Tasseography is the ancient art of tea leaf reading.

I fell in love with the ambiance and experience of tea leaf readings as a child watching my parents and family friends talk about life and goals over Turkish coffee and then reading the remnants.

A tea leaf reading with me is an intimate process that comes from a place of imagination and intuition; one where we gain clarity and insight about you and where you currently are in the world. The leaves form an image of your life story, your energy, and your psychology.

This is a perfect compliment to bridal showers, bachelorette parties, book release parties, and intimate gatherings of besties.

How it works

When we consult the cup, we take ourselves into the lyrical world of the psyche. It starts with dark leaves, warm tea, sips that infuse your tea and cup, and from the dregs we peek into your inner world and energetic story.

I kick-off the party by introducing guests to the art of reading tea leaves and the process as they begin drinking loose leaf tea from their cups.

Then, I spend time with each guest to share the signs and symbols I see and how they can use these to help guide and prompt them on their journey, as well as answer any questions they might have.

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I provide tea leaf readings locally and internationally. I will help you design the experience that best supports your budget and goals.