Who are the Ancestors and Why You Should Work with Them

Who are the Ancestors? Your ancestors are the ones who have come before you in this life. Their blood flows through your veins, and their stories have become your story. Your ancestors are the family members who’ve passed on, and those you’ve never known. Even if you have no clue about your heritage you have ancestors… because we’re all interconnected. You couldn’t be here without them. Our lives are the

Preview + Preorder My New Book: Tarot for Troubled Times

My dear friend Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady) and I have a new book coming on July 1, 2019. Tarot for Troubled Times: Confront Your Shadow, Heal Yourself, Transform the World We’re very excited to share this amazing work with you based on our years reading Tarot, working with clients all over the world and seeing an extreme need for empowerment during this current social climate we’re in. This book

Who Will You Be in 2019

Every moment there is a possibility to be total. –Osho Zen Tarot Are you ready to start a new year? I know I am ready to move into a new flow of energy and intention. The past year has been filled with so many interesting experiences. I’ve found myself overcoming setbacks and challenges, and being pushed to the edge of my comfort zone… to really up level who I am

What’s Stopping You? What’s Standing in Your Way?

“I haven’t got much time to waste, it’s time to make my way I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay I’m going down my own road and I can make it alone All work and no fighting, I’ll find a place of my own” -Madonna, Jump What’s stopping you? Stopping you from stepping into your purpose. Stopping you for taking back your power. Stopping you

What isn’t working in your life?

“Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me.” — Erykah Badu I’m serious. Explore this. Unpack it. Free write on it. If you desire something more in your life that seems unavailable right now… it’s because there’s another version of you waiting to unfurl. You can’t stay the same if you’re hungry for change. You must be willing to change. Get ready to go into uncomfortable places.  Allow the old to fall

Are You Hungry for Change?

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to make a change in your life and things just aren’t happening quickly? I know that feeling all too well, despite the positive thinking and the appropriate actions, the energy and momentum just don’t seem to be there. When I hit all wall like this I turn to ceremony, ritual and intention work. My favorite form of practical magic is candle magic! When

Why do you feel stuck? The Threshold of Change.

“To get along And the animal awakens And all I feel is black and white The road is long, The memory slides To the whole of my undoing Put aside, I put away I push it back to get through each day And all I feel is black and white And I’m wound up small and tight And I don’t know who I am” -Sarah McLachlan You’re lost. You feel

We’ve Gotta Let go of All of Our Ghosts

Letting go is a sacred act of rebellion. A magic ceremony of reclaiming your personal power. I know you’ve felt loss and heartache. I know someone, at some point in your life has left a hold on you. A scar on your heart that just seems to ache. I’ve felt that pain many times in my life… the pain of lost love and friendship. The pain of growing into someone

What Does this Say About You

There’s always been a streak of impatience within me. I’ve had this deep desire to bloom into the light before it’s time. Dreams and desires well up inside of me waiting for expression. I am filled with seeds waiting to unfurl! This year has been a sacred time for me…growing, healing and discovering so many parts of myself. I feel myself in the process of an alchemical change, a cycle

The Hell With Security Go into the Wild Unknown

Don’t hide yourself, baby! You are too precious of a treasure to be hidden from the world. Even when you feel weak, know that there is so much magic inside of you just waiting to burst out and transform everything. I know how it feels to be stuck, like your walking with lead on your feet… but you know what, you can do that look too. Strut slow and sexy,

My Hand Dressed Talisman Candles for You

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to make a change in your life and things just aren’t happening quickly? I know that feeling all too well, despite the positive thinking and the appropriate actions, the energy and momentum just don’t seem to be there. When I hit all wall like this I turn to ceremony, ritual and intention work. My favorite form of practical magic is candle magic!  Candles

The Lunar Nomad Oracle Book Trailer Video

Come join me on the Lunar Side! Experience The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. The Lunar Nomad Oracle cards are rich with layers, colors, and imagery, all designed to speak to the intuitive self. The book and deck allow users to explore their inner depths, looking for clues and prompts to activate their lunar side—their creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom. The symbolism

Interview with Author and Intuitive Coach, Angela Kaufman

I would like to welcome you to the deeply profound and transformative work of Angela Kaufman. She is the author of the upcoming book, Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down. I had the honor of creating the artwork of the four queens in Angela’s book and through that experience I’ve learned so much about the healing and empowerment that comes through honoring the elemental energies of

What does your Hungry Ghost need to say?

I sit in a room brimming with noise, bordering on chaos. A heavy smoke of mind chatter and passing thoughts float through the air seeking attention, expression and form. Rain assaults the rooftops and winding streets outside with an aggressive downpour. It feels baptismal. I get lost in the cacophony of sounds until it blend together in harmony. I’m moved by this symphony… accepting chaos until it becomes clarity. Woven

You are Destined to Thrive

You are destined to thrive!   What you seek inside, in the inner dwelling space of your heat and spirit, is seeking you… out there in the world. Even in the intangible, invisible energy of creation… you have the ability to shape, form and create what you want in your life.   This isn’t always an easy practice to cultivate because there is so much to unlearn, and so much

Welcome to the New Year: Queen of Wands with Angela Kaufman

The New Year is here and It is time to make magic, sink into your deepest wisdom and trust your own flow, power and sacred shadows. Angela Kaufman, Intuitive Coach and Author of Queen Up! Has some powerful insight to share with us about the New Year and how to connect with our Inner Queen of Wands.  I am excited to introduce you to Angela, her profound work and the

Mind Blowing Thoughts on Life

I have a radical belief that might make you uncomfortable… Everyone in your life is a guest. Yeah, I said it… they are a guest. Not one single person in your life has any say over who you are and what you are about. They have no claim to your time, your energy, your body, your mind or your spirit. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise… you have my

TRUTH: You are Fucking Powerful

I know life can feel like a black hole trying to suck you in. You feel exhausted, defeated and unable to fight through another day. You want to crawl back into bed and forget about the world that is demanding something from you. I get it, babe! Things can seem really bad and you don’t see how you can make it any better.  Give yourself a big hug and kiss.

Perspective + Choice = Experience

I am constantly in awe at how powerful we are. Within the depths of our core, where our most luminous self–our Lunar self– resides there is a whole wellspring of potential waiting to be utilized. Integrating your deepest wisdom into everyday life means accepting that you are magic at your very core. You have the power and potential to elicit change by beginning from within. This starts by honoring your

Interview with Brandy Eve Allen Creator of the Invisible Light Tarot

“Over the years I’ve gone out into the wild, along with my camera, using rare and expired films to capture portraits of others and myself creating a magical alternative universe.” -Brandy Eve Allen, Invisible Light Tarot  The Invisible Light Tarot is a beautiful work of art filled with images that act as keys to another world. Each image is has a spiritual life force that jumps off the card and

6 Tips for a Successful & Empowering Intuitive Reading

A successful reading is always the goal. In my opinion as successful reading is one that leaves you feeling open, filled with insight, and empowered to step forward with curiosity and in control of your magic. Sitting with a reader is a step into discovery… but the reader is only the storyteller, they share the information that comes through. How you receive that information, and what you do with it

Seeds Waiting to Bloom

“unravel me a distant cord on the outside is forgotten a constant need…to get along and the animal awakens and all I feel is black and white” -Sarah McLachlan  I am a seed buried in the warm, loamy ground. The earth shakes and so I tremble in my shell. The skies rage and rain down threatening to wash me away. Yet, here I am coiled tight ready to break free.

