To the rainbows edge

The amazing thing about being on such a big adventure is that you find out what your really made of. There is something extremely spiritual and gratifying about looking out and seeing the whole world beneath you and knowing that you can take your wings and go wherever you please.

Part of me is terrified and feels like a lost little child; looking out the window felt surreal as if I was running away… Did ask for permission to leave? But I realize now that there is no one to ask and I am not a child… I am a free spirit taking on the world!

I have never expected anyone to do anything for me. I have never asked anyone to make my dreams come true and I have never let anyone hold me back. Though at times I have had to dig deep and find my bravery… I always follow what my soul says… And I know that is the key to truly living life.

The world is big and following dreams can be daunting… It can be extreme, but in the end it’s completely magical. It may sound cliche but I don’t want to ever regret not doing something. If I at least try then I can say I did my best.

So here I am on what so many have titled the adventure of a life time, knowing that this is only the first step… The opening of the door. From here on I will look my fears in the eye and challenge them to keep me from going. I am here on a mission to be a poet… A story-teller… A gypsy. I am here to know what lives inside my wild heart.

I ask you to trust the call of your spirit longing to be free. Let go of the mundane, the routine and the typical. Be a free bird making nothing but your dreams your home. I believe that half the work of making a dream come true is just realizing you are meant to be dream.

Never tell yourself you cannot do it! The angels will give you wings and Spirit will hold your hand… So find your gypsy spirit and give your art to the world!

“If I live to see the seven wonders i’ll make a path to the rainbows end… I’ll never live to match the beauty again… The rainbows end” -Stevie Nicks

I love all your gypsy souls,


(C) Shaheen Miro 6/21/2011