How to Reclaim Your Power

In this hectic, crazy world there is need for spiritual self-care. We are all doing our best to get through life, to really live, and cultivate our true purpose. This can be an elusive task for many people, especially since we live a culture that pushes us to work harder, to swallow our feelings, and to actually neglect our wellbeing. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Dare I say that this is counter intuitive. Your true nature, your right is to be happy, and whole. There is a misconception that if you take time for your own needs you are either being selfish, or irresponsible. The hell with that… you are a beautiful being of light and you need to make your wellbeing the number one goal!

When you revel in your light, when you light yourself shine, when you are amble and whole… you shine that light on the world. You are the best you that you can be for everyone, and every situation you are involved with. That is the real goal, right?

So how can we achieve this fabulous way of being? Well there are a million ways… but to start you can be honest with yourself. Be honest with where you are, and where you want to be. This allows you to set intentions. From there you can consciously manifest the life that you want.

Pinpointing where you are, and if that is in alignment with what you want to manifest is what I do. In an Intuitive Consultation we are looking at a snapshot of your energy. From there we see where you are losing energy, and where you are gaining it. Of course we don’t want to lose any energy… we want positive energetic investments.

Once we know where you are, we can make a plan, a path to work on. This can be done in a number of ways. My favorite being the act of reclaiming energy. Reclaim your energy through grounding and centering, meditation, and spiritual/psychic cleansing.

Much of my work, and practice is based on the idea of spiritual cleansing, and balancing your energy body. Why is that? Because your energy is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, and experiences and beliefs about the world, and how you fit into it. This energetic story as I like to call it, dictates everything that is happening in your life.

If you are blindly sending energy out into the world… with no direction, or no conscious effort then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Are you feeling fatigued? Stressed? Even depressed? Are you feeling unhealthy? Lost? Well this is the result of not being aware of your energy. Don’t let this make you feel guilty, or bad about what you are doing… or what you’ve done. No, this is a point of power, right here, right now. We are recognizing there is room to grow, and now we are going to tap into the potential, and make magic happen!

As an intuitive consultation I want nothing more than to build you up! I want to give you the tools, and the understating to make your life one badass place to live. If you aren’t happy, then stop right now… and make a change.

So you want to know were to begin?

Well start with all this beautiful information I have presented on my website. There is so much here that I know will help you. You can take that time of yourself. You deserve it.

If you need a guide, and a friend contact me. We will do an intuitive consultation. We will look at your life as a whole, answer the big questions, and shedding light on the big holes. The act of setting up a consultation is a call to reclaiming your power. I want that for you!

As I said before, spiritual cleansing is a huge part of my practice, personal and professional. Spiritual cleansing is the act of clearing the slate. Revealing, honing in on and releasing the things that live in your energy body, and your life. The trick to successful spiritual cleansing is clearing away the ick, and then replacing it with something good. This is where most people falter.

If you remove something energetically… good or bad, something must take it’s place This is where “negative” energy comes into place. But this negative energy is usually nothing more than unpurposeful, or unintentional energy. If we remove that, and then replace it with an intention your energy body will return to a state of wellbeing… and like magic your life will come back!

Now, this isn’t a quick fix. I don’t promote miracles. I promote self-empowerment. We make the decisions… and we have to stick to them. Getting into he habit of taking care of yourself and can be difficult, we all falter, that’s why it’s good to have a friend, a guide, a teacher to help us on the path. We are in this together.

One of the most rewarding things for me is working with a client through spiritual cleansing, and energy work. I do this long distance or in person. This is the reason I created the Gypsy’s Aura Elixir… it’s a call to action, a way to give you the tools, and the power to take care of yourself in daily life.

When I work with a client to release negative energy, and bring them back to an ample, expansive place I feel like I am sharing a spiritual moment. This is rewarding for everyone involved. I like to do this long-distance, or in person… either way we are creating a cosmic place for us to work on bettering our lives.