Kids Growing Up Psychic Series Index

Here is a compilation of  the “Kids Growing Up Psychic”series written by Shaheen Miro and Melissa Leath. Check out the articles below by clicking on the title/link! “Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series!! Experiencing the World with Your Psychic Senses, by Shaheen Miro. Learn to Open and Close Your Psychic Door, by Melissa Leath Psychic Protection and the White Light (Kids Growing Up Psychic Series) Feeling Safe and Empowered with Psychic Events, by

5 Questions to Reveal Your Energetic Story

You are always telling an energetic story… these converging forces shape the life you are leading now. Conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs are working in unison to attract and repel situations, circumstances and people in your life. I call this your point of attraction… the vibration you are broadcasting to the world at large, which the Universe responds to.  Your energetic story is composed of the thoughts, ideas,

3 Ways to Use Florida Water for Attracting Money, Success and Abundance

Florida Water Cologne is a staple ingredients for many spiritworkers, magic makers, and healers. This unique botanical blend has been used for years as an all-purpose blessing agent to clear away unwelcomed vibrations and attract benevolent forces.  Known to attract positive forces Florida Water can be used to set any intention for your wellbeing into motion. For this reason I recommend using it with your prayer work, your intentions and

Looking for Answers? Seeking Change for the Better?

Everyone has a burning question or area of concern that seems to fill their minds and hearts. Sometimes you lose direction because you cannot seem to make sense out of these vexing thoughts. When you feel lost or confused take advantage of the loving support offered by those around you. And know that you are in a positive place to activate change… simply because you are seeking clarity in a

How is Your Belief Creating Your Reality

Manifesting your desires begins with your point of attraction. Your point of attraction is the unique energy pattern you are creating through your thoughts, beliefs and actions… this vibration sets everything in your life into motion… attracting and repelling different circumstances and experiences to you.  Since your thoughts, beliefs and actions are your point of attraction you have to take an honest look at what you believe to be true

Do You Want to Learn to Read Tea Leaves?

Tea leaf reading is a time honored intuitive art. Both insightful and enriching… tea leaf reading allows you to tap into your creative imagination, recover your latent intuitive potential, and access profound wisdom. Empowering yourself with the art of tea leaf reading gives you ample opportunities to explore your energetic story, create change in your life, and find profound clarity. The best part about the whole process is the creative

How to Manifest a Brilliant and Beautiful Life with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are beautiful keys unlocking potential in the Universe. During a reading where any type of oracle card is being used you are tapping into the unseen energy surrounding you. I call this your Energetic Story the accumulated thoughts, ideas, beliefs and experiences you have with the world, and how the world seems to respond for you. The powerful truth is that your experience is based on your perspective. Meaning

4 Tips for Creating Magic in the New Year

We have pushed through the door into a much needed New Year. Yes, 2016 seemed like a wild ride for everyone… individually and collectively. As I have said before, we are in a time of great shadow work. We have come face to face with the lost, forgotten, unacknowledged and unwelcome parts that live in our collective consciousness. Now is a time to create big change and magic in our

Understanding Ghosts and Spirits: What’s the Difference?

There is an invisible world all around us. The psychically inclined work with the invisible world to talk with those in spirit, gain insightful information, and work big magic. Everyone has access to this space. Some of you might find comfort in knowing you have a whole collective of helpers that I call your: Spirit Circle… your spirit guides, loved ones, angels, and all the other radical light beings working

How to Grow Your Soul in Darkness

Dark times come knocking on our door when we least expect it. The slow dissent into our personal storm is something that each one of us knows all to well. Some of us find the eye, where we can dance and take refuge, and others become wind swept, weathered and fragile. Finding your way out can seem like an endless task. The harder you push, the harder the darkness pushes

How to Work with Your Shadow Self

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”― C.G. Jung FEEDING THE SHADOW SELF Disconnected from our empowerment the shadow (those unloved, unacknowledged parts of us) grows stronger and thrives on more of the same. Rather than interacting with life, we react. Reactionary living is acidic, corrosive and destructive. That is not

Honoring Yourself During the Autumn Equinox

As the world slips into the deeper mysteries that come with Winter this is a time of reaping what you have sewn, preparing for inner journeys, and giving thanks for the bounty of the year. As we stand at the threshold between dark and light we are reminded of inner balance, and the need to acknowledge the shadow. Honoring the shadow fortifies you against the chill of coming months, and allows the shamanic

8 Ways to L I V E Magic Everyday

“Stories are like genies…They can carry us into and though our sorrows. Sometimes they burn, sometimes they dance, sometimes they weep, sometimes they sing. Like genies, everyone has one. Like genies, sometimes we forget that we do. Our stories can set us free…When we set them free.” ― Francesca Lia Block Always Say Yes to Adventures Saying yes to a new adventure puts you in the path of opportunity. Your curiosity

Do You Want a Chance to Truly Live?

There’s only so much you can learn in one place The more that I wait, the more time that I waste -Madonna You are filled with so much abundant energy, power and choice. Life’s is offering you so many chances to spread your wings… To jump and fly. To find a place of your own in this mad circus. The places beyond what you know are filed with wonder. Courage

Wild Acts of Telling Everything

“It doesn’t matter what people tell you. It doesn’t matter what they might say. Sometimes you have to leave home. Sometimes, running away means you’re headed in the exact right direction.” ― Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic We live in a constant state of flux. In this state of perpetual motion you must learn to be in the center; Present, aware and allowing. As you ride these waves of change and

How to Work with Intention Candles

Changing your life begins with changing the energetic story you are projecting into the world. Action must proceed intention. And intention is the seed of creation. When we look at our lives like puppets on the strings of fate we lose vital power. You are meant to live a life of expansive power, brilliant splendor and creative output. Sometimes we get a little lost in the storm of life… And

Why is Right Relationship with Self Essentail?

