Tarotscopes: August 2015 with The Medicine Woman Tarot

Monthly Theme

4 of Bowls (Cups)

As we begin to move into the latter half of the year, prepare yourself for big changes. Cosmic energy is swelling doors, and will soon bust through all the hurdles and barriers that have been created throughout the year. Ready yourself for this immense magnetism. Use this to your advantage. Set your intentions. Ask for what you want, and be very clear in doing so. This is a good time to do a candle ceremony, or create a vision board.

Aries March 21-April 19

8 of Pipes (Wands)

Make time for stillness. As you go inward you find ways to attract and attain your goals. You will be far more productive if you ground yourself, rather than charging forcefully into the future. End your days with some silent reflection; meditate on your journey through the year. Cool your fiery energy with a cleansing bath of rose, and citrus. Before bed contemplate your intentions, and see what is revealed in sleep. This is a good time to suspend any unsettled relationships.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Apprentice of Arrows (Page of Swords)

Taurus this is a good time to define your space. What do you stand for? What is important to you? Make yourself crystal clear, and do not waiver from this vision. You will stumble to clarify what you want, vs. what others seem to want for you. Take some time to contemplate this point of power in your life. The fall and winter will reveal a lot about who you are. This will have its ups and downs… stay strong!

Gemini May 21-June 21

7 of Bowls (7 of Cups)

You will find yourself caught in a tide of great energy. This energy is passionate, and powerful. It will pull you in many directions. Find your footing throughout the next few months so that you can remain composed, and in control. Relationships, especially romantic will be in full bloom. Ask yourself in each situation: does this feel good to my spirit?

Cancer June 21-July 22

The Emperor

Looking for answers? Needing clarity? Ask for help! You have a resource of people who love and care about you, and your wellbeing. These people are waiting at the door, to guide you, support you and walking with you on the path ahead. Do not be silent about what you want and need, as you will get swept away in your own storm.

Leo July 23-August 22

The Chariot

You are gaining momentum, Leo. Powerful energy is propelling you forward into your dreams, goals and desires. Tap into your sensitivity, and remain fluid at this time. As a fire sign it is easy for you to burn brightly with passion, but if you burn too bring, to fast, you are sure to burn out. Connect with the grounding forces in your life.

Virgo August 23-September 22

2 of Pipes (2 of Wands)

Virgo, you have gathered your breathe, and centered your intentions. Now set them free into the Universe. Let your every dream, and desire fly forward. Give them life, and belief. Use your voice as form of action. Speak, write, connect, and communicate. If you’ve felt the call to send an email, write a letter, or reach out to someone… then do it now!

Libra September 23-October 22

6 of Pipes (6 of wands)

Wrap yourself in the gentle energy that is around you. Find solitude in moments alone. Find peace in not uncertainty. Move into a spirit of gratitude, and now that the blessings you are seeking will begin to rain all around you. Open your arms side, close your eyes, and accept all the good that is coming your way. Charge your aura with good vibrations. Try working with rose or clear quartz, and spritzing yourself with a bit of rose water.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Totem of Pipes (Knight of Wands)

Liberate your mind. Let out, release, and purge the troublesome thoughts and worries. Anxiety does not have to be a part of your daily life. When you ground yourself, you actually find your wings. Move your body, dance, exercise, run, jump or try some yoga stretches. This will activate the cleansing qualities of the element of air.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

Lodge of Stones (Queen of Coins)

You have everything you need. Sit down; partake in the feast laid out before you. Don’t be shy, and don’t be picky… enjoy, experience, and try something new. A new perspective only comes from trying new things. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude is an energy of multiplicity. A sense of calm, and good fortune will fall around when you look at life with thanks, and wonder.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

The Devil

Capricorn, do not fall into the trap of self-limiting beliefs. The shackles you are feeling is nothing more than the weight of your own fears. Question whether these things are true or not. Has experience taught you that things never workout for you? Has the recent past shown you a series of pitfalls? Throw that out the window. Turn around and take another path. Don’t work yourself into a state of depletion when you have an oasis waiting for you in the other direction.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Exemplar of Arrows (King of Swords)

Share your knowledge and experience. You have a powerful perspective, and an equally moving story. Find ways to express yourself in daily life. In fact, find your expression of you in each situation you encounter. Leave your fingerprint on each thing that you touch. Feel the alchemical qualities of moving into your own spirit. You are closer to your goals than you think!

