Intuitive Forecast Video 1/25-1/31 2016


An Intuitive Forecast for the week ahead 1/25-1/31. Shaheen shares insight about the week, the flow of energy, and how you can use it to make big magic! Wishing you a wonderful week! Be sure to share this with others. … Continue reading

How to Manifest Dreams and Intentions with Candles


Fire has a magical intensity that is unexplainable. We are fascinated by the glow of a candle, the crackling of a campfire or a distant star burning brightly in the sky. Candle gazing can lull you into a trance. The … Continue reading

How to Attract Good Luck and Prosperity with Citrine


Whenever I am feeling blocked, or need a little boost of good energy I use my favorite stone Citrine. Or as I like to call it, The Path Opener. Citrine is a beautiful golden yellow stone that, when held to … Continue reading

3 Simple Baths for Spiritual Cleansing and Psychic Detoxification


A spiritual cleansing bath is a fabulous way to melt away the day’s stress, and freshen your aura. Your aura is the energetic mirror of your physical body, as well as, the place where thoughts, emotions, and intentions are held. … Continue reading

Intuitive Forecast Video 1/18-1/24


Glimpse the week ahead. Discover where to best focus your efforts, and conserve your energy. Shaheen will pull 3 cards to show the overall energetic Atmosphere between 1/18-1/24. Plus, a few new things in the shop, and a thank you! Questions and … Continue reading

How to Perform Spiritual Cleansing with an Egg


A brief demonstration of one way to perform spiritual cleansing with an egg. Enhance your aura, promote healing, clear away blockages, and raise your vibration. Suggestions for tools and techniques. Questions and positive comments welcomed. For more information check out … Continue reading

Intuitive Forecast January 11, 2016


Check out this Intuitive Forecast for the upcoming week of 1/11/2016. Get an idea of the energetic atmosphere for the week, and the weekend. See how best to use your energy, and empower yourself. Also, this is an invitation to … Continue reading

How to Pray with Tarot Cards


Prayer is touching the Divine with reverence…handing over your hopes, fears and dreams and then listening for a response. Most people pray daily, whether or not it’s a sacred solemn hour of prayer or quick “note to God” in the car… … Continue reading

A Magical Bath for New Beginnings with Sweet Almond and Basil


  Winter looms heavy around us, and yet the possibilities of New Beginnings are blooming everywhere. The New Year has greeted you with opportunity for change and clarity of your personal vision. Now is the time to supercharge your aura with … Continue reading

Tarotscopes: January 2016 with The Tarot of the Holy Light


Monthly Theme 10 of Cups Bravely move into the New Year. Lay to rest the pain and the heartache of the past year. Now is the time to go into your glory, connect with your magic and ride the waves … Continue reading