Life Isn’t About Magical Thinking.
It’s About Magical Living.

find yourself + take action + make magic

Are you at a personal crossroads or want to change life, but don’t know how? Start by aligning yourself with the magic that’s already within you? My readings, workshops, events, and coaching experiences can help you discover a new way of moving through the world and begin living...empowered, focused, and ready to thrive.

Whether it’s finding your purpose in life, growing your career, or developing your relationships; you have more choice and power than you might think. I can show you how to make lasting change and develop your intuition in order to feel like your best self.

One Year = 365 Opportunities

How are you using your opportunities?

You have the power to choose to renew yourself. You have the capacity to evolve and start writing a new story. Why not commit to rocking your own path with total desire and full attention? What are you waiting for? Make this your day by signing-up for an intuitive session with Shaheen.

unlock your creativity & awaken your intuition

Shaheen is a prolific writer with amazing insights into how you can life your best life. His Lunar Nomad Oracle deck is created with rich imagery and reflective cards to help you reclaim, fluidly unlock, and deeply understand your inner power and intuition with this oracle. His book, co-written with the one and only Theresa Reed, Tarot for Troubled Times is a guide to confront your shadow, heal yourself, and transform the world with Tarot.

Put a little magic in your life

What would more light do for you? Join Shaheen monthly for his exclusive Magical Living Circle experience as he shares ways to channel your magic and create a path of specific actions that you can take to manifest what you want to see in your life. Space is limited to the first 25-people who register…so signup today!

Book a private event

In the fast paced world in which we live, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and out of touch. But not with Shaheen as your guide! Grab your team, your favorite people, or just your bestie and schedule a private intuitive session or tea leaf reading to immerse yourself in love, light, and the beauty that is your inner self.

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