Live Intentionally: Happy New Year 2015

The New Year is coming… be cheerful and celebrate! The Year is coming to an end, and as you say goodbye to 2014 let yourself discard old, worn-out energies, habits, and feelings. With the New Year you will invite a fresh perspective, and the motivation to begin again.

Transition into the New Year free of all negative energetic cords. Energetic cords are the links that have been created between you, and another person, place thing, or idea. This link creates a two-way line of energy allowing you to feed-off of, or giveaway your energy… and vice versa.

If these energetic cords are attached to something negative… you will feel drained, apathetic, depressed, and stagnant.

Let yourself have time for introspection to evaluate your energetic cords, and investments. Go on a journey to find what you are giving your energy to. What things have you invested in over the past year? Have your investments yielded positive results? Does your spirit feel nourished?

Take at least 15 mins to a half hour of time to meditate. Contemplate where your energy has been going through the last year. And then shift yourself into where you would like to invest that energy in 2015. What seed would you like to sew?

Get to the heart of these issues and call back you energy… so that you can consciously manifest what you want out of life!

As you make your list of New Years Resolutions, or the seeds you will sew, be very intent. Put your energy into things that really make you feel whole, authentic, and alive. Let your resolutions be bigger than just wishful things to muse on for the upcoming year… empower them as intentions, affirmations!

As you phrase your New Years “Intentions”, place them in the present because when you affirm something you want it to feel as real as possible. You want gear your mind to think as though the good is already taking place! Affirm like it is happening now! 

Example: “I am organized, rested and optimistic.”

And never use the word “no” because no is completely canceled out by the subconscious mind.

So to affirm, “I have no issues.” Would really be “I have issues.”

Wishing you lots of luck, and a Happy New Year!

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© Shaheen Miro 2014

Oracle Deck Review: Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique

The independent artist movement has sent a surge of energy through the cartomancy community, igniting people’s creativity. We are seeing far more independently published decks than ever before, in part because of technology, but at the heart of this movement are people filling the gap in what’s being offered and what’s wanted!

One such deck is Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique. Yet another vision from Edmund Zebrowski, creator of the Day of the Dead Lenormand. This was a collaborative effort between 32 artists to create a new kind of deck.

Each person was entrusted with the task of creating their vision of the card assigned to them. What resulted is a strangely exciting, and refreshing deck… composed of collages, original drawings, paintings, photographs and ephemera. Each card comes together to make a cohesive deck that reads with ease.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Eclectique project. I was assigned the interesting and controversial Whip card. My vision began with images of old Gibson girls, with their sexual undertones and subtle dominance. I wanted to create something that paid homage to traditional Lenormand images, with an infusion of new life!

I’m proud of the results, though it didn’t win everyone over easily!  You will find in the Lenormand community very die-hard traditionalist, and I respect that! Though, I tend to rock the boat a bit and encourage people to challenge their views and think outside the box. In Le Petit Lenormand Eclectique, the Whip seems to sit nicely among the other characters… and convey it’s intended meaning clearly. 

Honestly, as a whole this deck is very convincing. Some of the images are unexpected, and not what I would have picked, but the end result is beautiful, insightful and cohesive. Plus, the guidebook written by Helen Riding is a tiny wealth of information.

The whole package is on point. With vibrant colors, decent cardstock and a precious muslin bag for housing the deck, you can’t go wrong. These cards are priced affordably for beginners to easily purchase a deck and begin their Lenormand journey!

Buy a deck, support the movement of indie artist/authors, begin your Lenormand studies and drink in the beauty.