Pisces February 19-March 20

5 of Stones (5 of Coins)

Release your beautify into the world. Bestow upon the people around you, friends, family, strangers… the fruits of your labor. Share your art, share your vision, share your voice… share your spirit with everyone. If you have been working diligently on a project in the secret hours of your life, then this is the time to release that into the world. Let it fly, let it live! When you give away, it comes back in kind.

Spiritual Cleansing Mini Workshop Friday August 7, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.57.36 PMDo you ever feel uninspired, heavy or just dull? Do you ever feel “cursed” or caught in a streak of bad luck? Many clients describe having a heavy cloud hanging over their head, causing them loss pain and heartache.

It’s true that you may be stuck in a string of karmic lessons. Or caught in a loop of negative energy. Often times this “curse” or “steak of bad luck” is an unconscious creation of your own mind and energy. You are allowing something into your life that is causing you to suffer.

Are you helpless?

No, you can actually change this…

Join me for an afternoon of spiritual cleansing tips and tricks! We will discuss a handful of practical, and powerful spiritual cleansing techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Take ownership of your energetic story… manifest the life you want!

Where: Cincinnati

When: August 7, 2015 4:00-5:30 pm

Cost: $30 per person

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: 8 People

This will be an intimate setting. The cost will include printouts, and other materials provided in the workshop.

To sign up please email: shaheen@shaheenmiroinsights.com

Natural Foods, Empathic Child Challenges, and Picky Psychic Kids, by Melissa Leath

Being a young empathic, your child could be sensitive to many external things, besides other people’s energy. Examples could be loud noises or extreme light, clothing that rubs their skin in an irritating manner, pollen and other outside irritants such as weeds and flowers. Carpeting and flooring glue can cause problems too.

Being physically grounded and fully “in the body” are essential tools in dealing with these situations.

So what can help your child stay physically grounded? Food

More specifically, the best food for your child helps your child stay grounded to deal with these outside sensitivities. Since each child is different from their siblings and parents, there are no steadfast rules about what foods are better and what are worse. Each child has special needs. So it is important to learn more about the different types of natural foods, synthetic foods, and junk foods. This may take some experimentation.

Keeping life and health in simplistic balance is a natural way to prepare a child with special requirements. Monitor what your child is eating, by only having natural and organic foods at home. Let them be active in the planning and preparation of meals.

There has been so much research dealing with attention problems and hyperactive children. Do some of your own research and find out what works best for your child’s balance in energy. Some of their stress could be coming from food allergies such as food dyes, preservatives, and additives, as well as pesticides.

Consider some of these options:

  1. Some kids do better with all fresh vegetables and fruits instead of canned.
  2. Others do well with only raw foods
  3. Gluten free eating may be a way of clearing toxins from the body.
  4. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to get the nourishment needed and could be right for your child.
  5. The natural color of food may play a big role in what your child will or will not eat
  6. Meats and meat products (milk, cheeses, yogurts, etc.) can slow down the body’s metabolism. This may make your child sluggish, sleepy, or cranky.
  7. Proper food combining can keep the mind sharp and the body lively.

Picky Eater?

You may have a picky eater on your hands. I can relate to this, since I was a picky eater when I was young (still am to a certain degree even now as an adult). I always had trouble eating meat and certain vegetables. They always made me gag. I believe that the body speaks to us in wise ways that are sometimes misunderstood, especially with the young. And children who cannot or will not eat certain foods could be doing so because their bodies cannot handle them properly.

At the age of seven, I remember sitting at the dinner table for many hours after everyone else left me there. The rest of the family had eaten all their food, so they went outside for the evening. But I had not eaten the beef on my plate. (I usually could eat a few bites, by my father believed I should consume the whole portion.) So, I had to sit there until I ate it all.

