Why do you feel stuck? The Threshold of Change.

“To get along
And the animal awakens
And all I feel is black and white
The road is long, The memory slides
To the whole of my undoing
Put aside, I put away

I push it back to get through each day
And all I feel is black and white
And I’m wound up small and tight
And I don’t know who I am”

-Sarah McLachlan

You’re lost. You feel confused. Nothing seems right. You’re holding on. But you have no clue what you’re holding on to, or why. I know that feeling. Lets name it rebirth for now. 

Do you ever experience those uncomfortable moments in life?

Where you feel wound up tight and completely unknown to yourself?

Somehow you feel stuck, the life around you looks hauntingly familiar, yet something in you has changed. Everything feels different, despite your eyes. You’ve outgrown yourself, you body feels constricting, your life feels tight… somehow nothing seems to fit.

This is the cocoon stage.

You’re going through a metamorphosis. This uncomfortable moment is a threshold, a choice and a promise. If you are brave enough to go into the fuzzy unknown where nothing makes sense, not even your own reflection, you’ll discover something. You’ll find the “you” that’s been growing beneath the layers.

Are you at the threshold?

Are you going through a metamorphosis?

Look for the disparity.

Everything is familiar, except you. You just can’t handle another day in this old life: the job, the relationship, or the responsibility. Whatever form it takes it’s uncomfortable. Nothing seems right and the more you fight it, the more you ignore it, the more you try to put on you “old” face… the more painful it becomes.

You find yourself on the edge, being pushed to your breaking point.

Honestly, you want to break. Break open. Break free. Break out of the shell you’ve outgrown. Shed the old skin. Shatter the mask. The only way free is to go through the threshold. Sadly, many of us are living in the threshold between breaking and unfurling. Too afraid to say goodbye to what you know, and to afraid to say hello to that thing you’ve been dreaming into life.

If you’re not willing to outgrow your old life, then there’s no point in dreaming of a different life. If you’re not growing, you’re not living. You came here to thrive, to be completely expressed in your magnificence. But in the in-between you’re just a ghost haunting the ruins of another place and time. You’re strong, you can endure the pain, but you’ll be stronger if you embrace the change.

You do not have to stay the same. You do not have to stay the same for anyone. Regardless of your status, you responsibilities, your commitments, or your old dreams. If this version of you, right here, right now, doesn’t feel like right then it’s time to go into the womb of transformation.

We fear change because we fear death. We fear death because we fear the unknown.

You’ve spent your whole life trying to play the part you’ve been cast in. We’ve all been typecast before… by our parents, our friends, our lovers, and our society. It’s convincing, this part we’ve been set to play, but there is a seed inside of you waiting to bloom. There is a voice deep within that knows your bigger, brighter and capable of doing so much more. Don’t stay small to fit the role, grow bigger and write a whole new part.

Now that you’ve found yourself in the cocoon, the threshold of your new life…

Go bravely within. Slip into the night and let the darkness move you. The unknown always holds the promise of unlimited possibility. When you accept the small deaths in your life, those moments where you have to change, you find the everlasting promise of a new life… because life can renew itself moment to moment. Movement and growth are the hallmarks of vitality. Be vital.

What are you outgrowing?

This is a safe space. Here you’re in sacred space. Share your stories. Share your process. Share your pain. Share your change. I want to know where you are. I want you to know we’re in this together.

© Shaheen Miro


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