Cultivating personal awareness through self-care is an essentail component for happiness. Whether you are a spiritual person, or just someone who aspires to live health and whole it is important to consider your relationship with self. At the core of all personal growth is the need for right relationship.  I am always in self-exploration mode. Trying to understand what gifts are hidden deep within my soul, my shadow and under

How to Pray for Change and Psalm 23

The mystical power of prayer is everyone’s gift. Regardless of what religious background you draw from, prayer is an empowering approach to creating change in your life. Activating your innate power, and the energy of the Univesre you can shift your life to reflect are more balanced, empowered and wholesome state. Prayer is nothing more than a focused intention. A request that stirs your inner light, and awakens the flow

7 Radical Thoughts on Your Life Sucking

My beautiful, fascinating wonderful people… Out there spiraling through the Universe. I hear you. I see you. And I totally feel you. You’re feeling dark. Maybe life is a little sucky? I want to address a few things that I encounter everyday in my life, and the lives of all of you… 1. Things aren’t the way you want them to be! That could be an understatement. You feel like

3 Secrets for Weaving a Magical Life of Abundance and Possibility

I find myself filled with so much pain when I see a beautiful person breaking under the pressure of daily life. Walking through life, hunched over, and heavy with thoughts, beliefs and ideas that limit the light burning deep inside. Accepting that it is easier to survive, rather than live has poisoned our heads and hearts. Unfortunately it is a cycle that some never really break. Lack mentality isn’t a

Find Your Magic Feel Your Power

The day has been so beautiful. Full of blooms, good energy and lots of spiritual insight. I spent the morning doing readings with one of my favorite psychic friends, Patricia Garry. Her and I are always right there in the hustle and bustle of things… Slinging cards and channeling Spirit. Wild little gypsy witches just bringing magic to the people. Welcome to My World So many interesting seekers sat across

Candlemas: The Feast of Light and Purification

February 2nd is often linked to the holy day, called: Candlemas or Imbolg. It marks the coming of spring, the returning of life to the earth, and the promise that winter will be over soon. It reminds us of the power in sacred purification after the long, dark days of winter. As the Earth is renewed, so to shall we be renewed. The Sun quickens the land into life, renewing

How to Manifest Dreams and Intentions with Candles

Fire has a magical intensity that is unexplainable. We are fascinated by the glow of a candle, the crackling of a campfire or a distant star burning brightly in the sky. Candle gazing can lull you into a trance. The flame dancing gracefully on the wick…breathing with life and power. Warming and awakening something deep in your core… Your soul. Fire is a healer and a destroyer. There is a

How to Attract Good Luck and Prosperity with Citrine

Whenever I am feeling blocked, or need a little boost of good energy I use my favorite stone Citrine. Or as I like to call it, The Path Opener. Citrine is a beautiful golden yellow stone that, when held to the light, bursts with flecks of rainbow color. Simply holding citrine uplifts my spirit, and gets my energy moving in a more fluid way. Considered a stone of luck, and

3 Simple Baths for Spiritual Cleansing to Detox Your Aura

A spiritual cleansing bath is a fabulous way to melt away the day’s stress, and freshen your aura. Your aura is the energetic mirror of your physical body, as well as, the place where thoughts, emotions, and intentions are held. The aura is basically your energetic story. Read an Introduction to Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.  Throughout the day you accumulate energy from the people and places you have encountered. Without

How to Perform Spiritual Cleansing with an Egg

A brief demonstration of one way to perform spiritual cleansing with an egg. Enhance your aura, promote healing, clear away blockages, and raise your vibration. Suggestions for tools and techniques. Questions and positive comments welcomed. For more information check out the following articles: Limpia with an Egg Egg Cleansing for the Home  How to Perform an Egg Cleansing on a Pet

How to Pray with Tarot Cards

Prayer is touching the Divine with reverence…handing over your hopes, fears and dreams and then listening for a response. Most people pray daily, whether or not it’s a sacred solemn hour of prayer or quick “note to God” in the car… most people pray! But rarely do they listen.  The heart of prayer is true communication which is the act of sharing, listening, receiving and contemplating. Yet, most prayers are superficial,

Spiritual Services

Are you ready to invite magic and transformation into your life? Do you want to make your dreams come true and live on purpose? Do you want to clear out the old, and worn-out patterns from your life? Do you want to feed your spirit, and find your creative adventure? Do you want to feel magical, spiritual and completely empowered? You are in the right place!! Shaheen Offers a number of

A State of Communion with the Sacred Light and Shadow for New Years Magic

The air is heavy and thick. A feeling of change writhes through the streets and deep into the heart. All our parts are coming undone. The spots between the fragments are starting to show. Incongruencies are growing too great to ignore. So our shadow seeps out, dark and looming… a gentle teacher imposing upon us. As I sit here I am lulled into a trance through the sound of my own

5 Ways to Live Life Beautifully, Fluidly and Connected to Your Spirit

I can feel the energy in the air thick, heavy and speaking of change. You may find yourself in the eye of your personal storm. All your parts are disconnecting and feeling incongruent. A cosmic shift is happening. Not only is the year ending, but something big is working its way through the Universe. Repeatedly I keep seeing this shift happening in people’s lives, mine included. A light shines on

Florida Water: 3 Simple Ways to Attract Good Vibes

Florida Water is citrusy sweet cologne water that has been used for over 200 years. And it is one of the most versatile tools for spiritual and energetic work I have found. Florida Water is an mélange of smells with spicy clove and lavender undertones, and a distinct sweet orange note that seems to uplift and linger. Coined “The Richest of Perfumes” it has been used to scent the body,

Self-Expression as a Path to Spiritual Empowerment

And the days go by like a strand in the wind… in the web that is my own… I begin again. –Stevie Nicks My head and hands hum with energy. I can feel the raw power of my inner self building, and pushing to the surface. Sometimes I stomp, twirl and sing as loud as I can to release this passion. Self-expression is the path to spiritual empowerment. Every moment is

Gratitude Activates Your Flow

Every person, every situation, every experience you have is an opportunity to grow. An opportunity to become your big, beautiful, and divinely delicious self. Express your gratitude for these adventures. The people in your life, the ups and downs, all serve to push you into your destiny. When you come up against something in your life, befriend it, and ask how you can serve it best. Usually stuck points are

7 Power Thoughts for Living More Intently

  Do you want more joy? Do you want to feel empowered, inspired, authentic and whole? I know I do! Many of us are looking for more ways to find true north, to find true place and purpose in the world. But more importantly many of us are looking for ways to actually feel in the flow of living. I have a few power thoughts for you to contemplate. A

How to Conduct a Séance with Tarot

Just beyond the tip of your senses in a vibrant world, swirling, and illuminated. If you shut your physical eyes, and open you mystical ones you will see the Spirit World, a place that dances with a menagerie of wonders. To some it may seem far, distant and forgotten… but really those who have passed are all around us. Since I was a child I could see, and sense things

Sensitive Bodies, Diet, and Living as an Empath

Do you battle with an upset stomach? IBS or other digestive issues? Are you sensitive to certain foods, such as gluten? Have you noticed an aversion to smoking, alcohol and even prescription drugs? I bet you are one of the many people in an ever growing circle of empaths. Empaths are psychically open, and sensitive people who can pick up on the intentions and vibrations swirling around them. Imagine every thought, every

Empaths are Sensitive to Sound and 3 Tips for Coping

Empaths are sensitive to sound. If you are empathic you can confirm this. I know I often will become overwhelmed by a lot of noise, especially in a crowded place or when there are competing noises. This can be anything from a random noise, to music, to the tone of someones voice. Sounds shoot right through the empath, and can leave them soothed, or completely defeated. Sound is vibration, and

