daily card(s): the three of pentacles and the chariot

I think there must be something happening in the universe because everyone is under a lot of strain right now. I have known that feeling of being overwhelmed with life too many times to count. Sometimes you just wish you could turn around and walk the other way… you dont want to deal with any of it anymore, but you can’t stop living. The one thing I remind myself is that there is always a miracle in the works. Uncomfortable situations serve a purpose and if they’ve gone on way too long ask yourself, what in that situation have you not taken to heart.

Lately I have been bursting with my own personal energy. I want to dedicate myself to my dreams… I feel that way constantly though, but I feel strong enough now. I want to sing and write and I want to give my art to the world. I am tired of dedicating myself to the half hearted dreams of others. I didn’t come here to do the dirty work for someone… and so I won’t! It may take time, but that is my mindset.

When I return home I am putting the work into doing what I love. I will be working a few projects simultaneously, but it will be worth it. I believe the secret to success is never believing that there is any other option. You don’t have to be a certain age, or in a certain place, or have a certain amount of money to follow your dreams… it may help… but its not required.

I pulled two cards this morning. The first being the three of pentacles and the second is the chariot. Both cards are fabulous and I think they are relevant to everything I have been feeling… and the things I have read and heard from others.

The three of pentacles, ironically enough, fell out this morning when I was pulling a card from my blogger friend Magic Mentha. This card is about sharing the work load. I think this card is reminding us that we have many blessings and one of those blessings is friendship… and the ability to ask for help. If you aren’t needing help with your “work”, then maybe someone around you could use an extra hand. It’s time to share with other people and help each other cultivate our dreams.

The second card the chariot speaks of action taking place. I always say that we must stay in motion, continue to dance with the universe… whether it be dirty dancing, the limbo or the funky chicken… just keep moving. This card is telling us that if we keep moving, if we keep the rhythm, we will see that the next place is closer to where we want to be. Things are starting to progress and the growing pains of it all can be difficult, but its well worth it.

I am excited to see the chariot in this reading. I feel like it symbolizes having as sense of control over the things in our lives… may even be a reminder that no matter how out of control you feel, you still have at least one hand on the reins. Sometimes its difficult to know where you are going or what you are doing… sometimes you just feel as if you are spiraling out of control… but the chariot reminds us that there is a direction to it all, even in the madness.

I leave you with the idea that you can have it all… you can do it all… just keep strong. You may need to have a good cry. You may feel defeated for an evening. But you can make it through. Ask for help and it will be there, in some form or another. I think the easiest way to deal with life sometimes is to just leap into it. When you stop for a second to be “cautious” you lose your confidence.

To the gypsies… with love


(c) Shaheen Miro 8/23/2011

Dancing In the Storm

The rain has been falling for days as a reminder to me and to the world that it is time to wash away the hurt and the pain… its time to wash away the shell that we have built around us to make us numb to our feelings. It’s okay sometimes to be stormy and to totally lose composure. Sometimes you have to dance with the fire in order heal the burn.

I have watched so many people push their feelings and emotions away. Locking them tightly inside like Pandora and her cursed box. It’s within that they build and become insidious, finally finding a way to bubble to the surface… they peak their heads out eventually, saying, “hey remember me the nasty little creature you locked away long ago?”

Its time to face our fears, dance in the dark, pull off the mask and break it. Its time to live a little because until you learn to let loose and actually be with the wind, the rain and the water, you are only going to drawn under the pressure. Eventually something has to be done, some form of spiritual house cleaning.

I keep hearing the famous line from Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, “When the rain washes you clean you’ll know” and I think I am beginning to understand the process of cleansing. There are still so many layers to break through, to wash away and to really come face to face with. One thing I know is now its time, time to get back to basics and time to get back to spirit.

I want to stand outside and spin until all the colors of blue, black and purple swirl into gray, until the ground and the sky rumble as one. I want to spin until I become the eye of the storm. I want to spin until there is nothing left but the rotation of change. I want to spin until I am one with the great wheel of the universe. The truth of dancing with the chaos is finally settling into my bones.

The only way to the light is through the dark. I think that having a beautiful, peaceful and spiritual life is all about learning to move and bend. Spiritually we must be like a tree in a great storm… if we are rigid and unwilling to move, then parts of use begin to crack and break and eventually our foundation will be pulled away. Movement is key in all of this. Movement is among the most important spiritual keys to follow.

I ask you to stand in the rain and rage with the thunder and be cleansed by the water and then as all the layers of fear, pain and negativity fall away declare, “This is MY life and MY truth. I will move with spirit and dance with destiny.”

Take from this rain the truth that there are signs everywhere speaking to us, asking us to pay a little closer attention. Signs come from everywhere and they may be global or personal, just look for the essence of everything and allow yourself to connect with the essence of everything rather than the shell.

So much love,