I love to offer tools to help you. In a personal cleansing, and blessing ceremony we set an intention. What do you want to release from your life? What do you want to bring into your life? Then we move through the energy bodies, using crystal vibrations, sage smudging, and sacred botanical waters. This is a way to release the unnecessary, and bring back the light energy that belongs to you.

From there we spend some time talking about where you want to go next. And what other actions steps you can take to move forward. This can be helpful suggestions of creating a vision board, or setting intentions. Maybe a few spiritual practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Any good reading will bring things to light… from there it is your job to make it work. But with a cleansing/energy session, or a personal blessing ceremony we create the space, and the action steps for you to do that. You aren’t alone!

I want you to find your light, your center, your authentic expression of you in every moment. Take from here what works for you, what doesn’t just leave behind. But if you take away one thing… let it be this…

You are beautiful. You have a right to be whole. Life doesn’t have to be heard. You can live your dreams.

Visit, here to book an appointment for an Intuitive Consultation, or an Energy/Spiritual Cleansing Session.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Talkin’ Tarot with Shaheen Miro (An Interview from The Tarot Lady)

Hello, Hello!

Check out this wonderful article in which Theresa Reed aka. The Tarot Lady interviewed me about my views as a reader!!

Here is the link:

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Tarot Story-Telling

I’ve always loved art. Visual expressions of emotion have captivated me since I was a child. I look at paintings like windows into the soul, into some deep, dark place that exist in the psyche and the universe. People are moved by art because it speaks to our soul, there is a subtle sense of knowing that lives beyond the picture itself.

I learned to read Tarot cards as images in a storybook. My mother would lay them out before me as a child and ask me to tell her the story of what I saw. I would begin to slowly connect the images together, seeing beyond borders and into the magic world that existed beyond the card. The figures, the places, the colors, they would all blend together to become one vibrant, epic tale.

Whenever I lay out the cards I am still taking back by that sense of wonder. A new story unfolds every time I look at them. If you want to read the cards effectively you have to realize that they are living, breathing things. They are not static pieces of cardboard with images printed on them… you have to see past that. You have to look into the heart and soul of what is before you.

When you lay out a spread, no matter what deck you are using, you are creating doorways and windows into the secret world of the person being read and it’s only with their permission that you can access what lives there. You have to be brave and open to see the story. See beyond the generic meanings written in books and let the cards speak to you. Be a respectful guest in their world.

Some people struggle with the idea of Tarot cards being much more than mass-produced, pieces of cardstock, but that’s really where their magic lies. When you hold a deck in your hand you are holding a key, a moving picture book, and esoteric code that allows you to link into the lifeblood of the universe.

Intuition and imagination are sisters, if not the same thing. They become your guide when revealing what waits you in the cards. Be open and alter, take in the people, the colors, the words, and the things that really stand out to you, because they are all important details that allow the plot to unfold. Nothing is arbitrary in a Tarot reading. From the way they fall out of the deck to which cards are placed next to each other.

My personal feeling is that life I about self-expression and story telling. No matter what you are doing, you’re telling a story, and the cards are no exception. You have to see a Tarot reading as a micro-world of its own. Let there be no limitations on how you intuit their message.

The only certain thing about a Tarot reading is that a new story will be told… sometimes there will be reappearing characters and plots, but there is always nuances that change. A reading is a unique experience and you have to see the whole picture, and all the things that make it up.

Allow the cards to be stream of consciousness, like ink bots. Some people use spreads because they give them a guide to read from, but I actually prefer not to use a spread because I find them limiting. I lay the cards out in clusters and I let them speak to me as they are. There will be a natural hierarchy that presents itself.

No matter how you choose to read the cards, do it with open eyes and a sense of wonder. Never let yourself fall into a stagnant practice. You can collect meanings and associations from previous readings, but don’t neglect the new stuff, the things you’ve never seen before. I’ve been reading cards since I was 6 years old and I am still so surprised by what I find whenever I do a reading.

It’s very important to see the reading beyond just the cards as well, what is happening in the room, what stand out to you. Be a detective and be aware. You are decoding the universe, and you must have a sharp eye. Everything mean’s something, if you just look for the thread that connects all the symbols together.

© Shaheen Miro