What’s Stopping You? What’s Standing in Your Way?

“I haven’t got much time to waste, it’s time to make my way
I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay
I’m going down my own road and I can make it alone
All work and no fighting, I’ll find a place of my own”

-Madonna, Jump

What’s stopping you?

Stopping you from stepping into your purpose. Stopping you for taking back your power. Stopping you from leaping into your desire. Stopping you from manifesting your dream. Stopping you from doing the damn thing.

You are the only thing standing between yourself and the desire you’re cradling in your heart.

When you have a desire that keeps bubbling up inside its because some part of you wants expression. That desire is all the proof you need that it is a possibility, you wouldn’t feel the call if it weren’t.

So what is stopping you from expanding into your desire? 

I bet there is a part of you that doesn’t believe you are worthy or capable of having that desire. On some level that desire is challenging your comfort zone, your sense of possibility and your beliefs around who you are and what you can do. Yet, the desire keeps seeking expression, and it will until you listen to the call and allow the process of transformation to take place.

Do you actually want to transform into your highest good? 

On some level you’ve prayed for the wings of inspiration and transformation to lift you up and take you to another life and another way of being. Your pray was heard and so the desire was born. What you do with that call is your choice and only yours. Some people spend their whole lives never allowing their transformation to take place… and their lives are lived in grey, muted tones. This looks like pain, suffering, disease and heartache… and no one wants that! You don’t have to have it!

Why do we stay small? 

For most of us there is a block, a rough edge, a kink that we come up against when we are at the threshold of our personal evolution. That place of resistance is a fundamental part of you that has operated for a very long time, probably to keep you safe, and now it’s working to keep you small.

Think back through your life, deep into your childhood, there you’ll find the source of most of your blocks. So much of how we show up in the world and live our lives comes from someone else’s decision and influence on our identity.

But what if you challenged that block and truly decided that you are not your conditioning? 

You’re life would like dramatically different and exponentially better. You’d stop basing  your growth and your decision on other people’s comfort zones. You’d start holding space for your own truth to unfurl and flourish.

You would actually find your WINGS and learn to FLY! 

I’m telling you this because I know how powerful you are. I know you have a purpose. And I want you to THRIVE. There is a gift buried inside of you that the world needs to experience. That gift is your purpose. Your purpose is to express who you truly are, but listening and acting upon your deep-soul-level desires. 

Why do you fear change? 

I know you are afraid to step into your power because it means moving beyond your comfort zone. But that feeling welling up inside of you is the vital power of evolution. You are literally in the process of a metamorphosis. Don’t be afraid to leave the cocoon… because the sky is waiting for you out there. Use your wings, baby!

What’s stopping you is your fear of evolving beyond what you know. And what you’ve known up to this point has served you in many ways… but there is always more. Discover it, embrace it, and fucking do it!

Don’t waste your time on staying small. 

I know this is a struggle for so many of you. So I created a breakthrough experience to help you step into your power and purpose and learn to THRIVE.

I call it, The Lunar Alchemy Experience! 

This is a commitment to your transformation. A process of radical release and inspired manifestation. A gift you give yourself when you want, no, NEED a different life. You will learn to work with the energetic opportunities of the Moon’s phases, develop a working language with your own intuition and craft ceremonies and exercises that get you unstuck, unblocked and living with purpose.

HELL YEAH! Don’t miss out… join the transformation! 

Learn more about The Lunar Alchemy Experience, HERE!

And grab your seat while their still left!

-Shaheen ©


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