Why is Right Relationship with Self Essentail?

imageCultivating personal awareness through self-care is an essentail component for happiness. Whether you are a spiritual person, or just someone who aspires to live health and whole it is important to consider your relationship with self. At the core of all personal growth is the need for right relationship. 

I am always in self-exploration mode. Trying to understand what gifts are hidden deep within my soul, my shadow and under all the baggage that exist fRom daily living. There are always series of ups and downs… And learning to navigate them can be tricky business. No one has it all figured out, but openness and curiosity are key. 

Sadly, we have created a society that does not uphold deep, personal exploration and introspection. Rather than look for the root of dis-ease we want a quick fix, or worse to just ignore the pain that is festering. Eventually the wounds become too great to ignore, and we look for relief.

Seeing Stories of Pain and Healing

As an Intuitive I have witnessed many profound stories of pain and healing. Some of them are my personal experiences, but many of them are from the many people I have worked with. What I have found is this deep longing for wholeness and wellness. But wholeness only comes when we shine light on the pain, move into it, and desire to make changes.

I bring this up because many of my clients, and people who find me through my writing are seeking spiritual help. They want healing, relief and release. Usually they are looking for some kind of magical cure. But this work has to go much deeper than just a few crystals or prayers. These are just the avenues for going in. 

Personally I work with energy, ceremony and self-exploration. I like to share information about spiritual cleansing through very tangible and practical means. That can be using crystal energy to activate change, or botanicals to help move, lift and aliviate. But the real secret to spiritual cleansing, clearing and healing is having a dialogue with the self! 

The Deep Work of Right Relationship

What I mean is that in order to create long lasting shifts and changes in your spirit, your mental/emotional state and your life… You have to be willing to stop, get still and listen to what is happening inside. Using spiritual tools as bandaids wil not support you…

Spiritual cleansing helps to clear away negative psychic debris from your aura… Which is the energetic component to your psyche. Only clearing away negative energy is superficial work. It is like patching a leaking roof when the whole thing needs fixed. Now there is benefit to the short-term because it gives you a glimpse of clarity and hope. 

You must use this as fertile ground to plant seeds of change. When someone asks about an energetic clearing with me I express to them that this is like going to a phsyical therapist. We are getting you back into good shape, and alignment. BUT you have homework to do… You have to keep the positive effects going. 

Usually I suggest exercises. Visualizations, rituals, journaling questions and prompts. And a gentle push to explore who you are, what is happening in your head and heart and why! You have to pull out the roots or the weed will return. 

This is why I suggest working with a spirit worker. Someone who can hold space for you. To observe, listen and guide you to making your own profound decisions. Having this kind of support cultivates accountability, and helps you to feel connected. Isolation and loneliness can breed victim mentality and keep you in these limiting cycles. 

It is essentail that you invest in yourself. I know that finances, and time don’t always allow for though work with a pratticioner. However, you can ask for ways to work on your own. Which is why I personally share articles detailing tools and techniques.

Finding the Roots of Reistnace

One area I see this so often, and it really breaks my heart, is with relationships. Someone will come to me feeling trapped, helpless and completely worn down by a partner and their present situation. They want the energy to be cleared and lifted. Yet, when I look into their situation I see the source is the relationship itself. They want big changes, but they do not want to lose the relationship. 

Now this “relationship” can be any attachment you have… It can be work, family, health… And, at its core, the relationship you have with yourself. The more aware you are of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears, the more able you become to make changes.

So when you are seeking to change your circumstance… Look deeper and see what is feeding the circumstance. With simple practices we can find momentary relief from some of the heaviness and pain. But if you are enmeshed in a limiting situation then the only real solution is to work your way out of it. 

Taking Time to Get Real… DEEP

You might need to take time. Be gentle with yourself. And work on having compassion. Shame, fear and guilt are never good for inspiring healing. We might need to work on the superficial for a time, until we can crack the exterior and go inward to where the juicy power lives. 

I invite your to cultivate right relationship for yourself by holding space. Hold space to listen to what you are really feeling.

Ask yourself: What is motivating my fear? (Rather than what am I afraid of.)

Ask yourself: What is causing my pain? (Rather than what hurts.)

These are gentle questions that bring about profound results. Please, reach out to me… Lets look into your situation and find where you are losing power, and how we can inspire change.

You are truly beautiful, vibrant and fully capable of living bravely in your own power. 

Do you have any thoughts or questions? Share below… 

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