Do You Want a Chance to Truly Live?


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7 Radical Thoughts on Your Life Sucking


My beautiful, fascinating wonderful people… Out there spiraling through the Universe. I hear you. I see you. And I totally feel you. You’re feeling dark. Maybe life is a little sucky? I want to address a few things that I … Continue reading

Have No Fear

Fear is one of the most crippling emotions we experience. Are you allowing your fears to get in the way of your most precious dreams? Spirit wants you to know that you are safe now. Repeat to yourself, “I am safe. I am free. I can pursue my dreams.”

Fear can be your friend at times, but once it has run its course you have to let it go. Don’t hold on to things that are limiting you, or keeping you static. You are rising from your apprehension, and moving into an active space. Be honest with yourself about what you want.

A beautiful white knight is about to ride into your life, bring with him a gift. Now is the time for goals to be realized. The timing is spot on! You will be called to receive the treasure you have anxiously been awaiting.

With honor and gratitude take this gift. Allow yourself to be powerful, beautiful and filled with grace!

You are safe and secure in your power!

© Shaheen Miro 2014


Spiritual Message/ Update June 3

Dear Friends,

I have been so eager to write to all of you, but my schedule has been so full that its just been too difficult. I have also been phoneless for a week, because someone stole my new phone. If you have been trying to call me, please know that I haven’t been ignoring you, I just don’t have my phone.  Let me share a few updates with you and a spiritual message.

  • I would like to say again, my phone was stolen. I will still have the same number, but my stolen phone hasn’t been “turned off” yet because we were trying to locate it before replacing it. If you’ve tried to contact me, and either found that the call wasn’t going through or that I haven’t returned your call or answered, no fears I just haven’t had a phone. I should be getting one in the next few days… until then you may contact me via email. (Please send me an email if you’ve tried to contact me and weren’t able to).
  • I have mentioned before and it bears repeating, I will be Leaving for London, UK on June 21st, and I will be gone for 10 weeks. In that time I will still be doing readings for those of you here in the US, but it will take a little more strategic planning. I will be doing my readings either as emails or through a skype session. If you are unfamiliar with skype, it is a free, online program that allows you to create an account so that you may video chat with anyone, anywhere… as long as you have a camera, computer and an account. It would be best to email me from June 21st-September 1st to set up appointments, etc.
  • I will be offering a 10% discount on all half hour phone readings until the 17th of June, so feel free to set up a session.
  • My schedule shall be freeing up for the next few weeks, which will allow me to take on more readings. You may set up in-person or phone sessions, either half hour or hour long readings. Call or email for availability and I will work you in. (I want to take care of as many sessions as I can before I leave for London).
  • Remember that Psychic Saturday is June 11th (the second Saturday of every month) and there will be 5 15-minute sessions available for $15 each. First come fist serve, this is the perfect opportunity to get those 2 or 3 burning questions answered in between full sessions.
  • September 17th I would like to have another Gypsy Tea Party for those of you who would like to learn about tealeaf reading. The Gypsy Tea Party will be held during High Tea at a tearoom, in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. It will be an intimate group setting, filled with learning, readings and fun. If interested let me know… more details to come.
  • I will be blogging more in the next few weeks and on through the summer. Lots of fun stuff to read there… feel free to check it out and share it with friends.

I cannot wait to hear from all of you. Wishing you a happy June… hope the summer is treating you well.

Spiritual Message:

Stop telling yourself that there is no time for dreaming. I want you to remember that there is always something beautiful to be found, no matter how dark and dismal things may seem. You have to know that dreams can come alive in the dark.

If you have been working toward a goal or dreaming up some huge, crazy dream, then get ready because dreams are about to come true. The one thing I want you to remember is that it is your right to have everything you want…. All the things that build you up, that make you feel whole, spiritual and vibrant are meant to be yours. Do not deny yourself of that.

Happiness is no longer somewhere in the distance. Respect your path and spirit and honor the wisdom that lives inside of you. When you embrace the inner callings of your soul, you open a treasure trove of possibilities. What has been on your mind will now come into you life… so stop the worries! Bring only goodness in.

Rejoice in the present reality, as possibilities are in the works of becoming real. Keep calling to your dreams and they will float softly to you. Now is the time and you have all the magic in the universe at your fingertips.

Affirm: “I can dream my biggest dreams, and I have the right to attain everyone of them. Each day I wake a new dream is made reality…. And I am grateful for it!”

Much Love,


Gypsy Summer

There has been a light so desperate to shine. Something strange and mystical has brought it out and now the lights wont go down. In the midst of something tragic we must hold onto our souls. I keep reminding myself that nothing last forever and to just enjoy the road.

The poet in my heart cannot wait to see the plane. I am so enthralled to be leaving for London soon. Something there is going to change my life and enrich my soul. It may be a place, a stranger I meet or something I do. I have no idea what it’s going to be

… but I know it will be pure magic. My mom always taught me to trust my spirit regardless of how crazy it may seem. So here I go getting in touch with my inner gypsy.

