Drawing Down the Moon: Blue Moon Tonight

“This infrequent and exceptional Blue Moon phase seen about every two-and-a-half years encompasses extraordinary power. The Blue Moon is a time of enormous influence for prophecy and divination. Its energies can be summoned for protection, wisdom and love. It is believed that any workings held beneath the Blue Moon are given additional magickal energy, which makes this time magnificent for all work in manifesting goals, passion, healing, strength, and power.”
-Lady Abigail, http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=usfl&c=words&id=8525


I awoke panting, heavy, and steaming with the heat of the night. The Moon floated softly on feather light clouds that hung low in the sky. I could hear her whispering to me. Come closer. Closer. I wanted to touch the face of her opalescent mystery.

I pulled at threads that lead to something strange and beautiful. I could feel the unraveling of my senses, of everything. There was nothing but dew and pearls covering my body as I floated gently in the sky. I was stardust, skyclad and spinning.

My essence became blue like the moon. An awakening happened deep within me. Moon light filled every forgotten crack and dark space that writhed in pain. I pulsed with spiritual energy.

I pulled the Moon into my body. Penetrated by Moonshine. Magic vibrated in the lining of my skin.

Understanding Intuition: Insight Fifteen

There is a constant stream of thoughts, words and ideas running through our head creating an inner dialogue. In order to tap into your intuition, you must learn to separate your inner voice, from the conglomerated chatter of the world around you (people, TV, radio, co-workers, past conversations). Take time for silence to allow your inner dialogue to unwind, and disentangle from the chaos. In silence you can hear the whispers of intuition, and eventually they will be loud and clear.

Understanding Intuition: Insight Fourteen

The future is fluid…a pulsing, ever changing thing. Nothing is set in stone. You have within your power the ability to manipulate energy, meaning you can influence the tides of what’s to come in your life. Instead of feeling helpless at the arms of fate, you can look the future fearlessly in the eye! The more conscious you are of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs the more consciously you can manifest. With that being said there are things that you will need to experience, whether you like it or not! We all have a map to follow on our journey, you have a destination/lesson to learn, but the paths to that lesson are as numerous as the routes to Florida!

© Shaheen Miro 2013

Daily Tarot Card: the 8 of wands

Today the sun is bright and fills me with a sense of peace and calm that I have been cultivating for some time. I feel at ease as I watch out the window and see the world bustling…everyone on their way to whatever they do in life. These bus rides give me time to contemplate.

Yesterday after work I felt like I needed a change in scenery. I’ve been trying to see life from different angels lately, so instead of riding the bus home which only takes about 40 minutes tops… I walked home.

I passed by beautiful faces, withered buildings and the most fascinating shops and restaurants. For two hours I just followed the road to home seeing my daily route up close and personal, rather than through a window.

Recently a comment by a fellow blogger resonated with me. He basically said we never spend time enjoying the path between point ‘A’ and ‘B’. And it’s true… Most of us just want to arrive, we want the end product and instant gratification.

Walking home made me realize how much we miss when we just fly down the path we are on. Tunnel vision does nothing but make you lose the beauty. Sometimes the road can be more enlightening than the destination itself.

I pulled a card this morning asking what we needed to hear. The card I was given is: the 8 of wands. An action card to me. This card challenges us to be present. How often have you wanted something so bad you could taste it? You spend all your time thinking about it…dedicated to the idea of having it. But what did you do to get it?

If you dream of love but are too afraid to go out… It won’t come. If you want to be a writer by never sit down and put pen to paper, a book won’t come. The point is that you have to walk the road to you dream, taking in all the nuances of wisdom and beauty along the way.

When I see this card I see my dreams coming to me, but I see that I am in need of allowing and accepting it. If you want something live everyday as if you are doing it. You want to be a singer so sing any chance you get, no opportunity is too small or insignificant.

Many times in my life I have wanted something. Thought about it so much that nothing ever got done in effort of the goal and then I would become impatient withe the universe because I so badly wanted my goal. I never realized that patience and embracing of the moment is the formula for manifestation.

Between you and those wands (dreams) is an invisible wall that can only be broken down with patience and gratitude. Be in the moment. Dedicate your life to your dreams, but don’t allow the outcome to make your forsake all the magic in between.

I am making it a personal practice to wake up each morning, invite peace into my life, be thankful for all that I have and ask for the day to bless me with it’s mystery.

Keep dreaming gypsies,

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