Energy Clearing and Intention Setting Session with Shaheen

Did you know you are always telling an Energetic Story? Your energetic story is the narrative of your life. It is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and fears about how you fit into the world, and how the world responds to you. In the fast paced world that we live in it is easy to become overwhelmed, disconnected and completely out of touch. As the chasm between our

How Children See into Other Realms, by Melissa Leath

  Janet told me that she used to have “floating people” in her room. She was too young to know that adults refer to them as spirits or ghosts. Some children see strange things, like orbs of light or sparkles, possibly auras or rainbow streaks of energy. Others see spirit entities, such as angels, spirit guides, and the spirits of other people who have passed away. Quite often, these strange

Lunar Visions, Denver, and Tea Leaf Reading Adventures

Lets put up a soul hand for the powerful energy of the Full Moon in Aries. So much good energy, and transition is in the air. The Lunar eclipse inspired a feeling of going inward, and creating equilibrium in the areas that desperately need our attention. Personally this gave me a chance to see, and understand a few key areas of my creative life. I was fortunate enough to fly

Psychic Children and Dreamtime Adventures, by Shaheen Miro

The Latest article from the Psychic Kids Series

5 Tips for the Thriving Empath

Empaths are highly attuned, sensitive individuals who have a natural connection to the subtle worlds. These are the subtle worlds of thought, emotion, spirit and energy. These people tend to be artistic, intuitive and right-brained individuals who process the world around them through “feeling”. The reality of the empath can be confusing and painful because they tend to take the weight of the world on their shoulders. On a vibratory

How to Use High Vibration to Spiritually Cleanse and Protect Yourself

I have written extensively on spiritual/psychic cleansing, which is the act of releasing negative, unwanted and unintentional energies that surround you. This is an affirmative process that defines your space, and reestablishes your connection to your highest good. With that being said, spiritual cleansing is just that cleaning. If you dust your home, rest assured that you will need to dust again. If you cleanse your energy body, you will

A Spiritual Personal Day

I always find myself needing to shake off the heavy, woolen feelings that linger past winter. There’s a call that bacons me to awaken the inner gypsy that has been half asleep through the colder months. When the spring blows in it brings knew life. It fills the air with a magical energy that surrounds everything in a radiant aura. Tap into this powerful energy! Awaken yourself with a spring

How to Reclaim Your Power

In this hectic, crazy world there is need for spiritual self-care. We are all doing our best to get through life, to really live, and cultivate our true purpose. This can be an elusive task for many people, especially since we live a culture that pushes us to work harder, to swallow our feelings, and to actually neglect our wellbeing. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Dare I

Your Spiritual Map and Blessing the Journey

The magical part of life is that you are in a constant state of motion. You are a divine being experiencing your own divinity! You incarnate to learn and experience, and before your incarnation you create a “map” that details the different events of your life to lead you to spiritual growth, and “enlightenment”. In this life you will have mapped out many things. Some of the lessons you have

Natural Foods, Empathic Child Challenges, and Picky Psychic Kids, by Melissa Leath

Being a young empathic, your child could be sensitive to many external things, besides other people’s energy. Examples could be loud noises or extreme light, clothing that rubs their skin in an irritating manner, pollen and other outside irritants such as weeds and flowers. Carpeting and flooring glue can cause problems too. Being physically grounded and fully “in the body” are essential tools in dealing with these situations. So what

How to Perform an Egg Cleansing on a Pet

For most of us we see our pets as our friends, and family. For me I consider my beautiful black cat as my best friend, or as I like to call him… my familiar. He is my other half, the wild, spirited side of me! I learn so much from him, and I constantly feel under the invisible protection of his vibrant spirit. One thing I have learned over the

How to Work with Pyrite for Psychic and Spiritual Protection

Pyrite is one of my favorite stones to work with. You are probably familiar with Pyrite, commonly called, “Fools Gold”. It is a highly reflective, metallic stone that forms in cube shapes, or round disks. When held in one light it shines a soft gold, and turned another it has a lighter, almost silver hue. Pyrite actually means, “fire” connecting this stone with fire energy. Pyrite grows as cubic crystals

Denver TarotCon June 26-28, 2015

Held June 26-28, 2015 at the beautiful and historic Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality. Please join us for engaging speakers, an enticing gallery of vendors, fun tarot games, and new and old tarot friends! Register at Tarosophy Tarot Conventions. I will be hosting the fabulous and inspiring, Gypsy Tea Party! Learn the art of reading tea leaves, tapping into intuition and interpreting symbols. The class will include reading materials, tea

What Do Sparkles (and Orbs, and Spirit Lights) Look Like? By Melissa Leath

Kids Growing Up Psychic Series “Some smaller children see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. Yet others see them only at night.” Spirits, angels, and guides show themselves to us all the time. But we don’t always recognize their presence. Adults especially have a difficult time seeing spirit energies. But the New Kids are so wide open

To all the Gypsies

My head and heart have been filled with so many things. Shadows and glimmers of light, blooming into stories. There is something in the air that hints at change. I see it outwardly… a big move coming, and a chance to see my life from a different vantage point. It is empowering to take a step forward into the unknown, and closer to the life that feels congruent with my

Interview with Psychic Medium, Lisa Williams

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa Williams! She is the bubbly, energetic, and totally awesome Psychic Medium that some of you may know from the show, Life Among the Dead! I remember watching Lisa in action and being completely moved by her messages, and most importantly, her approach to working with Spirit! I hope you find this interview as insightful as I have! Let’s give a big

Active Meditation for Kids: Creating Your Own Mandala, by Melissa Leath

Shaheen: Here is another beautiful article by Melissa Leath for the Kids Growing Up Psychic Series. This is really fun, and has my imagination running in so many directions!  Psychic and empathic children can handle their gifts better if they know about meditation. But it does not always mean sitting still with eyes closed. Meditation comes in many different modes. This time we will talk about Active Meditations. Anything that

Five Keys to Empowering Yourself with Love

I have been contemplating this idea of self-love more. It’s so simple, and yet so hard to attain. Really being able to look yourself in the eye, and say… I love you. I love you, your flaws, your perfections, your failures, and your victories. It can be so difficult to really see yourself in all those phases, and still really appreciate who, and what you are. I know I struggle

How to Spiritually Cleanse Another Person

I want to talk about psychic and spiritual cleansing for another individual. This is a subject that has come up a lot in recent emails, and comments so I think it is important to address it here. When working for other people in a psychic/spiritual sense there are many layers to the process because you are working with energy, more specifically, the energy surrounding the individual. In order to have

The Spider’s Medicine

As a creative there is a place that lies between worlds in which you go to tap into your spirit. This is the liminal space where light and shadow becomes one, where abstract ideas and inspiration become whole and tangible. As an artist you are a channel, bringing into life something that is beyond the everyday… whether it be words, sounds, visual or tangible art. When traveling in the neither


