Know Your Space you a borderline hoarder? Do you rank high on the, “I-might-be-a-crazy-cat-lady” list?

Well then you need a good talking to!

There is so much wisdom hidden in the space you occupy. Your dwelling offers you innumerable chances to consciously manifest the life you want… and you do want a badass, dream life… right? You gotta clean house first!

Take a good, hard look at your house… or any space you occupy. Don’t be too harsh on yourself… we all get a little messy. Your space is really a reflection of your inner world (Now your thinking… oh shit, if my inner world is as messy as my outer one… I have issues).

Before you start getting defensive, or worse, depressed, look at this as a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

The state of your space expresses to you where there are blocks and attachments in your energy field. You can break it down into specific areas. Look at your bedroom, your place of rest and relaxation, what’s happening there? Does it evoke any familiar feelings? I’m sure it does.

Reflect on your space. Look at the room’s function and see how that correlates with areas of your life. What block does this symbolize? How can you move this energy along? This is about being conscious of what you are manifesting. This is about being aware of your energy, owning it, and investing it accountably. You can move this to an even grander scale.

Think of your house as a reflection of your life as a whole. The outside may reflect how you appear to the world…the inside reflecting your inner workings. Is your home in need of a paint job? Then maybe you should be thinking about your weight, your physical appearance, your self-image as it pertains to the world. Do you have major problems that you have been slapping temporary fixes on for far to long…how does that apply to your life and the way you treat yourself?

This is not meant to be a criticism. This is meant to be a way of spiritually and psychologically evaluating yourself so that you may clear away the worn out and debilitating. This is a tactile method of moving energy in your life!

Spend time contemplating these questions. Go deep into each room and map out what is working in each space and what isn’t working. Each step you take to physically improve the space will also help to create a positive change mentally and spiritually. As you affect the physical, you are affecting the mental, emotional and spiritual. Starting from the outside and working your way in!

Don’t forget to call on your spiritual guides for help. They are masters of bring us what we need when we need it.

Be prepared, when you consciously work for change, change you will get. Sometimes change happens in ways we may not expect. Seal this empowering work with some good, spiritual cleansing! Get Zen, light some candles.

Follow the other, “Gypsy’s Tricks” and do a thorough spiritual cleansing.

What issues does this area bring to light for you?

Does this shed light on pitfalls and blocks you’ve been experiencing?

© Shaheen Miro  3/20/2013


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