The Uncommon Tarot: 78 Card Deck and Guidebook

My vision for The Uncommon Tarot is to give a voice to our personal and collective stories. To honor and empower the wisdom of the ages, the ancestors of our past, the avatars of the future, and the mystical travelers we are in the here and now. I believe our life purpose is to express ourselves fully in this world . . . in living color.

the uncommon tarot

a contemporary reimagining of an ancient oracle

"With vivid elegant images from varied cultures and traditions, The Uncommon Tarot brings the traditional tarot scenes to life in new and thrilling ways.  The cards move across ethnicities and genders in ways that are evocative yet always in harmony with the qualities of the card.  Whether you read with the deck, or simply look at the pictures, or, perhaps best of all, tell stories with them, they will carry you to wondrous places."

~Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom

"Shaheen Miro’s gorgeous tarot deck is uncommon in the best possible way. The Uncommon Tarot’s rich, evocative imagery draws from a variety of cultures, places, and perspectives, offering an expansive collection of symbols and archetypes. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes haunting, Miro’s complex interpretations of the familiar cards engage the imagination and inspire us to explore our own depths to gain wisdom from this timeless oracle. "

~Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

"There are few artists whose very existence on this planet makes me happy. Shaheen Miro is one of them. His new deck, The Uncommon Tarot, brings his insight and subtle optimism into the hands of readers. Tarot decks hold onto the best qualities of their creators, and this one positively vibrates with love and hope."

~Melissa Cynova, author of Kitchen Table Tarot

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Lunar Alchemy: Everyday Moon Magic to Transform Your Life

Wherever you are in life, you are experiencing a phase. Just like the moon, you are on a journey from dark to light and back again, treading the path from inward journey to outward expression. And for whatever phase you may be in, there is magic to be discovered―magic that can transform your life.

In Lunar Alchemy, Shaheen Miro― a much-loved intuitive and energy worker― offers a new way of moving through the world. As you read this book, Miro will teach you how to embrace the moon’s progression through the sky. Something in you will be awakened, a strange stirring of magic that has always been there.

Each phase of the moon, writes Shaheen, is an invitation to fully participate in your life experience and to ultimately shine your light in full glory. The practices you will find here are available to anyone who is open to the prospect of awakening magic in their life for introspection, radical self-care, and personal empowerment.

Shaheen shares here his profound and personal understanding of the moon and the ways in which she can enrich our lives. By aligning yourself with the moon, you ultimately learn your own ebb and flow of lunar energy and take up this path for personal transformation.

Lunar Alchemy Available Now from your favorite bookseller. Weiser Books | 2020

By aligning yourself with the moon, you ultimately learn your own ebb and flow of lunar energy and take up this path for personal transformation.

"This is the moon magic book we have all been waiting for! With his typical blend of grace and charm, Shaheen guides us through the various ways we can work with the moon to create magic and alchemical transformation in our lives. The spells and enchantments are current, relevant, and potent. The perfect gift for any Lunar lover!"

~ Briana Saussy, author of Making Magic

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Tarot for Troubled Times

Each of us has a shadow that darkens our inner and outer lives. In Tarot for Troubled Times, Shaheen Miro and co-author Theresa Reed show us how working with the shadow—facing it directly, leaning into it rather than away—releases power that can free ourselves from negative mental habits and destructive emotions to find healing ourselves and others. Tarot, as the authors show, offers a rich and subtle path for this profound transformation.

Through this book, you will discover a different approach to tarot, life, and self-empowerment.

  • Befriend our shadow by working with the archetypes of the Major Arcana
  • Discover—through affirmations, tarot prescriptions, and other healing modalities—how to empower ourselves and find our true voices
  • Take our newly found powers and speak out so that we can become a helpful ally for the light and begin to do your greater work in the world

Shaheen Miro

Hi, I am Shaheen Miro. Psychic Reader, Intuitive Coach, Energy Alchemist and Artist. Creator of The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuitionand Co-author of Tarot for Troubled TimesI help people all over the world to connect with the invisible realm of energy for insight to offer clarity, guidance and answers to life’s big questions.

With my psychic-intuitive senses, I see, here, feel and read your energetic story. The narrative of your life can reveal the trauma of your past, the hurdles of your present, and the possibilities of your future. I can connect with those in spirit, talk to houses, look into people and situations and move energy.

