What Does this Say About You

There’s always been a streak of impatience within me. I’ve had this deep desire to bloom into the light before it’s time. Dreams and desires well up inside of me waiting for expression. I am filled with seeds waiting to unfurl!

This year has been a sacred time for me…growing, healing and discovering so many parts of myself. I feel myself in the process of an alchemical change, a cycle of transformation and transmutation. Everything I’ve carried this far is become a blessings, rather than a weight.

Can you feel this change, too?

Bravely, I’ve given some part of myself to the world with words and images. The release of The Lunar Nomad Oracle was a powerful affirmation of my love and commitment to creative expression and healing. I want to see people find their light and grow it even in the darkness of their lives.

To share your art with the world is to give a little piece of yourself away. My stories get to become someone else’s stories, and where those stories will go I cannot really know or control. Something inside of me loves and fears that magnitude of vulnerability. Art has a way of exposing us to something bigger than ourselves.

I see life as art. Your life is your art. Your way of expressing and moving through the world is your art. If you think about it too much you’ll shrink back in fear, but if you embrace the unknown places in your life and trust the voice within you’ll grow into your most intimate, luminous self.

Are you afraid of being vulnerable?

I think most of us long to be seen in some way. Being seen isn’t about being the center of attention… its about being vulnerable enough to show your truth. When you show your truth, you become congruent with the world. You find your people, your place and your power.

In this deep transformative place I’m finding myself in, I long to honor the process. I want to grow my roots. I wan to feel my roots go deep into the unknown caverns of my soul, to unfurl in the ground water below where the rich magic lies.

My desire is to rest in the womb of the unknown, to embrace this present darkness and feed on the nourishing energy of the earth, the possibilities of the future and all that lie in-between.

When the time is right, when the roots have found their place and coiled around the bones of the past, I will burst through the soil and stretch toward the sun. When we learn to just be with the pain, the fear and the possibility we can become everything we are destined to be.

What is growing deep inside of your soul?

Those seeds waiting to bloom are magic. The desire you have is proof of the possibility. There is a mystical power in desire. You feel the pulse and pull of something bigger than you are now. And in order to become something else you have to allow yourself to grow and evolve. One thing must die in order for something else to live… some iteration of your life now, some phase you are in.

Seeds in the ground must give up the protection of the soft earth to embrace the fertile light of the sun. Don’t shy away from your growth, but don’t forsake the process of becoming either.

There is magic in being. More importantly, there is magic in being you!


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