There are a few loose ends to tie up. A few details to square away, but I know it will all work out. Like all other things in my life, I’ve basically said to the universe, “Hey if you want me to go… make it happen! I’m ready.” And I know that’s exactly how it will go.  Nothing really has to be that hard, unless we let it.

Stevie Nicks new song “Italian Summer” really has me excited about London. It’s an epic ballad, about a summer love and all the changes that it inspired. I feel that London will be strangely similar. Maybe not a love affair with a person… but a love affair with my soul. That’s really all I care about now.

All I want in life is to be happy, to be free and to give my art to the world. My whole life I have felt that I needed to get away to recover something precious… maybe lost or just hidden. I know that I’ve been on the road to finding it for years now; maybe London will be the destination to this journey… or just another piece to the bigger picture. Who knows, I’m just ready to fly.

So here I am preparing to go. Trying to just live life. And everyday I remind myself that no matter what I must remain connected to my soul. In rain and shine… here or there…. It doesn’t matter as long as I know who I am in this story.

One day at a time I write a line to this epic story. Each character peculiar and exquisite. I have begun to find an appreciation for even the antagonist in life because they are the ones that remind us how powerful dreams and love can be. I would know nothing of myself if it weren’t for the challenges that have been thrown at me. I wouldn’t change anything because I love my story… so far.

Lets continue to be storytellers in this epic drama. I know that I am still finding my lines, sometimes I fumble over them and sometimes they just don’t feel right. But this is who I am. So once again I’ll step out on the stage and sing my song…

…don’t be afraid to follow along

© Shaheen Miro 5/6/2011

There’s A Plane, It’s Headed for London

I am so very excited to be traveling to London this summer. It will be such a wonderful experience and I know I will grow as a designer. It seems so destined for me to go, everything has lined up so easily and I pray that the steps continue to be easy for me to get there.

I keep wondering what it will be like in such an amazing city, designing and growing as a person. I know that some powerful spiritual changes will happen while I am there. I believe that in life certain exeriences allow us to regain the lost parts or our identity… or maybe just the undiscovered parts and I know that this trip will be one of them. I can feel the change happening already and I have been preparing myself for it.

I am still a little unsure of where I will live while I am there and finding a plane ticket has been a little difficult, but I know it will work out since I am meant to go. If you have any advice about either of those things please share🙂 I continue to remind the Universe that if it wants me in London for a few months then it will have to provide the way for me to get there. I have lots of manifesting to do thats for sure!

I think the most exciting part of the trip is that I will be doing things that I’ve always dreamed of. This is such an amazing opportunity and something intuitively tells me that it will leave a very long lasting impression. Something is waiting in the darkness to come to life and this trip is the thing that will bring it out, give it a name and let it grow.

I wont lie, I am a little afraid. Its a far place to travel to and I question whether I can bare the separation, the responsibility and the pure adventure. I keep reminding myself that I am a nomad at heart and its the right thing for me. Its only for a summer, whats that weighed against a life time?! No matter where I am I will be sending love to all my angels. And I will still be doing my favorite thing… readings!

…. and A LOT of writing! I feel inspired thinking about it. I pray for a safe trip filled with prosperity, love, creativity, passion and friendship. I know that the connections I make while I am there will take me to even grander places. I will dance with the mystery and give thanks for the opportunity.

Much Love,


© Shaheen Miro 4/7/2011

The Hierophant: Spiritual Authority

The Hierophant:

The Hierophant is a powerful card in the major Arcana of the Tarot because he is theintellectualizing of intuition and spirit. There becomes a divide in peoples lives where they either 1.) Directly connect to the divine or 2.) Seek a connection through a holy source.  There is nothing wrong with learning from a teacher, master, saint or guru… but they all share the same goal of teaching you to trust in your own wisdom.

As an archetype and symbol of spiritual authority and divinity channeled with discipline The Hierophant shows us that life has order and hierarchy. This can be seen in our ideas of age, class, race and religion. But what this card is mostly speaking of is our connection with spiritual and divine authority.

This card offers us a chance to ask: “To what power am I giving my destiny to?”

I want you to take a moment to meditate on this powerful thought, because this is key in becoming the master of your own destiny and learning to consciously manifest. If you are giving your power to a limiting source of “divinity”, one that seeks to take control out of your hands, then you will not be manifesting the life that you want.

There is no right or wrong answer to this questions, but what the Hierophant wants you to know is that your divine source is meant to be a co-creator with you, helping you to have the power and vision to create the life you want. Blind faith and static will not achieve what you want out of life. Spirit meets you in the middle.

“I seek the partnership of the Divine (your god-source). I ask to be a co-creator of my destiny. I ask that the pure light of the universe fill my life allowing me to work from my highest good. I seek to live my life by connecting with my inner well of wisdom.”

Best Wishes


Copyright 1/26/2011 by Shaheen Miro