After I thought my dad had gone outside, I stuck the piece of offending beef under the bone that was on my plate. I thought I had hidden it pretty well. But Dad came strolling into the kitchen, and pulled the meat out from under the bone, and said to me: “Now, there. Eat all of it.” Needless to say, tears and gagging followed. To this day, I have difficulty eating more than a few bites of meat.

It’s never a good idea to force your child to eat things when they are not feeling like it. Be sure to question your child to see if they feel compelled to eat because of emotions, or not to eat because they have an upset stomach (which might be empathic anxiety). It could be that your child just doesn’t need much food at this stage in growth. The best thing is to keep plenty of nourishing foods that they do like, so they can have the best available when they do feel like eating.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is always important for the body to function properly. Look into sugary soda drinks and decide what you will allow in your home. Many children become hyperactive and uncontrollable with too such sugar in their drinks.

Ideas to interest your child in participating in their own nourishment:

Grocery Shopping. If your child is older they may like to help with making the grocery list, and helping with the shopping. Be sure they consider the nutrition of the food item in question, and the way it could be combined with others for a meal.

Meal Ideas: Magnets for the fridge, blocks of felt on cloth board, or good old fashioned chalk and blackboard for meal ideas. They could cut out magazine photos or grocery ads with meal ideas.

Meal Planning: Older children, especially pre-teens and high school will feel involved as they plan one or two meals each week. And their desires are addressed.

Cooking: Help in cooking/preparing according to age and skill.

Tables: Set the dinner table with themes, color schemes, etc., that includes your child’s likes.

Growing Food: Planning and planting outside gardens and indoor containers of herbs, etc. This always helps a child accept foods that are good for them. And the gardening experience is the best way of “Earthing”, a form of grounding by working with the soil.

Family Meals: Eating together at least once a day will give your child a feeling of belonging. They will share in conversations of daily activities, and tend to eat better.

Make sure the whole family supports and participates in these healthy eating decisions. And always check in with your family medical professional before you make any changes.

After your intuitive child grows older, changes may need to be made to their nutrition list and the schedule of eating. Take your time and flow with it. This certainly is the journey that your family can lovingly address as time goes on. And your child will let you know when it is time to shift the food by the way he acts.

2015 Copyright, Melissa Leath

About Melissa Leath:

Melissa Leath, owner of Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Arts, facilitator of the Professional Psychic Medium Certification Program™, works with empathic kids and young adults in private mentoring programs. She has many online workshops and classes. Author of Psychic Integrity and Does Your Child See Sparkles? http://www.MelissaLeath.com

How to Perform an Egg Cleansing on a Pet

For most of us we see our pets as our friends, and family. For me I consider my beautiful black cat as my best friend, or as I like to call him… my familiar. He is my other half, the wild, spirited side of me! I learn so much from him, and I constantly feel under the invisible protection of his vibrant spirit.

One thing I have learned over the years working with psychic energy, and various cleansing techniques is that our pets not only love us, they also work to heal and protect us. Meaning that at times they take on a lot of unnecessary energy. Not to mention they encounter their own share of emotional ups and downs, and physical ailments. 

In which case it is reasonable to consider performing a cleansing, and healing ceremony on your pet friend. There are many techniques you can use for healing and cleansing your pet. But you want to consider two things: Pets are physically sensitive to smells, oils/herbs, and touch. And they may not fully understand what you are doing.

I want to mention that cats are not able to process essential oils, and they can have severe negative effects on their physical health!

I find using a technique that is engaging for my pet works far better. My favorite form of pet cleansing and healing is an egg cleansing. This is a simple, yet very powerful technique! Personally I have had so much success with this technique, and it stands as one of the most curious techniques amongst those interested in the art of spiritual cleansing.

Read more about, Limpia with an Egg, here.

Begin by washing a fresh, white, free-range/organic egg under running water. I like to rinse my egg in a mixture of water, lemon juice, and sea salt. Dry the egg, and place it in a small bowl.

Find your pet; bring him or her a little treat or bowl of food. Talk to your pet sweetly, explain what you are doing, and see how receptive he or she is. You may find your pet is instantly ready for the cleansing session. If your pet isn’t being cooperative give him or her some time. Sit with your pet for a bit, stroking its back, and showing it some affection.