We are moving into the second month of the New Year, and we are being pushed through doorways and into new territory to explore! This is a powerful time to make a new path for yourself, and link into something that strengthens your intentions for the 2015! As you move into the unknown create a strong intention for yourself, to affirm your goals, and center your energy. Don’t give your

Egg Cleansing for the Home

Spiritual cleansing, or “Limpia” with an egg is an old, and powerful form of spiritual cleansing. It is very popular in Latin folk-magic, but has its roots in many cultures. You can read more about self-cleansing with an egg, here! Lets take this wonderful technique a step further and spiritually cleanse the home. Spiritually cleansing of the home is very important because your home is a reflection of your inner

Feeling Safe and Empowered with Psychic Events, by Melissa Leath

We’re back!! Happy New Year… and get ready for lots of new information with the “Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series. “The sparkly lights never hurt me but they terrified me. I cried in fear, and screamed for my mom. My father called it my imagination and ignored it. Neither parent explained what was happening which made it scarier.” Feeling Empowered The best way to be empowered is to learn and

Exploring the Aura

Originally Appeared in Soul Path Magazine August 2014 There is something so exciting and beautiful about seeing someone’s aura blooming, growing and pulsating in front of you. It’s a lightshow of rainbow colors that reflect the person’s inner world, their mood, emotions, and the things they are pulling and pushing in and out of their lives. The aura is the unique energetic story each and every person is telling. The

A Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Winter Solstice is the return of the Sun. This is a time to honor the graceful flow of age, and death. And to welcome the light back into our lives. As you release the old… as we did in October, you begin to make space and call in energy for new projects, new life, and good feelings. Allow yourself time to honor the new light that is coming in.

Shedding, Growing, Transforming

This is a time of endings. Things are cycling out of your life, and creating space for a new phase, a new mindset, and a new year. As you begin to move into the slow, and insulated realm of the winter months you will find it natural to go within, and reflect. It is our primal nature to change with the seasons, but in the modern world we become somewhat

How to Use Citrine the Path Opener

The idea of the Labyrinth has always fascinated me because it is a metaphor for life. There are many challenges we encounter; we look for the “right” path to follow. But if you stop and be still you realize that the only path you can follow is the one before you. You must keep moving forward to reach your highest potential. That doesn’t mean there is a set destiny that

Happy Halloween

Samhain or Halloween (as it is more commonly know) is a time to honor those who have passed, including the parts of ourselves that we are learning to let go of. This time of year creates a gateway that helps us step through space and time, and more importantly into the mysterious world of our inner universe. I urge you to follow the whispering winds of the season as they

How to Distinguish Between Ghost, Spirits, and Other Types of Hauntings

This is the time of year when people notice invisible things tugging at their psyche. Because the boundary between planes has become thinner it makes it easier for things to be detected, and to interact with them. This brings up questions about ghost, haunting and spirit activity. People tend to use the word spirit and ghost interchangeable, though they really aren’t the same thing. They are similar… both being disembodied, but

4 Signs of Spirit Activity

The whole month of October fills me with magic! It awakens some ancient feelings that stir deep within. There is a feeling that pulls me back to center. As the fall settles in we begin to journey inward, reflecting on the seasons passed. Actually, October is the traditional time of year when the veil between the worlds grows thinner.  When this happens the energetic vibrations begin to shift and things

Learn to Open and Close Your Psychic Door, by Melissa Leath

(Part of the “Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series). Shaheen’s Note: I am so excited to feature my wonderful friend, Melissa! She is a gifted medium, writer and teacher, and she is here to share her expertise and experience with the psychic world in our new Series of monthly articles titled, “Kids Growing Up Psychic”. This is the second article in the series… enjoy! Most empathic and psychic children (and some

The Power of Florida Water for Spiritual Work

Florida Water is a traditional tool for spiritual cleansing, blessing and protection. It began as common toilette water in the 19th century, and grew in popularity by spiritual workers of all verities. The mixture is a combination of water, alcohol and essential oils. It has a strong citrus scent, with floral undertones and a slight earthy smell. The fragrant botanicals are the source of the water’s power. They attract good

The Power of Purging

Embrace the wisdom of letting go. It is time to release heavy attachments that deplete you and bleed away your joy. So often we hold onto things much longer than we need to. When you have outgrown something release it. When you hold on to things you keep blessings and gifts at bay.  Evaluate the people, objects, feelings, beliefs and ideas you are holding onto. Have you outgrown any? What

Cleansing Floor Powder

Spiritually cleansing your home is a practical way to create positive change in your life. As you clear away unnecessary stray energy from your home, you release unintentional debris from your life. Because your home is a reflection of your inner world, and is directly connected to your spirit… it’s best to keep it fresh and vibrant. Spiritual cleansing floor powders are much like store bought floor powders that you

Have No Fear

Fear is one of the most crippling emotions we experience. Are you allowing your fears to get in the way of your most precious dreams? Spirit wants you to know that you are safe now. Repeat to yourself, “I am safe. I am free. I can pursue my dreams.” Fear can be your friend at times, but once it has run its course you have to let it go. Don’t

Smoky Quartz for Energetic Healing

Stones and crystals are regarded as seeds of power. Carry them on your person, or keep them in your home to add their unique vibration to the aura of whatever they interact with. They carry specific spiritual/energetic vibrations that can be used by anyone for a number of reasons. Smoky Quartz is one of my favorite stones for spiritual protection. Smoky Quartz is translucent rock crystal that comes in varying

“Kids Growing Up Psychic” Series!!

Has your child has been talking to invisible guest? Or warned you of something before it happened? Or maybe he/she has recounted strange adventures to unknown places upon awakening? It sounds like you are dealing with a Psychic Kid! If you are at a loss for what to do, or have questions about how to help your child cope with these events then you are in luck! My good friend,

Aligning Your Thoughts

Are you feeling stifled? Unable to move forward with goals, plans, and dreams? Take some time for stillness!  When you put your focus on things that you cannot control, you begin to deplete your energy. This creates a cycle of pulling toward you, and manifesting exactly what you DON’T want! Your thoughts are a powerful magnet, pulling into your life whatever you choose to focus on! Take note throughout your

Keeping Composure

We shift and create our own reality, telling our energetic story based on our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and fears. Sometimes we can’t always change the immediate situation. When it is particularly difficult, I remind myself that I am in control of my reaction to that experience. I find that this bit of wisdom is most needed when we are in the middle of a change. We constantly ask the Universe

The Magic of Memories

Memories are some of our most treasured possessions. We hold them close to our hearts. Some of us get caught in memories, others hide from memories and there are those who have lost memories. Regardless, memories are crystals that hold spiritual power… they are able to conjure up the past in seconds. What have you been nostalgic about lately? Has it been a place from you past, a feeling you

Calling Dreams

  Spiritual Message: Stop telling yourself that there is no time for dreaming. I want you to remember that there is always something beautiful to be found, no matter how dark and dismal things may seem. You have to know that dreams can come alive in the dark. If you have been working toward a goal or dreaming up some huge, crazy thing, then get ready because dreams are about

Do You Have Spirit Guides?

