We’ve Gotta Let go of All of Our Ghosts

Letting go is a sacred act of rebellion.

A magic ceremony of reclaiming your personal power. I know you’ve felt loss and heartache. I know someone, at some point in your life has left a hold on you. A scar on your heart that just seems to ache.

I’ve felt that pain many times in my life… the pain of lost love and friendship. The pain of growing into someone new, and outgrowing the narrow box of my old life. Which means saying goodbye to the people, places and ideas that are all so familiar.

And even when the time comes to make that brave leap into a new life, and to move on to something else, there’s still a tiny little stitch that just wont break free. Something that keeps us stuck to that old life, old self and old love.

I think that fear of letting go is a deep form of self protection.

The last semblance of your old life somehow feels like stability… if you cut the tether you might float away into the unknown. But the unknown is where the magic lies, where the possibilities can become reality. Where the healing begins. 

What are you holding onto, even though it hurts?

How does that make you feel safe?

How does it make you feel stifled?

At am at a crossroads in my own life.

Ready to leap into the next step of my own personal growth, and yet something is holding me in place. Everything around me looks the same, for the most part, yet something is different. My favorite places don’t have the same glow. And something within me feels different. I am changing.

So here I stand at the crossroads of life and death. Bearing my soul and handing over my baggage, my pain and my longing to the spirits of change. And praying for entrance into the fuzzy darkness of the unknown where I can go through this metamorphosis. I’m tingling with anticipation. I am scared as hell. But every fiber in my body is ready. Every ounce of my soul is saying, yes. Its time to jump!

You know that feeling.

We all know that feeling. If you aren’t growing, you aren’t living. When the rigor mortis of monotony sets in… everything becomes stiff, stagnant, and lifeless. There’s nothing left to move or change. You’re turned to stone.

Don’t bleed away your vitality by staying the same. Let yourself change baby, let yourself fly.

Lay to rest the past at the altar of the crossroads. Part ways with the worn-out. It’s time to dance a new dance. Let go of the ghosts of the past, and welcome the life of the future. The door is right here in this moment.

Will you join on my voyage into the unknown? 

© Shaheen Miro


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  1. Phyllis on June 2, 2018 at 12:10 am

    That makes so much sense. I am going through a past that I choose to leave. It hurts a lot, I had to to save my sanity. I know I should not think about the past it was something I had to do for myself, It’s hard to let go because of anger and hurt. I’ve gotten over the anger but not the hurt. This insight has giving me the encouragement I needed to go forward. Thank You

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