How Your House is Exposing Your Secrets


What does your home say about you?

Your home reflections your inner world.

If you have a chaotic household, filled with clutter and disorganization it says something about your inner state.

What is the story your space is telling? Your inner world, the stuff held in your head and heart, are coloring the state of your house.

Did you know this can block your desires to manifest success and happiness? And, it can be the key to getting unstuck.

I guess you’re wondering how your messy house can change your messy life?

Observe the physical state of each room.

What function does this room serve?

Think about it as a metaphor.

Messy bedroom? Messy personal life?

Sterile living-room? Disconnected relationships?

Broken kitchen appliances? Unintentional eating habits?

See your home as a metaphor of your whole life.

Start outside.

Is your lawn welcoming? Does the siding need a paint job? Is there trash on the porch?

What are you showing to the world?

Are you slapping a temporary fix on a major problem?

Whats holding you back from investing in the deeper work?

This isn’t a guilt trip its an invitation to possibility.

Most of us walk through our lives unaware and half-asleep. We are pushed into responsibilities that don’t nourish us. Racing against the clock constantly. Doing what can be done with what little time and money there is.

But, if you begin thinking about self-care as a compassionate and completely essential act you’ll discover opportunities for growth, rather than hurdles of guilt. If you don’t know how to disentangle your chaotic mind, start by organizing your chaotic house.

Your home is a metaphoric hologram of your inner world. Your mind and heart. Whatever you’re holding onto in your thoughts and feelings will show up in your living situation. Let this be a barometer of radical awareness.

Take little steps toward transforming yourself.

The wonderful thing about this method is that each step you take to physically improve the space will help to create a positive mental, emotional and spiritual changes. Who knows… you might even move!

© Shaheen Miro



  1. hauntedxheart on August 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks for this, I REALLY needed to read and embrace this today! I stumbled on it through Ana Cortez’s FB page. Something I knew in my heart but needed to see someone else spell out for me I guess. Just going through a really tough emotional time….thanks for helping me : )

    • Shaheen Miro on August 27, 2011 at 10:31 pm

      Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that I could help bring a little light to you. Sometimes the most profound wisdom is the things we already know… just needed to hear it from the mouth of a stranger. I am wishing you all the best and sending you light. Thank you… hope to speak to you again 🙂 …much love Shaheen

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