Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is a highly creative, intuitive and introspective form of reading. I really connect with the practice because its relies strongly on the imagination, which I believe is the pathway to intuition. Unlike other forms of divination, tealeaf reading is easily accessible to those who are willing to trust in their creative and intuitive side.

Tea leaf reading, also called Tasseography, is little known to most people, yet it is a very practical form of divination because it can be done right at the kitchen table with nothing more than a teacup, saucer and some tea. Tough there are many traditions that accompany the art of reading tea leaves, its nothing more than seeing and interpreting symbols… along side of listening to the intuitive/psychic self.

Historically it is said to have originate in China, as part of the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a meditative practice that allows the practitioner to enjoy every aspect of having a cup of tea. From their it may have spread to Europe with the Gypsies or as international trade started becoming more common place and the export of tea.

Every so often I will do a reading for myself and my method of choice is to have a nice cup of tea and then read my leaves. To me it is a very magical and atmospheric experience.  The cup reveals the inner workings of the psyche, as well as showing the path a person is on; past, present and future.

If you are interested in a different experience then book a tea leaf reading with me. Also, you can have a (psychic) tea party and everyone can see what his or her cup has to say. Tealeaf reading is about having fun and learning something new!

Please watch my video to learn more about the process of a tea leaf reading.

© Shaheen Miro 2/6/2011