Who are the Ancestors and Why You Should Work with Them

Who are the Ancestors?

Your ancestors are the ones who have come before you in this life. Their blood flows through your veins, and their stories have become your story. Your ancestors are the family members who’ve passed on, and those you’ve never known. Even if you have no clue about your heritage you have ancestors… because we’re all interconnected. You couldn’t be here without them.

Our lives are the creation of our past and our ancestors.

They are the ones who gave us life, our values, our gifts and even our fears. Sadly so many of us are disconnected from the stories we’ve inherited. We carry the pain and know nothing of the journey. But there is so much healing and power to discover when you connect with your ancestors.

Do you want to know more about who you are and why you’re here?

Your life purpose and your gifts to share with the world?

Do you dream of a better life for yourself, for those you love and for the future?

In Ancestors and Oracles Tabitha Dial (of North Star Muse) and I will teach you how to kindle a connection with your ancestors and all the invisible helpers that surround you. We will share new ways of looking at the world through omens, oracles, signs and messages. You will discover the power of ceremony and divination techniques like tealeaf and wax reading.

Our desire is to help you rekindle the connection with your past, your personal power and to help you find the spiritual support and wisdom that is always there for you. Your connection with the invisible world can change your whole life for the better.

We are the ancestors of the future.

It’s time to cultivate relationship and community with each other and with those in spirit… so we can be stronger, more deliberate and empowered… so we can leave beautiful stories for our future to inherit.

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