Everyone has a collective of celestial helpers waiting to by their side. These are your spirit guides, and they are waiting patiently to help you. Sadly, some people never learn to consciously connect with their guides, but here is some information to introduce you to who they are and what they do! What are Spirit Guides? A spirit guides is a discarnate entity that’s sole purpose is to aide you

How Important is it to Make Time for Stillness?

Tapping into your intuition and following your psychic nudges begins with stillness! As we are creating sacred space in our lives it becomes more and more important to stop and listen… listen to the voice inside of your, the dialogue running through your head, and the worn-out thoughts, beliefs and ideas you are replaying. Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed, even frustrated by the amount of things running through your

When Should You Spiritually Cleanse Your Home?

Spiritual hygiene feeds into the energetic story you are telling. If you practice good spiritual hygiene, you will add positive energy and abundance to your life. Paths will begin to open, and opportunities will fall in your life. But spiritual cleansing is for more than just your body… it is for your home as well! Creating a high vibration in the home will add to your overall experience. Your home

Divine Guidance

When something is troubling you, or a question is hanging heavy on your heart and mind… find stillness. Open yourself up to the voice of the Universe. You will find beacons of wisdom glowing all around you… leading you in the direction that honors your highest good.

Spiritual Cleansing After a Bad Break-up Part Three

Spiritually cleansing yourself after a break-up will shift your life into a much better direction. You will feel empowered, uplifted and renewed. The process will take time. The more open you are to the healing the faster things will move forward. After any kind of ending or loss it is important to spiritually cleanse your home. Your home is a reflection of your inner state. If you begin making changes

Spiritual Cleansing After a Bad Break-up Part Two

Once you’ve worked through the mental and emotional portion of your break-up you can begin taking care of yourself again. Creating a spiritual cleansing routine will be a powerful way to shift your energy, and will procure the longevity of your positive hard work! Try some of the tips on this list. Use all of them, or the ones that speak to you! Restore your energetic state with a healing

Spiritual Cleansing After a Bad Break-up Part One

Whenever you go through a difficult break-up or ending of a relationship you feel shaken and knocked off kilter. Energetically you are being pulled in a million different directions, and going through a type of vibrational withdrawal. Meaning the different energetic cords and attachments that have accumulated between you and your ex-partner are starting to dissolve. Most of us fight the change and resist disconnecting from these energetic attachments. It’s

Energetic Protection Tea

In my personal practice I use tea for it’s therapeutic, medicinal and energetic properties. Herbs come from the earth and have a unique energy pattern that can be incorporated into our own to create dramatic shifts. Recently I discussed how to use teas to repair the aura. Tea can also be used for energetic protection. Just like visualizing white light around you, these teas will activate an energetic barrier that

4 Reasons Why You Should Practice Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is the act of good energetic hygiene! Using the Gypsy’s Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection you can begin shifting your vibration to something more positive and conducive to happiness! You are ALWAYS telling an energetic story! Your energetic story is the vibration that you are giving off. This vibration is a beacon that shines out into the Universe and magnetizes like vibrations to you. If you are

What is Reiki?

Have you ever heard of Reiki? Or energetic healing? This is a powerful form of shifting and moving negative, limiting and stagnant energies around you to create change. This is one of the best tools in a light-workers tool kit. What is Reiki The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese ideograms. It can be broken down into two words the first being rei, which means the higher intelligence of the universe,

6 Ways to Deal With Negative People

Lets face it we all have negative people in our lives. They can be toxic and draining. Sometimes the amount of negative energy being thrown at us can be so overwhelming that you can’t bare it any longer. It begins seeping into your own thought patterns and tainting your energetic story. You love them, you can’t live without them… but it seems unbearable to live with them at times! How

How to Manifest the Life You Want

Lately I have taken the time to focus on what I’m putting energy into, what I’m intending into my reality. I’ve made a conscious effort to align myself with spirit daily. The more connected I begin to feel the more spiritually cleansed and empowered I am. The expression, “Prayer is the act of asking spirit and meditation is the act of listening” has really held true for me. I have always

Spiritual Cleansing Using an Egg

Spiritual cleansing is the practice of removing and clearing away negative or misaligned energies from the Aura or energy bodies. We are multifaceted beings composed of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Through daily living we encounter numerous types, textures and frequencies of energy. From simple thought forms, waves of mood and emotions, energy imprints and entities. Just as you accumulate dirt, sweat and physical residue, you also accumulate the energetic

3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Intuition

How can you increase your intuition to make better decisions and live more authentically? Here are 3 ways that quickly jumpstart your intuition, and help you to recognize and listen! Movement. When you move your body, you learn to trust it. Every person’s body works in a different way. It has a different swagger and rhythm. This is the language that intuition uses to get your attention. You are made of


Today is the ancient feast of Imbolc, which celebrates the coming of spring, and the return of light to the world as winter begins to pass. St. Brigid is the patron of this holiday, and she is said to bless the poor, and send healing and protection to families as well as their livestock. There are many traditions that surround this holiday. Some people make a cornhusk dolly that represents

Aura Repair Tea

The aura is composed of layers of energy intricately woven together. When there is a weak spot, or a hole in the aura, energy begins to leak away causing you to feel lethargic, disoriented, angry, or confused. Spiritual cleansing and shielding is essential to keep this from happening! One trick to help strengthen and heal the aura is to use an Aura Repair Tea. This allows the gossamer fibers of

Psychics Are Human Too

There is a lot of pressure that comes with working in a spiritual field. You have people who pass judgment on you constantly… either your being laughed at because you believe in such kooky things, or your being judged for being in league with the Devil, or you are considered a scam artist. It’s sad that there is so much hate and judgment sent toward such a beautiful thing. But

Just Like the White Wing Dove: R.I.P Sylvia Browne

I was devastated to learn that Sylvia Browne passed away this morning. I slept horribly last night, woke up many times, and eventually found myself sitting up in bed with a pounding headache. The day began with an “off” feeling that persisted thought the course of the day. When I finally heard the news about her passing it all made sense! Sylvia has been a beautiful influence in many peoples

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Spiritual Hygiene and Consulting An Outside Source for Help!

This video is about spiritual hygiene, how to know when you need outside help… and a the truth about “Curses” and “Dark Spirits”.