When your pet has decided to participate, begin rubbing the egg from his or her head, down the back, and legs. Do this until you’ve covered the whole body. Do this in a similar fashion to how you would affectionately stroke your pet. He or she should be really excited about this part.

As you are rubbing the egg across your pet’s body, focus on the eggs natural ability to absorb negative energy. See any dark energies being sucked from your pets body, and into the magnetic interior of the egg. Feel out any areas that need special attention. Trust your intuition.

When you have finished crack the egg open into a cup of water. Look at the yoke to see if any interesting shapes or images from in the remains. This can give you clues to the energy surrounding your pet, and any distinct things pulled from its aura.

Dispose of the yoke, and water in the toilet. Flush the contents and visualizing the negative energy leaving for good. At this point I like to pour a cup of vinegar or lemon juice into the toilet and flush again. This ensures that the energy has been washed away, and dissolved.

Rather than breaking the contents of the egg, you can throw it into a running stream, or toss it into a naturalized area off of your property.

Another alternative to this cleansing technique is to wrap the egg in a cloth, or paper bag, tucking it under your pet’s bed. While he or she sleeps the egg will absorb the negative energy in the same way as the above technique. Follow the same method of disposal.

You can repeat this as much as you like. Be sure to always respect your pet’s boundaries! If you pet does not wish to have you perform this ceremony, then do not do it!

© Shaheen Miro 2015

Readings at Ottoman Imports Saturday, July 25th

I will be doing readings at Ottoman Imports on Saturday July 25th 2015.

11 am to 7 pm. EST.

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Weekly Reading with the Tattered Nomad Oracle July 13, 2015

Here are the cards for this week! There is a unique message in there for all of us. Explore!!

What message do you see in the cards?

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Clover + Lilies + Home = Quick resolution in the home? Short moments of piece and quiet at home?


How to Work with Pyrite for Psychic and Spiritual Protection


Pyrite is one of my favorite stones to work with. You are probably familiar with Pyrite, commonly called, “Fools Gold”. It is a highly reflective, metallic stone that forms in cube shapes, or round disks. When held in one light it shines a soft gold, and turned another it has a lighter, almost silver hue.

Pyrite actually means, “fire” connecting this stone with fire energy. Pyrite grows as cubic crystals made of iron sulfide, which connects it to earth energy. If struck together Pyrite will actually create sparks.

Energetically Pyrite ground, centers, focuses and establishes boundaries and authority. In times when you need to be more focused, extroverted and assertive, Pyrite is a powerful ally. Working with the energy of Pyrite will help to re-establish your natural connection to the earth, pulling it into your core, creating a type of personal “fire” that can be directed to clear away unwanted forces, or ignite new ideas.

Ideally, Pyrite is used for psychic and spiritual protection. Naturally it pulls in stray, excess energy, and mingles this with strong earth energy. This energy creates a force field around the wearer that fortifies the personal aura, but adding an extra layer of armor. This force field establishes personal space, and boundaries, and keeps unwanted influence at bay.

The reflective quality of Pyrite hints at its ability to deflect negative energy and influence. I have found that Pyrite will deflect, and return negative, and harmful thoughts to the sender. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and mental anguish.  

Empathics, spiritual workers, and public figures benefit greatly from Pyrite as it helps to define personal space, and boost self-confidence so that you can overcome, face, and eloquently work through any situation. Visualize Pyrite as a grounding rod for high impact energies that are inundating the wearer.  

Keeping Pyrite in the workspace is especially auspicious because it transmutes energy. On a deeper level Pyrite ignites an alchemical process that marries Earth and Sun. When kept in a workspace you will begin to feel a subtle strength that permeates the air, adding to the flow of creative ideas, confidence, and the ability to follow through to the end.

Pyrites transformative quality is the core of its power as a protective stone. Unlike stones that just ward off negative energy, Pyrite actually pulls the unwanted energy into it’s core, thus establishing a protective boundary that will deflect any remaining energy that works to overwhelm it’s perimeter. I like to this of Pyrite as a proactive stone. It doesn’t passively weather the storm, it works to shift and change the energies at play for a more conducive atmosphere.

