that I needed to let go o fit all and just be in the moment. I have this theory that I’ve been trying to convince myself of for a while… My life is mine and so is my time! I’m not living on anyone else’s clock.

One of my new friends.

So once that big, red double decker pulled up, I stepped on and took my seat on the second floor and I listened to my iPod and I told myself that I was going to enjoy every moment of it! Its my morning, its my ride, its my time and its my means that got me there…. Why not enjoy it.

I took in the music, the sounds, the people, the colors, and the buildings. I enjoyed the morning for what it was. I didn’t worry about the clock ticking away or whether I was going to make it right on time. I let it go. Guess what… I was there on time. And I started out the day so much more peaceful.

I made myself a cup of tea and went over my daily tasks and I set out to do what I had to do. I can honestly say that today was a great day as well. The second in a row… dare I say the third times the charm. I think I am finally settling into my job, into London… and into life!

I am learning how unimportant so many things are that I give my energy to. It’s not worth the time it takes to think about it honestly. So what if someone isn’t happy with your punctuality, or your attire, or your ton of voice, or your topic of conversation. If people can’t accept you for who you are and respect your right to fully live… then send them away… with love of course.

There I was again in the bathroom of that dirty, old building at 9 am… seeing another mystery. 3 cats this time wandered the rooftops. They made me think of the movie Ally Cats. Like little gypsy beggars, all ragged and wild…. No care in the world… on an adventure. I am fond of those little explorers. For a second I wished I could climb out on the rooftop with them, nestled into the little ledges of the chimneys looking out over the foggy London morning.

I love my morning meetings with the little, furry baby Buddhas. They inspire me so much. Lets be free. Lets climb rooftops. Lets go to places we’ve never seen before. Who cares if we aren’t supposed to be there…. Who cares if its unsafe or out of the ordinary. Life is about adventure and freedom. Life is about color… staying in the lines only leaves you with a dull picture that may as well be gray.

So here I am up way too late. I should sleep. But instead I am burning candles and singing loud enough for strangers to hear me. Do I care… a little… should I? NO! You technically only live once… so why not just do it now? What is holding you back?


I feel so blessed to be here in London, doing this internship. I really like my job and my boss. At first I was filled with so many worries. I wanted to be the best, I wanted to prove myself worthy, I wanted to show how good I am. And then I said the hell with it! I am Shaheen and I am here to do what Shaheen does… I am here to live and explore and make love and art… I put my all into every moment of everything I do in life. That’s all that matters to me.

Sometimes I close my eyes and I realize how amazing life really is. How epic this adventure is that I am on… that you are on… that we are on. We are on an adventure to love, learn, grow and change. Instead of worrying about others we should just be mindful of ourselves.

Before I leave this city I am challenging myself to do something unexpected. I am challenging myself to live a little. To step outside of the velvet lined vardo that I live in… and walk the dark and dirty roads… at least for a second. I think we learn the most about who we are when we dance with whatever scares the hell out of us!

So to my fears I ask, “May I have this dance?” Lets see where it takes me….

© Shaheen Miro 7/21/2011

Dancing With Freedom, As Death Dances Away

The night has grown around me, dark, velvet and gentle and with it comes a graceful coolness that subtly creeps into the hollow parts of me… reminding me of what has been lost. In my life I have seen dark things, dangerous things, things that have cut me so deep that not even time can take their sting away. And yet I’ve danced with so much passion and beauty that I often wonder what can come to rival what’s been before.

I sit here and I am reminded of the beautiful lights that I’ve lost along the way. The ones, who’ve touched me, loved me… who have felt me in the deepest, most tender places of my heart and soul. Many hands have held my own, but very few have really lived in my world. So as their lives have faded away I try to keep alive the memories of the love they’ve given to me.

On a lonely night in July I pass through memories by candlelight. Faces that I’ve missed in my life, voices I will never hear again and the warm feeling of fur brushing against my sullen face. I try to close my eyes and reach with all my sense the feelings of being with them. But only the faintest of feelings can be experienced now. Its not as if real life can be recreated in pictures and memories… our thoughts can work backwards but they will never truly turn back time.

I myself have spoken to spirits… I have whispered to shadows… but I’ve never walked the time line back to a place where I could rekindle the connects which I’ve so desperately longed for. They are shinning stars too far from my reach too touch, but close enough that I still see them. And in that vast universe of possibilities I will hold them like precious gems… cherished forever.

Death is a reminder to us that everything is in constant motion; an endless dance that moves us from one phase to the next. Passing through doors you remain a part of the changeless change. As a caterpillar dies to the beauty of a butterfly, so does our soul here on earth shed it shell to fly with something a little more spectacular, brilliant and gleaming. Death is the teacher, the keeper and the lover. Death gives us the gift of living… if only we see it before our time.