4 Ways to Spiritually Cleanse in the Shower

Spiritual cleansing baths are among the most powerful and effective forms of clearing negative energy from your aura. I suggest a spiritual cleansing bath at least once a week to help things stay fresh and vibrant. Recently, I was asked a very good question, how do you take a spiritual bath if you only have a shower? I have a few suggestions for those of you who don’t have a

How to Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

When the day hangs heavy on me like a thick fog, I retreat to a nice warm bath! Spiritual bathes are a wonderful way to lighten your aura, and release negativity. For me it is a spiritual experience, an act of prayer and serenity. I light white candles for purity, burn nag champa for spiritual blessing, and I fill my teapot with aromatic chamomile, with a drop of vanilla. It’s

The Art of Intuition: Interview with Sophy Burnham, Part Two

  Here is the second part of the magical interview with, Sophy Burnham author of, The Art of Intuition. Check out the review of, The Art of Intuition! Shaheen: We are receiving conflicting messages. We are being told to be independent, self-reliant, and separated. Yet we want comfort from all the things happening in the world. Some people think they are being brave by disconnecting, but really they are cutting off source. But people are

Seeing Death

You are spirit, the accumulation of intention, dreams, and creativity. You are in a state of constant flux, revolving and circulating around one giant sphere of the Divine. Nothing is truly static. If you aren’t changing, then you are battling the Universe. Death is beautiful. It is the ultimate poetry of life. You die to the setting sun, to be reborn at tomorrow’s light. You die to every moment. You

How to Use Your Psychic Armor

Do you feel icky in public? Does your mood instantly change for no reason? Do you ever feel thick clouds hanging heavy over a room? Do you experience thoughts that come from nowhere? How about feeling like someone is in your bubble? Sounds like you need to put on some psychic armor! The Reality of Energy There is a never endless storm of energies brewing around you. Energy hangs heavy

The Art of Intuition: Interview with Sophy Burnham, Part One

Last year I happened upon a book that really struck a chord with me. I reached out to the author wanting to know more! Luckily she agreed! So I had the pleasure of speaking to author, Sophy Burnham about her book, The Art of Intuition. What a fascinating interview it was! Sophy is such a delightful and generous person and I believe we can all benefit from her timely information. This is part

What are Energetic Investments?

Do you wonder why you can’t get someone off your mind? Are you frustrated with your dreams? Do things seem to be going all wrong? Are you chronically dealing with an unresolved issue? I have some secrets to share… First, you need to understand energy. You need to understand how to use energy. Energy is currency. You give your energy to specific people, places, things, ideas, feelings, beliefs, fears, etc.

Know Your Space

Are you a borderline hoarder? Do you rank high on the, “I-might-be-a-crazy-cat-lady” list? Well then you need a good talking to! There is so much wisdom hidden in the space you occupy. Your dwelling offers you innumerable chances to consciously manifest the life you want… and you do want a badass, dream life… right? You gotta clean house first! Take a good, hard look at your house… or any space

Interview With Nora the Artist and Creator of The Gypsy Palace Tarot

Ooh you don’t want to miss this awesome interview with artist and creator of the soon-to-be printed deck, The Gypsy Palace! Nora takes us into the Gypsy Palace and let’s us peak behind the curtains into the heart and soul of her creation. Read this and fall in love… this absolutely speaks to the gypsy soul. … Shaheen: Nora, It’s so wonderful to connect with you and learn more about

The Gypsy's Tricks for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection: Rosemary

Spiritually cleanse the air by burning a smudge of rosemary springs (like a sage smudge). Make an strong tea from springs, and add to your mop water for an effective spiritual cleansing and energy lift in the home or business. You can strong springs of rosemary together with red silk thread to create charms of protection. Hang them in doorways, windows and corners to help strengthen the aura of the

The Poetry of Death

Death is a reminder to us that everything is in constant motion; an endless dance that moves us from one phase to the next. Passing through doors you remain a part of the changeless change. As a caterpillar dies to the beauty of a butterfly, so does our soul here on earth shed it shell to fly with something a little more spectacular, brilliant and gleaming. Death is the teacher,

Using a Bell to Clear Bad Vibes

Bells are ethereal. They vibrate deep in your body and enter your soul. Sound affects us on many levels, triggering mental and emotional responses. Because of this bells have been used for centuries as a way of signaling, time keeping and warning. Bells have held sacred significance for many cultures. The Japanese use bells for ceremonies, bringing good luck and even communicating with a ancestors. Bells were believed to ward

How to Clear Energy with Chinese Vinegar

This is a technique that I happened across years ago. I’m not really sure anymore where the recipe originated, but it’s a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing. This is a asperging method, meaning that it uses water, or in this case steam, to cleanse and bless an area. This method calls upon one of the tried and true methods of spiritual cleansing: vinegar. Vinegar has been regarded as an agent of

A Prayer to Touch the Divine

Universal spirit of love and light Wrap your satin glow around me In protection, power and grace Give me the vision to see beyond These walls that keep me bound In this illusion of depletion and separation Hush my ego self so that spirit may whisper to me Working through my fragile shell to guide Those who seek refuge in your light Allow me to access with clarity The wisdom,

3 Ways to Bring Love Into Your Life

I know everyone’s looking for love! People ask about it all the time in readings, “When will I get married?”, “Where’s mr/mrs. Right”, “Will I ever date again?”, etc. I totally understand, we all want to feel loved, and connected. Everyone want’s to share there life with someone, their hopes and dreams, their fears. It’s natural to want a companion, someone to partner. So what’s the secret? Well, I don’t

Fire for Energetic Protection

Fire has always been regarded as the great purifier. An unparalleled force of protection, sustenance and destruction. Fire is a symbol of pure energy. People are drawn to its light and heat because it warms them, and dispels darkness.  The ancients would pass their livestock through the Beltane fire to create an aura of protection around them, and ensure their survival through the year. The act of burning old habits

How to Read Tea Leaves Intro

Tealeaf reading is a magical and ancient art. Tapping into the deep, rich world of the psyche giving insight, guidance and creative prompts. Tealeaf reading has its roots in Asia and the Middle East and has been practiced by everyone from Royalty to housewives. It was even considered an insightful pass-time by the Victorian ladies during afternoon tea. Loose tea leaves form symbols in the bottom of your teacup to

How to Use Exorcism Powder to Clear Energy

For hundreds of years people of used powdered herbs to ward off negativity and exercise evil from their lives. The simple act of sprinkling a few cloves of garlic around a room is an effective form of spiritual protection. Or creating a circle of cloves to seal the space. To eliminate negativity, unsettling emotions and stray astral entities, try this Exorcism Powder: Grind and mix together… Dried basil leaves with

Oracle Deck Review: The Collective Tarot

I am in love with the sensational piece of eye-candy that is, The Collective Tarot! A collaborative effort to create a fully illustrated Tarot deck brought together 5 artists that gave us their spin on what Tarot is, and more importantly what it isn’t! This deck is a punk rock, hyperactive, rebellious, kick in the ass tool of self-reflection and divination. There is nothing Patriarchal about this deck. There is

How to Use a Broom for Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings

Traditionally the broom or besom was used as a tool of spiritual cleansing and protection in folk magic. The broom has become an icon of the witch, as well as the symbol of cleansing itself. People would fasten springs of angelica to the staff of a rounded broom and hang it in the main room of their home as a charm against negativity.  Another powerful form of protection was to

Interview: Ana Cortez-The Playing Card Oracles and The Book of Knowing

I had the honor of interviewing Ana Cortez! She is the author and co-creator of The Playing Card Oracles and one of my favorite readers! Her information and insight is stellar, as well as a really groovy person! Check out the interview: Shaheen: Ana, you are the playing card lady… tell us briefly how your journey began with playing cards? Ana: Well, it was all through my Father and the