Tapping into the protective nature of this stone is simple. Find a beautiful piece of Pyrite that speaks to you. Hold it in your hand; establish a connection with the stone by feeling it. Let it speak to you. Befriend it.

What does it feel like when you hold it?

What parts of your body does it activate?

What emotions, sensations, and impression do you have?  

Graciously ask for your Pyrite crystal to create a protective barrier around you. You can be general, or very specific about what you wish to be shielded from. I like to affirm my intention by speaking out loud to the crystal. Holding it in my hand, turning it around gently on all sides. Breathing into its life force, and inhaling it into my own.

Once you have established this connection carry your crystal with you. Keep it in your pocket, purse, or on a piece of jewelry. I carry a bag that I keep my current crystal friends in. When I am working in a stationary setting I will take them all out, one by one, saying hello, reaffirming my intention and asking for their help again, and then I arrange them around me!

Sleeping with Pyrite on your bedside table, or under your pillow is especially powerful. This is beneficial for people who feel they are under psychic attach, extreme pressure, or if you are experiencing nightmares.

Cleanse and recharge Pyrite crystals by placing them in a bowl of rock salt. Set them in a sunny window to recharge, and pull out their luster. Never put them in water. Pyrite is especially friendly with Black Tourmaline, and Hematite.

© Shaheen Miro 2015

Weekly Reading with the Tattered Nomad Oracle July 6, 2015

Here are the cards for this week! There is a unique message in there for all of us. Explore!!

What message do you see in the cards?

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Road + Clover = ? Quick travel. Unexpected trip. Change in plans.


Tarotscopes: July 2015

Tarotscopes: July 2015 with The Fountain Tarot

Monthly Theme

9 of Swords

Anguish and despair hang heavy in the atmosphere. These dark, and moody feelings are present in all areas of your life, but rest assured that this is a mater of perspective. Shift your focus, and the nightmare will begin to follow. The creeping feelings of guilt, pain and disappointment are manifestations of leaving your goals, and dreams unchecked. Tap back into your spirit, your desires, and the life you wish to lead. Move from wishing, to manifesting. July may take you to your darkest place, but at the bottom of the well is a staircase to something bright, and inspiring.

Aries March 21-April 19

Page of Swords

Aries, tap into your keen ability to pinpoint, and focus on what is necessary for your personal wellbeing. Your may find yourself coming up against pitfalls, and even criticism, but your determination will carry you through to the end goal. Remember, people tend to criticize and judge what they don’t understand, or what challenges their own views of the world. This has nothing to do with you, and your perspective. You’ve gathered the facts, and figures… now use them!

Taurus April 20-May 20

10 of Wands

Caught between what you expect from yourself, and what others expect from you, you are beginning to feel the strain of every step forward. As an earth sign you tend to be stubborn, and unwilling to reform your vision of what will be, needs to be, or what you desire to be. Don’t limit your personal, and interpersonal growth. Listen to, and consider the perspective of others because they are seeing the possible pitfalls, and disconnects that you are completely blind to!

Gemini May 21-June 21

Page of Cups

Sitting before you are a whole world of possibilities, routes and avenues that will lead to personal discovery, and extreme creative growth. The reality of things may seem heavy, and overbearing, but you must look to your other side for confirmation that there is still magic in the world. Begin to tap into that creative potential. Charge forward with the subtle power of the waves. The tides are turning, and the wave will begin to wash you into a world of insight, and spiritual reflection.

Cancer June 21-July 22

4 of Coins

Release the need to control, and hoard possessions, belongings, and even ideas. There is nothing to gain from miserly living, and approaching life with rigidity to change. You can collect beautiful things, and ideas, but once they become only possessions for the sake of possessing then you’ve lost all attachment to the spirit that lives deep inside. If you want to get back to fluid living, let things go. What are you holding on to right now that has outlived its purpose?

