What isn’t working in your life?

“Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me.”
— Erykah Badu

I’m serious. Explore this. Unpack it. Free write on it.

If you desire something more in your life that seems unavailable right now… it’s because there’s another version of you waiting to unfurl. You can’t stay the same if you’re hungry for change. You must be willing to change.

Get ready to go into uncomfortable places.  Allow the old to fall away so the new can grow. Whatever isn’t working in your life is a gateway… to a whole new life.

Listen, I am right there with you in this precarious, wild unknown. I feel this immense sense of growth and evolution kicking inside of me… waiting to manifest in my business and personal practice.

How does that look? 

I’m not sure yet… I’m letting myself discover it. Being curious to possibilities. I’m getting comfortable with my rough edges + kinks… those places that seem to confound me. I’ve learned to show up, to explore the blind spots, because on the other side are the glittering possibilities I desire.

Being present with this uncomfortable place + facing it with deliberate intent, allows me to nurture these possibilities into existence.

Just know this… that feeling, desire and hunger for something else is all the proof you need that it’s possible… now it’s time to get to work.

Are you ready to show up + do the damn thing… to get out of limbo + start living your BEST DAMN LIFE?

Let me offer an invitation…

I dare you to respond to this message and tell me: 

  • What isn’t working in your life?
  • What you desire to be different?
  • How would things change if that desire was reality?

Much love, Moon Beams!


P.s. Watch this soul session video of Miss Badu, here. 

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