Jack-O-Lantern Folklore and Magick

It’s my favorite time of year…Halloween! I’m sure you’ve felt the chill of an unseen visitor or the faint smell of perfume out of nowhere or maybe you’ve heard a few raps on the attic door as you passed by. Don’t be surprised, it’s Halloween the traditional time when the veil between this world and the world beyond is at it’s thinnest! Now the spirits of those who have passed

Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is an ancient and magical art that taps into the deep, rich world of the psyche giving insight, guidance and creative prompts. Tea leaf reading has its roots in Asia and the Middle East and has been practiced by everyone from Royalty to housewives, and was considered a pass-time by the victorian ladies at high noon tea. Not only is it a rewarding and extremely insightful process,

LA, LA Land

Sticky, hot, wet feelings of fame and illusion hang heavy in the air. There is something deceptively titillating about this place. Everything shines even through the smog and grim cover it with a protective film. Maybe there is a need for things to be hidden under layers of dust. This is what protects the original dream of shinning lights and real life fantasies. I remember looking down and seeing the

How to Use Amethyst as an Energetic Vacuum

I call this “The Psychic Vacuum”. It’s a great way to continually cleanse a space of negative energy, without much effort on your part. All you will need for this method is amethyst crystals. You will need at least one amethyst crystal per room or space you are working in. It doesn’t matter how big or small the stone is, or if it’s raw or tumbled. If there is an

Tea Leaf Reading Ceremony

Tasseography is the ancient art of tea leaf reading. Steeped in a mysterious past tea leaf reading seems to come from the Japanese tea ceremony, Chinese bell reading, and the old time reading of Turkish coffee. “As a child I have memories of my father’s friends tipping over murky black cups of Turkish coffee to reveal the hidden shapes and stories inside.” Consulting the cup is a practical process that

An Introduction to Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

Everything is Made of Energy You are a vibrating, microcosmic Universe. A multifaceted being made of energy, and intention. You are not just your body… You are a corona of light and frequency. Some call this the Aura… The rainbow layers of color that surround you. I call this your energetic story! Your energetic story is composed of your thoughts, ideas and beliefs about the world, and how you fit

Raging Against Change

If you are raging against the dance of change and trying to hold onto a worn-out situation you are going to feel lost and drained. The signs that you are resisting change come in many forms but the most basic sign is feeling frustrated, angry or depressed. It’s not hard to feel listless and apathetic or to feel like there is no joy left in what your doing, but what

Book Review: The Art of Intuition

I AM NOT A SCIENTIST, but I am convinced that the greater your empathy and the higher your spiritual development, the more intuitive experiences you will have, until such things become so ordinary that you hardly notice them anymore. No longer rare and dramatic, they fall like soft rain into your lives, brushing aside all logical consciousness. -The Art of Intuition, by Sophy Burnham I just finished a great book,

Book Review: The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

“The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the Few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.” -Arthur Edward Waite The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, isn’t a new book, but it’s an interesting book and one that any Tarot enthusiast should read.

Navigating Inspiration

Sometimes I feel so anxious because I have a million things swirling through my head. It’s a constant whirl wind of thoughts and ideas, sometimes inspiration can be overwhelming and I feel that when it’s time to step up to the plate… I just don’t have the strength. I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage better, and be able to have ample time and energy to put into

Dance to the Finish Line

You see it, beautiful, shinning and vibrant. It glows in the distance, that thing you want, that dream, that goal. It can be anything. A person, maybe, a job, or a certain opportunity. Whatever that glowing diamond may be… you want it. You chase it. It’s all you can see. We build our lives around ideas about what we want. The outcome becomes the prize and you stop at nothing

No Matter What They Say

I am constantly blown away by the amount of time and energy people spend on telling other people how to live. It’s like people avoid looking at their own reflection by picking out the flaws of someone else’s. You can’t let your wounds and scars become the lens that you see the world through. We all have our ideas of how things work, the best way to live… but your

Understanding Energetic Cords

Energetic cords are created from attachments that we make to people, places, things and ideas. Negative energetic cords are often the source of our depleted energy, fatigue, depression and anxiety… and they can keep us from manifesting our goals, dreams and desires. I hope these techniques offer something for your spiritual practice! Please, let me know if you have any other questions. Comment below, or tweet @ShaheenMiro #TheGypsyTalks   Did you

winter solstice

It is the winter solstice, which means that there are wonderful energies to take advantage of! It last for the next 12 days, I believe, so you have time to plan for a few  candles to be lit, etc. © Shaheen Miro 12/22/2011

tips on intuition and a daily message

In this video you will find a spiritual message and a few tips on developing and using your intuition. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Wishing you Happy Holidays… Shaheen © Shaheen Miro 12/21/2011

Tea Leaf Reading Video

Hello Everyone, I’ve wanted to do a video for awhile now and I have really had the urge to share a little bit about tea leaf reading. I know I did a video similar to this already, but I thought I would make another one to share a brief bit about tea leaf reading and to show the process and what you can expect. So here I am doing a

How to Use Candles and Fire for Manifesting

Fire has a magic and an intensity that is unexplainable. We are fascinated by the glow of a candle, a campfire or a distant star burning brightly in the sky. Watching a candle flame is meditative, you see it dance gracefully around the wick, it breathes with life and power. The soft crackle of a campfire is soothing and its glow penetrates deep to our core. Fire is healing in

How to See Symbols as Intuitive Prompts

People are always wanting insight into what is going on in their life and what they can expect to happen next. I think that is the reason so many people come to get readings, which is perfectly understandable. I always tell people that a reading is designed so you can understand the past and the present, which allows you to make the future what you want it to be. A

How to Protect Your Energy in a Crazy World

Do you feel overwhelmed or vulnerable in public places? I am constantly around new people, rushing on and off buses and down hectic streets. On a daily basis I feel the invasive and alien presence of other people’s energies intermingle with my own. Ever feel that way? What the hell can you do? People often express they feel drained, depleted and vulnerable during sessions. I know a lot of us

Fall Into the Dark

There is something calming about falling into the night, just letting go and allowing the hushed and gentle spirit of the Moon to speak to you. I find myself coming alive in the dark. I lay down to go to bed after a long, hard day and something in me is awakened by the subtle calm that permeates the air. I want to write, I want to sing, I want to tell

Dancing In the Storm

The rain has been falling for days as a reminder to me and to the world that it is time to wash away the hurt and the pain… its time to wash away the shell that we have built around us to make us numb to our feelings. It’s okay sometimes to be stormy and to totally lose composure. Sometimes you have to dance with the fire in order heal

How Your House is Exposing Your Secrets

  What does your home say about you? Your home reflections your inner world. If you have a chaotic household, filled with clutter and disorganization it says something about your inner state. What is the story your space is telling? Your inner world, the stuff held in your head and heart, are coloring the state of your house. Did you know this can block your desires to manifest success and