Leo July 23-August 22

10 of Swords

You have been torn down, defeated and broken by circumstance, and more importantly, perspective. Give up the ghost, the need to carry on down this path of thorns. There is no glory in martyrdom, and no need to prove your competence. Each step forward with these limited thoughts, and worn-out beliefs, twist the knife deeper into this already painful wound. Your savoir comes in the form of yourself, and your willingness to surrender.

Virgo August 23-September 22

3 of Wands

Breathe deeply into your center, and feel the wellspring of power that follows inside. You are standing in the center of great possibility; all you have to do is reach your hand into the unknown and pull out whatever gifts the Universe is handing you. Remember that this is the intersection of force and faith, patience and presence. Stay in vibration with your vision, and soon everything will become solid.

Libra September 23-October 22

7 of Swords

Stop reaching for things that limit your perspective, and cripple your ability to dream, and create. You may feel as if misfortune and pain trump all the goodness in your life, but look at what you are attaching yourself to, and accepting as okay. Nothing good comes from risking your wellbeing. Bring all the dark, and painful things to light, give them back to whomever they belong to, and reaffirm your focus.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

The Empress

Scorpio, it will be hard for you to do, but you must let down your guard, put away your stinger, and let yourself feel a bit vulnerable. Wrap yourself gently in feelings of love, and compassion. Hang up your criticism, and your need to compete. Cast away the desire to prove yourself. Feed your spirit, listen to the rhythm of your heart, and know that a great deal of healing, and growth will take place.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

4 of Wands

Stand firm in all your accomplishments, bless these moments with gratitude, and affirm to yourself that things are finally taking shape. Your handwork and determination have bestowed upon you many blessings, and now things will feel stable. However, there is always a new challenge on the horizon, but you have learned through this past phase that challenges are often met by personal discoveries, and gifts of all variety. This feeling will carry you through to the upcoming autumn.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

2 of Cups

Fall into the brilliance, and splendor of your dreaming. A galaxy of ideas, and inspiration is within your reach. As you explore the uncharted corners of your personal Universe, you will find many kind faces, and gentle hands. Love and companionship are on the horizon; greet them with wonder and appreciation. This marks the shift of some major energy in your life.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

Ace of Wands

Open your arms wide, stand tall, and be ignited by this surge of brilliance in your life. Moments of pain, and frustration have pushed you to your greatest potential, and as the fog begins to part, and the lights come back, you realize that nothing has been lost, and nothing was in vain. The soul knows exactly where it needs to go to fulfill it’s highest good, if we only take it by the hand, and listen to its subtle song. With this surge of energy come the parting of veils, the opening of doors, and the actualization of goals. Trust the crystal visions!

Pisces February 19-March 20

4 of Cups

Reality is an ambiguous creature, which often eludes us. You see it one-way, and those around you see it another. Your disillusionment has gotten the best of you, and you’ve turned your back on the blessings in your life. Though the goodness is still there, steady, strong, and supportive… your tunnel vision has you hyper focused on what isn’t good. If you look at the cracks long enough, they will grow into cliffs, before you jump into oblivion turn around and see what still lies behind you. I promise, in the background you will find all the things you’ve come to believe have forsaken you.

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© Shaheen Miro 2015

Creating Sacred Space: Exploring Your Secret World, by Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro:

Another article from our, Kids Growing Up Psychic Series!! Yay.

Originally posted on The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath:

ShaheenBlogKids Growing Up Psychic Series —Creating Sacred Space: Exploring Your Secret World, by Shaheen Miro

Creating sacred space springs from a deep-rooted need in each person to retreat, for a safe haven to relax, unwind, and re-connect. Finding sanctuary is something we all search for at different moments in our lives, it is an instinctual desire to recharge our spiritual battery by connecting with our higher self, and Divine energy.

As your psychic child progresses, becoming more aware of their abilities, and of their identity in the “real” world, the need for sacred space becomes essential. Moments of solitude, and retreat will give them opportunity to slough off accumulated energy, grounding and centering them, and keeping them protected. Having a sacred space to call their own gives your psychic child a sense of ownership, which empowers them.

Children have very vibrant, glowing auras, like a lantern on a…

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