Understanding Ghosts and Spirits: What’s the Difference?


There is an invisible world all around us. The psychically inclined work with the invisible world to talk with those in spirit, gain insightful information, and work big magic. Everyone has access to this space. Some of you might find comfort in knowing you have a whole collective of helpers that I call your: Spirit Circle… your spirit guides, loved ones, angels, and all the other radical light beings working with you.

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Let me share some of my thoughts, along with a few from my favorite mystical lady, and mentor, Nancy Antenucci. We are going to give you the skinny on Spirits and Ghosts, or what she calls, the Invisibles!

What is a Ghost?

Shaheen’s Thoughts:

A ghost is the spirit of a person who has passed away, but hasn’t moved on. For some reason they are “stuck” in the lower levels. Usually stemming from greed, guilt, pain, or a sudden death. Something has made them cling to the physical world, and not accept that they are meant to move on into the healing light of the Divine.

The presence of a ghost is actually sad because they exist in a twilight space. We perceive them as shadows, kind of looming, creepy and intangible. They actually experience us in much the same way, perceiving us as strangers in their “world”.

Because a ghost is fixated on something, they tend to be very one-dimensional which comes across as angry, aloof or uninterested. But really they are just confused, and probably trying to figure out what they are doing there.

Nancy’s Thoughts:

A ghost is a two-legger that hasn’t crossed over. It is highly likely that they don’t even know that they have died. Without crossing over, there is a restriction or sense of being stuck. A ghost often feels like an invisible drunk, can only talk or think about themselves, needy, myopic and unable or unwilling to read any of my cues of discomfort.

I will often ask their name and purpose but if they don’t answer – there is usually reason to believe that they don’t know. Unlike many others, I don’t give them street-cred just because they are invisible. If they can’t give me a solid reason what they are doing in my home, I tell them to find the light and leave…or just leave. I don’t have the time or mission to help those who are chronically confused or lost. The only exceptions I make is if someone may have died quickly such as by a car accident. I will take more time but certainly do not offer my home as their sanctuary.

What is a Spirit?

Shaheen’s Thoughts:

A spirit is someone who has passed, crossed the great dived, and now lives peacefully in the upper layers… to put it simply they are in Heaven. These beings are completely aware of who they are, where they have come from, and where they are currently. When they passed, they accepted the transition and walked peacefully through the tunnel to the Other Side.

When a person transitions to the Other Side, and becomes a “spirit” they have complete awareness. Moving freely between levels, they are not stuck, bound or attached… rather they are able to communicate with us, visit us, and send us healing and messages. And even give us proof of their survival and life after death.

After a loved one has transitioned to the Other Side, they will usually visit you in one way or another, to let you know they have made it safely. This will happen in a variety of ways. Either through dreams, or signs, or even coincidences.

Nancy’s Thoughts:

A Spirit can be a number of different types of energetic bodies. The Spirits that have been humans have crossed fully over. They are no longer attached to Earth by gravity, trauma or fear. I have a spirit who lives in my home. He constructed our home and the six around our end of the block. He loves our home since it still has much of the original wood. I’m not quite sure why he lives here, but my sense is that he is a strong connection to this neighborhood and land. I feel a tad safer with him around.

When clients ask me to read for their loved ones who have died, I immediately ask if they have talked to them themselves yet. Almost always…the answer is yes. Just because one imagines…doesn’t make it untrue. Imagination is often the first door that opens to a very long corridor. We can still connect, especially within our hearts and memories. It is this time of year that we can often feel those folks near to us. Try it, bring the love and honor to those you miss in physical form.

How can you work with the Invisibles?

Well as Nancy illustrated… just talk to them. Honestly, dead, alive, or in-between communication is the best way to clarify anything. Which is something the world could use right now. Simply ask for clarification, and begin with a “hello”. I find myself doing this all the time when some foreign energy catches my awareness. When you are curious about the invisible things around you, you open up to more information.

Trust what you are hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing. Ghosts tend to be pretty uninteresting to talk with… much like talking to a drunken person; you get some grumbled, confusing, gibberish (thanks Nancy for that comparison!). So you probably don’t want to spend much time talking with them…unless you feel compelled to help, and of course, they are open to it.

Spirits are much more engaging to have a conversation with. If you get one on the line, then they most likely have something to say, or they are interested in sharing something with you. Maybe it’s just to crack your head open to a new idea, or guide you to a safer, more wholesome place of being. Or my favorite, to really rock your world with some big, magical infusions… regardless, be open.

Honoring those in spirit is a wonderful practice at this time of year. And something that harkens back to our ancient roots. We didn’t put on masks and have a party at this time of year just to get cheap candy and cavities. It once was a fantastic celebration of the cosmic disco we dance in life and death. So light a candle, say a prayer, or whatever speaks to you and your Spirit Circle.

Have you had an brushes with the Invisibles that you’d like to share?

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Learn More about Nancy Antenucci: www.betweenworlds.us

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