I know that no matter how much it hurts that all of my angels are by my side. They stand tall with me and my tears become the sea and the boat of my dream floats gently with their guiding winds. There is nothing to fear no matter how alone I am. I look into the water and there next to my reflection are all those who have ever loved me. So I hug myself tight, trying hard once again to soak up that ephemeral memory… knowing that at some point it will come again… no matter how different it may be.

To these feelings I assign two cards: The Death card and the 6 of swords.

Death, which is the keeper of change and the dance of the universe. Death is the one who reminds us to find our feet in the dark and just give into the sway, the grind, the wild twirl of everything that is. Death heralds change… but change is not destructive its alchemical.

The 6 of swords is the card that shows us the wisdom in contemplation, mediation and just drifting away. Those whom we love and have loved will come and go. Some will leave intentionally and others unexpected, but its all part of the beat that we are dancing to. If you were to veil your face in black lace, step onto a candle lit boat and glide effortlessly into the foggy sea you would find the meaning of this card. It is here in this silent place, where everything moves with the tides and the moon, that we find what really lives in our souls.

Don’t forget those whom you have touched and who have touched you… remember we are all lights trying to lift the darkness. There is nothing that has to separate you… not color, gender, race or religion. Rely less on form and more on feeling… when we live through are spirit we truly find our way.

To the gypsies,



© Shaheen Miro 7/11/2011

To the rainbows edge

The amazing thing about being on such a big adventure is that you find out what your really made of. There is something extremely spiritual and gratifying about looking out and seeing the whole world beneath you and knowing that you can take your wings and go wherever you please.

Part of me is terrified and feels like a lost little child; looking out the window felt surreal as if I was running away… Did ask for permission to leave? But I realize now that there is no one to ask and I am not a child… I am a free spirit taking on the world!

I have never expected anyone to do anything for me. I have never asked anyone to make my dreams come true and I have never let anyone hold me back. Though at times I have had to dig deep and find my bravery… I always follow what my soul says… And I know that is the key to truly living life.

The world is big and following dreams can be daunting… It can be extreme, but in the end it’s completely magical. It may sound cliche but I don’t want to ever regret not doing something. If I at least try then I can say I did my best.

So here I am on what so many have titled the adventure of a life time, knowing that this is only the first step… The opening of the door. From here on I will look my fears in the eye and challenge them to keep me from going. I am here on a mission to be a poet… A story-teller… A gypsy. I am here to know what lives inside my wild heart.

I ask you to trust the call of your spirit longing to be free. Let go of the mundane, the routine and the typical. Be a free bird making nothing but your dreams your home. I believe that half the work of making a dream come true is just realizing you are meant to be dream.

Never tell yourself you cannot do it! The angels will give you wings and Spirit will hold your hand… So find your gypsy spirit and give your art to the world!

“If I live to see the seven wonders i’ll make a path to the rainbows end… I’ll never live to match the beauty again… The rainbows end” -Stevie Nicks

I love all your gypsy souls,


(C) Shaheen Miro 6/21/2011



Ace of Diamonds

I keep fiddling with a new deck of linen finish playing cards that I bought the other day. I have a fascination with cards in general and I’ve been wanting to buy a deck of regular playing card for a bit now. I like the idea of holding something in your hands that to most people seems so plain and ordinary, but actually has many, many secrets to tell.

This seminally ordinary deck of cards has kept me entertained for the past few days.I just sit here at the table shuffling, flipping, observing and shuffling again. In doing this simple ritual I have had a few “jumping” cards… and over and over again I seem to get the Ace of Diamonds. A wonderful card to get I might add.

The ace of diamonds is a card of new beginnings and new projects. Its a card that tell us we are on the path to success, prosperity and security. This card is often a sign from the universe that the things you have worked so hard to dream up, believe in and manifest are now coming true. Diamonds are beautiful stones created from heat, stress, pressure and time… often the very things we put into our goals. The ace of diamonds is the herald of good energy and new opportunity.

I love that this card keeps appearing in my life because its totally relevant. I am in the process of planning a trip to London for work… looking for housing and saving to pay for it. I am immersing myself in designing. And I have been seeing so many things growing and expanding with my readings and writing. Its powerful right now… the alignment of intention and manifestation.

I continually practice gratitude and faith in Spirit knowing that each thing shall fall into place and that I am deserving of the absolute best! I think that’s the Ace of Diamonds reminder to us, “The best is yours for the taking… just open the door and invite it in.”

Much Love,


© Shaheen Miro 4/17/2011