As a child I had very incense psychic experiences from seeing remnants of the past or dreaming about the future. My mother began teaching me Tarot when I was around 6 years old…there began my life-long fascination with spirituality, magic, art and personal empowerment.


Theresa Reed

My name is Theresa Reed. While I’m known as The Tarot Lady, my very first love was Astrology! I became obsessed with Astrology before I ever picked up a Tarot deck (Astrology was my gateway to all things mystical!). I love both. Tarot and Astrology. They’re my peanut butter and jelly, my wine and cheese, my Game and Thrones. 

I’ve been doing Tarot and Astrology for over 30 years. I’m the author of the bestselling Tarot Coloring Book, co-author of Tarot for Troubled Times, and I’ve created dozens of classes and e-books on Tarot and Astrology as well. You may have also seen me featured in places like HuffPost, Nylon, and Refinery29. 

Aside from Tarot and Astrology, I’m obsessed with yoga, cats, music (especially hip hop and rap), hippos (like Baby Fiona), and learning how to make amazing dishes like Pho noodle soup and bacon-chocolate-chip cookies.

out of darkness comes the light of transformation

Tarot for Troubled Times is not just another book on how to read the tarot—the authors provide specialty readings and suggested practices for issues such as grief, addiction, depression, fear, anger, divorce, illness, abuse, and oppression, and provide practical suggestions for stepping up as an ally or leader so that you can shape social policies. With a selection of mindful, introspective tarot spreads, you’ll learn how the Tarot can help you rewrite your healing story and change your life, and help transform the world.

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The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition

In The Lunar Nomad Oracle, Shaheen Miro helps you discover the key to unlocking and recognizing your intuitive side. With a deep understanding of the power we have within, Shaheen walks you through the reclamation of your own magic and the steps needed to awaken your Lunar Self.

The word ‘nomad’ itself evokes images of wanderlust, gypsies, mystery, and the unknown. When you let go of the security of what you think you know—the reality, the reason, and the rules— you access your greatest level of intuition and awaken your creative desires.

With The Lunar Nomad Oracle, you learn how to let go of the fear that has been acting as a block in your life and discover how to establish balance for your greatest and most authentic living. Envelop yourself in the restorative light of the Lunar and give yourself permission to travel into the depths of your unconscious mind; where your wisdom, potential, and power really lie.

Although inspired by the traditional Lenormand system, this book and deck allows users to formulate their own story or interpretation. Readers have the freedom and fluidity to really explore the deck and add their own insights and perspectives as they walk the path of their own Lunar Nomad journey.

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The Lunar Oracle Cards are rich with symbolism, imagery, and colors designed to speak to the intuitive self and awaken a new way of life. A radical departure from tarot, enhance your lunar connection as you learn to experience your infinite nature and the invisible energy of the world.

what others say about the Lunar Nomad Oracle

"Shaheen Miro set out, like a nomad, on a global mission to reestablish the power of the Lunar-intuitive Self and bring it back into balance with the Solar-logical Self. His 43 groundbreaking card images are based on the Lenormand tradition (and I think the Madame would be proud). Expressive, lyrical, creative - and carrying layers and layers of archetypal, general, and personal symbolism - this is a timely deck and the fact that it was created by a man makes it all the more powerful now. The deck comes with a 160-page Guidebook." 

Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insights

"I love Shaheen's deck. The Numinous is all about honoring our unseen, lunar, life, and I believe that staying connected to this part of ourselves is a necessary counterbalance to the hectic pace of 21st century life."

Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous and author of Material Girl, Mystical World

"Shaheen Miro has given us a great gift with The Lunar Nomad Oracle: a divinatory system intimately connected to the chthonic crossroads of night and dreaming out of which all our spontaneous wisdom arises. The cards enhance and expand dialogue with the larger unconscious Self that guides our becoming. Miro's perceptive text provides lucid instruction on the important art of conducting this dialogue with intuition and precision, so that our growth can flourish. I hope that everyone who comes in contact with The Lunar Nomad Oracle decides to let themselves receive the great gift at hand."

Carolyn Elliott, PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies, founder of WITCH magazine, author of Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams, and teacher of INFLUENCE: the life-altering course on mastering practical magic