Hello! I'm Shaheen

Psychic Reader and Intuitive Coach, Energy Alchemist, and author of The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition.

I work with people all over the world and I’ve discovered that everything is energy.

When I read for you I am reading your energetic story… seeing, hearing and feeling the narrative of your life. I glimpse into the roots of your past, the blind spots of your present and possibilities of your future.

My readings play with possibilities and predictions. I’ve found the future is really fluid. Rather than asking “when”, I like to go deeper and ask “how”. How can you create the job of your dreams? How can you find love? Asking how allows you to be right here in the present...the more in this moment you are the more fluid your future becomes. When you’re armed with intention and self-awareness you become a magnet to the opportunities you desire.

My readings are for people who are trying to make shit happen and get out of their own way.

I’m able to see the blind spots and hurdles that might be coming your way. This intuitive insight helps you wake-up and overcome internal resistance. A significant part of what I’m able to do is help articulate what people are feeling and don’t have the words for. To give a deeper meaning about their impulses and direction. If you feel empowered, you will validate the expansion that’s waiting for you.

You have the potential to design and create the life you want. Reclaim your personal power and find the clarity, direction, and answers that you truly need.


"Prior to knowing Shaheen, I found myself discouraged toward the idea of seeking intuitive guidance. Readings that I'd been given in the past left me feeling as though I had little control over matters that be; that I would simply need to make peace with the outcomes I was handed. Shaheen operates differently in that he focuses more upon one's spiritual frequency, if you will - thus making the experience more about personal insight than that of fate. You set your own intention, and he helps to set the path. It's a deeply rewarding endeavor. I'm thrilled to be a client of someone who is not only a phenomenal human being, but fantastic at what he does."

Natalie M., Cincinnati, OH

"Shaheen is a gifted, intuitive and insightful reader and counselor. His readings are honest, direct and compassionate -- a rare combination of qualities! My sessions with him are healing and energizing, inspiring me to move ahead in my heart and in my life."

Julie, San Francisco Bay Area

"Shaheen is very knowledge, spiritual, kind, patient and accurate! I use his readings often and I am never disappointed. He’s always a pleasure to talk with and brings me clarity."

Cida, Southern CA

“I LOVE the Lunar Nomad Oracle! Shaheen's artwork is inspiring and incredible. I just got my deck in the mail a few days ago and have been engrossed in the deep and moving images. I love Shaheen's system for helping us describe and access our Lunar and Solar nature and connect to higher intuition. I love how Shaheen provides tools in the accompanying instruction book to help use the cards as a vehicle for empowerment, self exploration, and spiritual growth. Highly recommend this Oracle deck to those who want to connect to their higher wisdom and inner guidance!”

Angela K.

“As enchanted as I am by the beauty and breadth of Shaheen’s book and oracle set, I find them to be just a sliver ... a foretaste ... a gateway ... compared to the shimmering delight of guided soul exploration with Shaheen in real-time. The most mystical and mundane aspects of my life were illuminated in our conversation — and so incredibly kindly, lyrically and perceptively — I was, and still am, blown away. It is no exaggeration to say I learned as much about myself as a result of our hour of work as I have from decades of intensive study, travel and meditation. It was like walking into a dream — or a diamond mine — that you discover is really your life! Shaheen is an open, accessible fellow traveler whose enjoyment and dedication are palpable. His style is warm, engaging, honest and empowering. I absolutely loved it!”

Julie D., Michigan

“Shaheen's gorgeous artwork combine with wise counsel from the book really tell a compelling story that points one in the right direction. The cards are nicely made and easy to shuffle. Without any doubts, this oracle deck was created from love!”

Kenzie S.